Photos: Open Water Bermuda National Swimming

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Champions were crowned in three Divisions as the 2019 Open Water Swimming Championships took place in very difficult conditions.

Erik Soria and Eileen Mullowney were crowned the Male and Female 5K Champions, while Jack Harvey and Taylor White are the Male and Female 1500m Champions and Jorgia White and Jacob Wright claimed the titles in the 400m Swim Distance.

In the 5K Distance Soria clocked a winning time of 1:18:42, Brian Desmond was second in 1:25:39 and Mullowney crossed the line third in a time of 1:32:16. Abi Bernadino was the second female finisher and 4th overall clocking 1:33:06, while the third male finisher was Paul Degiulio clocking 1:33:08 and Karen Smith rounded out the podium for the women at the distance when she was clocked at 1:43:09.


Harvey claimed the title at the 1500M distance when he clocked a time of 22:32, White was second with a time of 23:28, Tayla Horan was the second female finisher and third overall with a time of 24:32, while the fourth swimmer to cross the lien was the third female finisher Myeisha Sharrieff who recorded a time of 24:40. Justin Edmunds was the second male swimmer at the distance and 6th overall with a time of 24:45 and finishing 12th overall was the third male swimmer clocking 28:01.

White was the first swimmer to cross the line clocking the 400m distance time of 9:49, Wright was second clocking 9:52 and the second female swimmer and third overall was Somers Estwanik who had a time of 9:54.

5K Distance

1:18:42 Soria, Erik
1:25:39 Desmond, Brian
1:32:16 Mullowney, Eileen
1:33:06 Bernadino, Abi
1:33:08 Degiulio, Paul
1:34:14 Joblin, Stuart
1:35:57 Yiptong, Augustin
1:43:09 Smith, Karen
1:51:19 Norman, David
1:58:54 Johansmeyer, Tom
2:09:59 Roberts, Clifford
2:17:47 Hawley, Julia

1500m Distance

22:32 Harvey, Jack
23:28 White, Taylor
24:32 Horan, Tayla
24:40 Sharrieff, Myeisha
24:42 Duerden, Josephine
24:45 Edmunds, Justin
26:00 Desmond, Daria
27:10 Brewer, Jill
27:27 Scherer, Alyson
27:53 Howes, Marleigh
27:58 Wright, Caroline
28:01 Fosker, Chris
28:03 Starzomski, Cora Lee
28:23 Moseley, Finn
29:03 Levy, Jon
31:30 Macfarlane, Callum
31:39 Scherer, Lindsay
33:26 Davis, Nico
34:01 Pullen, Claudine
34:09 Heinz, Jiri
34:39 Hopkin, Adam
35:00 Wightman, Fenella
35:01 Wilson, Jennifer
35:02 Conyers, Jeffrey
35:04 Yeomans, Gareth
35:05 Yeung, Giselle
35:06 Mawby, Abbey
35:27 Lightbourne, Jennifer
35:28 Green, Will
35:49 Hopkin, Emily
36:15 Candillon, Agathe
36:16 Wickramage, Isaac
38:46 Scherer, Chuck
38:58 Lindo, Wesley
39:06 Lewis, Shelley
39:20 O’Reilly, Steve
39:32 Fowle, Graham
40:52 Alexander, Patricia
40:55 Benevides, Pharaoh
41:27 Dacosta, Christine
42:40 Shimbara, Teru
43:32 Gundle, Kevin
43:35 Gundle, Deborah
44:14 Huszics, Katalin
44:41 Ward, Rachael
45:51 Hammond, Alex
46:51 Louw, Johanita
51:41 Raubenheimer, Erika
52:50 Szabo, Zoltan

400m Distance

09:49 White, Jorgia
09:52 Wright, Jacob
09:54 Estwanik, Somers
10:31 Macfarlane, Jamie
10:37 Spurling, Sienna
10:47 Wright, Dominic
10:53 Abend, Cristina
11:08 Hopkin, Charlie
11:11 Hopkin, Emily
11:12 Dudley Pun, Lilla
11:13 Estwanik, Christopher
11:30 Spurling, Robert
11:55 Duerden, Seth
11:56 Duerden, Kirk
12:17 Levy, Rachel
12:37 McArthur, Erica
13:24 Brunson, Jon
15:06 Craven, Paul
15:09 Benevides, Paget
16:52 Ingham, Otis

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