Golf: Pompano Couples Classic Final Results

October 9, 2019

The 2019 Pompano Couples Classic came to an end, with 50 couples taking part in the four day tournament.

The Dark n Stormy Team Gross Division title went to Robert Leavens and Michele Christl with a score of 295 after rounds of 72, 69, 76 and 74, John and Barbara Wellard finished in second with a score of 298, they had rounds of 69, 77, 77 and 75 and then after rounds of 72, 69, 86 and 76 Ray and Ciondy Casey finished third with a score of 300.

Robert and Janet Plunkett were crowned the Rum Swizzle Team Gross Division Champions after rounds of 73, 74, 78 and 80 for a total of 305, finishing second was David and Patricia Smith who had a score of 308, after rounds of 74, 73, 81 and 80. Finishing tied for third place was Ron and Dorothy Cibulskis as well as Gene and Lauri Welch both finished on 319.

Mike and Julia Bluett won the Pina Colada Team Gross Division with a score of 319, they had a four round total of 73, 82, 81 and 83, Courteney Ponting and Carolyn Neysmith finished second after rounds of 78, 87, 85 and 76 for a total of 326 and finishing third was Jim and Laura Trevena after rounds of 79, 83, 84 and 84 for a total of 330.

The Yellow Bird Team Gross Division was won by Bill and Laureen McGuirk with a score of 329, they had rounds of 79, 80, 82 and 88, Tom Valorie and Pat Burbidge finished second after rounds of 76, 85, 88 and 94 for a score of 343, Craig and Jeanne Rafter finished third with rounds of 81, 87, 88 and 91 for a score of 347.

The 2019 Pompano Couples Classic Final Results follows below [PDF here]

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