Video: Town Hall On Proposed Health Plan

October 24, 2019

The Ministry of Health is hosting a town hall meeting at Penno’s Wharf in St George this evening [Oct 24]. The town hall is focused on the proposed Bermuda Health Plan, and you can tune in and watch live below.

The 76-minute live video replay is below:

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  1. Incog neato says:

    Will you all just STOP TRYING TO SAVE US MONEY!!!!!!!!!! Every time you try to save us money and claim to put “more money in the pockets of us Bermudians” it costs me more! My insurance policy has already gone up by over $100 a month because of your money saving ideas. And I am told there is more to come? Do any of you geniuses have a clue what you are doing and what it means when you say you are going to “save people money”? Economics 101 = Its not superposed to cost us more!

    If you are going to screw me at least kiss me first!

    So tired of all the PLP BS. I’m not going to pretend that I voted for them in the last election, and I can hold my head up high when I say that because I know I wasn’t a victim of the PLP propaganda machine.

    We had all sorts a protests, marches, sit-ins, gatherings and independent groups with names like the “peoples campaign” claiming to be independent “non-political” groups that were simple protesting on behalf of “the people”.Where did they all go? Are things better? HELL NO! Is anyone better off today then they were 4 years ago? Has Burt, Caines and Company delivered on their promises and Hype?

    Things are so bad and we are so much in debt now (thanks PLP) that I heard about a politician telling someone that they needed to get a second job because there was nothing left in the public purse to steal!

    • Rick says:

      You sound like the oba aka UBP don’t worry stay MAD!! Good luck with Craig as your leader now that’s something to LOL at.

      • Kayla says:

        They’re all business ppl who care more about their own security and that of their family and friends at the cost of this island

        PLP, UBP, OBA we need real reform and less this side versus that

      • Incog neato says:

        Rick – that is the best you got?

        Oh, in case you are confused – I am MAD and so are most other people.

        And RICK, you say I sound like a OBA / UBP supporter. How observant of you?! Been watching reruns of Magnum PI or CSI Miami? I thought this line would have given it away “I’m not going to pretend that I voted for them in the last election, and I can hold my head up high when I say that because I know I wasn’t a victim of the PLP propaganda machine.” That wasn’t enough of a statement for you?

        In comparison you sound like a “Peoples Campaign, aka BIU, aka BPSU, aka PLP fan. I would say good luck with Burt as your leader – but you are probably connected and part of the friends and families list. Or maybe a doctor or someone that stands to get more money in their pockets from these changes! Why else would you be okay with it? We are not getting better healthcare, were not getting a newer hospital, we are not getting more doctors and the very thing they used to promote this IS NOT TRURE – it is NOT SAVING US MONEY.

        I noticed neither you nor a single PLP supporter was able to defend this plan and the FACT that while we were initially told this plan would save us money and put more money in our pockets it has done the opposite. Stage 1 has already increased the insurance premiums by $100 per person per month. And more to come.

        Give be Craig as a leader any day. Because if Burt is the best the PLP have and he does not deliver soon, we will all suffer.

        • Jt says:

          There is no plan to defend. A plan has details. A plan has known costs. A plan lays out a clear road map. A plan offers specifics which can be used to answer questions.
          This is merely a feel good idea at this stage.

  2. Mb says:

    This plan is very concerning
    The team presenting it had no idea about what it actually will be and could not answer basic questions about it … just kept saying it’s all to be discussed still and decided…so why then present it to the public and alarm everyone ?
    The Minister and PS need to be better briefed with talking points to respond as they did not make sense in their answers and kept saying ‘we don’t know yet’
    All I got from it is our doctors are very unhappy, the plan will cost us all more but we dont’t really know the benefits of it nor have we considered all the potential negative outcomes … like I said…concerning!

  3. Kayla says:

    God help us, this is going to be like when they gave away the buses for free and now we are where we are today in terms of quality.

  4. Donald says:

    I guess PLP can’t win either way with these folks. Either you say that you have a plan already worked out and people complain that you didn’t even ask the people what they think. Or you give people a chance to speak on something as heavy as health care and they complain that you didn’t have everything already done. What I find most crazy is that man who stood up to say he came here to make more money than he can make anywhere else, and said it with a straight face. Yall crazy if you think these kind of people care about people, all they care about is money. Thats the biggest thing I took away from last night. People are happy to see people maintain they boats and drink they fancy wine while making money hand over fist, but not unhappy to see people who can’t afford no doctors visits.

  5. Jt says:

    This is a mess. They have no details on what form it’s going to take or how much it will cost. Even basic questions couldn’t be answered and they intend to roll out a completely new national health scheme in less than a year.
    These consultation meetings are a waste of time when they really haven’t progressed beyond the ‘we have a wonderful idea’ stage.