Ministry: 9 Bus Runs Cancelled On Wednesday

October 30, 2019 | 3 Comments

[Updated] The Ministry released the list of bus cancellations for this morning [Oct 30] with the list indicating that there are two bus runs cancelled so far today.

Bus cancellations AM Bermuda Oct 30 2019

Update 4.28pm: The Ministry has released the list of bus cancellations for this afternoon. There were 2 runs cancelled this morning, 7 cancelled this afternoon, for a total of 9 cancelled today.

Bus cancellations PM Bermuda Oct 30 2019

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  1. Things a Gwan says:

    2 years and 2 budgets in…this is still happening.

    Heres an idea for local investment- privatize the bus service and let bus owners run it. The mini bus owners do a better job and are efficient.

    • Wing knot says:

      I’m assuming they will be transporting people to the WORLD WIDE EVENT.

  2. burt onomics says:

    cannot get buses on the roads, cannot get a schedule done but Govt wants to take people’s pension money to invest in start-ups …. smh

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