157 Visit KEMH Due To Collisions In October

November 25, 2019 | 11 Comments

157 people visited the Hospital’s Emergency Department or Urgent Care Centre last month due to road traffic accidents, according to the latest statistics from the Bermuda Hospitals Board [BHB].

A spokesperson said, “Bermuda Hospitals Board road traffic accident statistics for October 2019 are now available. There were 157 cases that required attention at our emergency facilities – 13 people were admitted to general wards.

“Of those admitted, two were minors [a 3-year-old and a 15-year-old]. No one was air-ambulanced overseas and no one was admitted to ICU due to a road traffic accident. Twelve of those who attended Emergency were tourists.”

The BHB October Road Traffic Accident Statistics follow below [PDF here]:

2019 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics Oct

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  1. Bobby Barnes says:

    These statistics are terrible. The Bda Government needs to crack down on speeders and reckless drivers/riders.
    How do you do this? It’s easy!! All that has to happen is the enforcement of the rules of the road. BUT the hard part is to get the government to put their full weight behind the police to do this.

    Please don’t get the wrong idea that I am only blaming the PLP government as the previous UBP and OBA are just as much to blame.

    We have all seen the idiots on the road.

    1. Enforce the 35K speed limit or at least enforce a 45K speed limit.
    2. Limit the bikes on the road to 50cc only as the 150cc bikes are way to fast and get have more get up and go that needed.
    3. Limit the size of the car engines and body size. Really no need for these fast cars here.

    This is a very simple to fix, it just takes the will power of the people.

    • Lone_Wolf says:

      And these statistics are only from the Hospital’s records. We can be sure there were more reported to the police that didn’t require KEMH, and, some that were not reported at all.

      The scariest part of this article is that only TWELVE were tourists!

    • sage says:

      Amazing that drunk driving, which is responsible for between50-75% of road deaths every year,is not even mentioned in your ‘solution’. Apparently the authorities feel the same having abandoned roadside sobriety checkpoints altogether.

    • imjustsaying says:

      It is never gonna change no matter what. You cannot legislate behavior. You gonna give yourself HBP. The only thing I can suggest is to make the written test harder the present test does not test the mentality of the applicant because there are many people on these roads who make bad decisions and bad judgments and do not focus on their driving or riding. Driving at 35k will only cause more dangerous overtaking and is not a reasonable speed it was mainly implemented when there were many horse drawn carriage on the roads at that time. Increase in fines will only give the Government more money to waste. So don’t try in haste to solve one problem by causing another problem.

    • imjustsaying says:

      Yes speed has to be kept in check but reducing speed only reduces the amount of damage. It’s the carelessness and intention that’s the main cause.

  2. PANGAEA says:

    Rubbish ! Bob you got it all wrong

    It is not the vehicle that is presumed fast or drives recklessly.

    Bob , it is the irresponsible driver

    Bob ,they don’t take the bike; car ; truck ; van; or tractor trailer ,to court they take the driver.

    B. T. W. World speed record in excess on 50 mph for a 50 cc bike was broken 50 years ago by a Lambretta scooter .

    Deliberate, unprovoked , irisponsible Tail Gating !

    The bike rider has no option open , but to overtake.

    No incentives only penalties

    • Bobby Barnes says:

      Pan, I really think that you missed the point which is ENFORCEMENT. For the matter of motor cycles and cars.

      Pan, it is more that Bda really doesn’t need bigger engines.

      Pan, look we are only a little small island and smaller is better.

      Pan, also cutting back on these would save on our foreign balance of payments.

      Lt’s make Bda roads safe, they haven’t really ever been.

  3. Why? says:

    The Police need to start ticketing 3rd laning idiots who put everyone at risk. ‘Driving without due care’ used to be something that drivers/riders were ticketed for regularly. Now- no police seem to be around to book people. Set up police to observe stop signs and traffic lights and ticket everyone who runs them. It’s really not that hard. Have a continuous police presence at busy areas where this behavior is constantly observed by road users.

    What’s happened is that people have gotten away with more and more nonsense on the roads to the point that their driving/riding habits have progressively gotten worse and worse. It’s so bad now that you’re very likely to get yelled at if you honk your horn at some moron who cut YOU off and caused YOU to take evasive actions. People don’t even realize how dumb they are and how bad their driving habits. The only way they’ll understand is if we keep handing out tickets.

    • sage says:

      “Third laning” when done on a straight road at a reasonable pace is neither illegal nor unsafe and facilitates the free flow of traffic when done responsibly and sensibly, it could only constitute ‘riding without due care and attention’ if done unsafely, ie. on a blind corner, at high speed, in the rain, while texting, individually or all at once, and if you cause other road users to make evasive maneuvers. $800 due care tickets are way too high considering DUI is between $800 and $1500 and DUI is proven scientifically, due care is the opinion of an officer and gives way too much leeway for abuse. A lot of roads are more than wide enough if car drivers stop straddling the line or intentionally driving at you scowling.

  4. Pangaea says:

    The way todays modern automatic vehicles are progressively engineered to save fuel ,35 K is unobtainable , before you know it you are in the next gear deemed to be the more economical.

    When people today drive at 35 K they get automatically tailgated .

    At 35 K nobody would get to work or school on time the parade from each end of the island would be gigantic.

    The economy is proportionately driven by the service industry, the cost of deliveries would automatically go up, it is a double edged sword .

    At slow speeds attention span comes into question, our visitors are not used to driving at 35 k either .

    We all run the risk of getting a ticked , and a revenue earner for sure ,. and you wonder why drivers are angry ,35 K a catch 22 and a witch hunt .

    Many complain about the lack of police presents, Hey! they can lock all the voters body up !

    Why 35 K ? Was it their idea back then to hold every one with a drivers license to ransom , or to put in place restrictions suitable for driving at night in a rain storm or treat Bermudians like children, you can hardly blame their rebellion.

    Again may I recommend graduating the speed limit in specific areas geared towards for safety .

    It is said if you can drive in Bermuda you can drive any where. Don’t be misguided.

    Norway has similar road widths to Bermuda their speed limit is an enforced 60 K .

    Drunk driving at 60 K in Bermuda with poor road conditions is tantamount to death wish.

  5. Pangaea says:

    To my last comment . 157 VISITS *******

    We are not our brothers keeper.

    We have” no rules driving” here by people who have discovered they” Do Not Matter”.

    There are no ‘ Roll Models. There is a ‘Lack of Respect’ . A lack of ” Good Judgement’. ‘ A divided Bermuda ‘. and “An island on the rocks”. ” an Easter Island “.

    We have people here who take exception to being told by dictators who they don’t and will never respect what to do; or being guided; or being asked; is out of the question, they see it as different strokes for different folks so they show their anger at society of which they presume that they are not welcome or included, they are not the only ones, the people hear are not happy. At the pols the peopler are subject to “HOBSONS CHOISE “.

    What we see out there on our roads is a rebellion against any form of control and a multitude of ” CAN’T DO ” laws , policy , and restrictions. We are defenseless.

    My father wanted me out of the house at 21.
    I know how they all must feel. Hint….. REJECTED ….

    Do we need a 35 k speed sign ever 99 ft.

    What is the city speed limit ?

    No sign ! no speed limit.!

    Let me offer this piece of social advice.

    Never judge a book by its cover, every one has value.
    As far as the law is concerned treat every one the same with out favor.

    Go to RG Monday Sept 16 /19 ” A JUDGE GIVEN A REPRIEVE”. No body is above the law , no body !

    ” Now the chickens have come home to roost ” !

    The Dali lama said ” Our problems are of our own making”.

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