Celebration Event To Highlight Wilson & Hill

November 14, 2019 | 3 Comments

The Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation will host an event to highlight the contributions of the late Sammy Wilson and Olympic medalist Clarence Hill at the Centre on Angle Street, which will include the renaming of the Centre to the Sammy Wilson Central Zone Community Centre and the naming of the gym to the Clarence Hill Multi-purpose Gymnasium.

A Government spokesperson said, “This Sunday [November 17], the Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation will host a celebration event to highlight the contributions of local tennis enthusiast the late Sammy Wilson and Olympic bronze medalist Clarence Hill.

“The Minister of Labour, Community Affairs and Sports, the Hon. Lovitta Foggo, JP, MP, announced that a community “Block Party” will take place at The Centre on Angle Street Hamilton from 1.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m. on Sunday.

“Activities include a boxing demo by Controversy Gym, table tennis activity, and musical and dance performances by Live Wire and the Ital Foundation, Rickeesha Binns, the African Dancers and the Wilson Gombeys.

“The events will culminate in the renaming of The Centre to The Sammy Wilson Central Zone Community Centre and the naming of the gym to The Clarence Hill Multi-purpose Gymnasium.”

Minister Foggo said, “We are appreciative of the contributions of both of these gentlemen. The late Sammy Wilson founded The Centre and was an avid tennis player and youth community activist during his time.

“And all of Bermuda appreciates the success that Mr. Clarence Hill had in the boxing arena both locally and internationally. So we are having a community Block Party on Sunday to recognize their contributions and we absolutely welcome and encourage the public’s attendance and participation.”

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  1. hanky panky says:

    just happens to be in Pembroke Central … how incredibly cynical by the PLP.

  2. Toadinthehole says:

    A tax payer funded plp party in c17 just before the vote.

  3. Otto Trott says:

    I remember going to BAA gym full of smoke almost choking and your eyes watering and hearing PYC! PYC! PYC! Roy Johnson and Clarence Hill were probably the stars. The problem with renaming is the old name being lost. How about The Sammy Wilson Pembroke Youth Centre? Those complicated names are too long and sound like they would be part of some sort of specialist medical centre. Clarence Hill should have a proper boxing gym named after him and there was a promise of one years ago. Was Sammy Wilson founder of the Pembroke Youth Centre or the Centre? When did that name change take place and why? Why such short notice of this event? Who chose the names? Is the Clarence Hill gym in the Sammy Wilson building? Any pictures of this gym? Any art with pictures of the two gentlemen? Will Clarence Hill our only Olympic medallist have a statue outside of this building that is named after someone else? What are the multiple purposes of the multi-purpose gym?

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