PLP: Motion Of No Confidence In Chairman

December 23, 2019 | 36 Comments

The Executive Committee of the PLP Party unanimously passed a “motion of no confidence” against Chairman Damon Wade, and have also called for the Chairman to “immediately resign his position.”

A spokesperson said, “Two and a half years ago, the People of Bermuda called time on the OBA experiment and voted for the only Party that has a track record of governing for the People; it is a solemn privilege that we do not take lightly. In the PLP, we proudly stand on our legacy of vowing that Bermuda’s opportunities and ingenuity must always be utilised in the Public Interest and for Greatest Good.

“Regrettably, the high moral standard that the Officers and Members have set for the Party and themselves was recently failed, and the Party has to act to protect and further enshrine its values.

“To that end, the PLP wishes to advise the public that the Executive Committee of the Party held an emergency meeting last week where a motion of no confidence was passed unanimously against Chairman Damon Wade. The Executive Committee also called for the Chairman to immediately resign his position.

“The PLP has a zero tolerance policy regarding the exploitation of Party Office for personal gain and no public official acted inappropriately.“

Unofficial information suggests that the situation may have arose as the Chairman expressed displeasure over not getting a contract for a project.

Mr Wade said, “These are internal Party matters that have been unfortunately leaked into the public domain. As such, I have no comments at this time but once we have come to a resolution internally, I will provide a statement.”

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  1. Damon Wade says:

    For the record my full response was “These are internal Party matters that have been unfortunately leaked into the public domain. As such, I have no comments at this time but once we have come to a resolution internally, I will provide a statement.”

  2. JohnnyB says:

    All you have done is raised the cost of living through taxation and put this country into more debt. Don’t be fooled by your supporters. They support you because they don’t like the OBA, not because you are doing a good job. #facts

  3. toadinthehole says:

    LOL, having listened to the recordings, it’s all a bit of a hot mess inside the PLP!

  4. question says:


  5. red rose says:

    It’s the comment about the $1,000 Armani suits that got me!

  6. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    Most of Bermuda has no confidence in the plp.

    • watching says:

      the results of the election of 2017 speak otherwise.
      the results of the by-election in 2018 speak otherwise.
      the results of the by-election in 2019 (one month ago) speak otherwise.

      you need a new narrative.

      • Anbu says:

        Helps to have a gullible voting base doesnt it? Throw around some emotional words and BAM!, Instant votes. Words like plantation, colonial, european. U know how it is. Now, a question not a single plp voter has ever answered is, “what have they done to better your life?”

        • Rhonda says:

          It’s comment like this that reinforces the PLP..

          Carry on..

          Yes, we are all gullible..

          Thank you..

        • Plantation, colonial and european has been and still is de reason why we had/have RACISM, WEALTH GAP and BIASED LAWS to name a few.

        • Truth says:

          NO it helps when the UBP changes it’s name to oba to try and trick the people that the party is not the UBP.

          It also helps that you have JET Gate leading the UBP/oba LOLOLOL

          ARE YOU SERIOUS or DESPERATE!!! na ya both!!!!

          • saud says:

            “… try and trick the people that the party is not the UBP.”

            You thought it was a trick? You’re as stupid as they think you are. LOL

      • Me Me says:

        You are mistaken. Confidence isn’t permanent, not does it have to apply to an entire party. What happened in 2017 has been overshadowed by the poor state of the economy and increased taxes and expenses that this “government” has foisted upon the people.
        Also, a win in a by-election is not really an indication of the island’s thoughts about the party/govt.

      • fail says:

        Only because you vote on the basis of skin colour and not policy/fiscal prudency/common sense.

        • Black Panther says:

          That statement is not true as it relates to black voting patterns….but it wholly applies to white voting patterns or behavior over the last six decades.

          Black Bermudians have been far more diverse in their voting choices then whites who tend to vote as monolith .

          Without the consistent 15 to 20 percent of the black vote there would be no UBP, no NLP and no OBA.

          In other words blacks have consistently shown that they will vote for a white dominated party but the alas so consistent with their behavior in most areas of Bermudian life white Bermudians will not support for the most part black dominated organizations.

          This frankly is also irrefutable.

      • wahoo says:

        How about $2B debt
        missing $800M
        crap busses
        once a week trash pick up (sometimes)

        you need a new party

        • Entre Manure says:

          What we need to do is get rid of this “party based politics” . I would rather have educated individuals with credentials, experience, and no criminal record simply put their names forward for a vote in the same way someone would advertise for a position in a company. Politicians could put their names (and resumes) forward for the ministries (positions) available such as education, finance, security, health and so on. They can canvas, debate and campaign like normal but they run against other qualified individuals. This way we can hopefully get people that are qualified, experienced and passionate about their jobs applying for a ministry. As it stands, people her vote based on party, race, religion, gender and other factors. In the end we get a few people that are voted in and the government of the day has to put people in charge that may or may not be experienced of ministries for all sorts of reasons. Would it not make more sense to have the best person for the job, and not the best PLP or OBA candidate that was voted in? In the past we have had many politicians awarded positions that they were not qualified for, because the best people were not in the right constituencies, or because the party owed them and so on.

          Let fix this broken party system so we can have people (politicians) with morals, integrity, qualifications and experience running this country like a business. Take a snapshot of the last 10 years. How many in the PLP and OBA that held (or hold) positions are the best person for the job – even within that party?

          • wahoo says:

            I agree 100% but I don’t see it happening anytime soon so for the foreseeable future we are stuck with severe mediocrity. I would even go a step further and suggest that to cast a vote you should demonstrate some understanding of how our fragile economy works but that would make me a bad person for even suggesting that right?

          • Joe Bloggs says:

            To Entre Manure.

            What you describe is what we had prior to 1962. The PLP was formed and the UBP was formed in response.

            What we have now is the culmination of 60 years of the PLP struggle for power. The PLP now has the power and they are unlikely to relinquish it.

      • Kevin says:

        its a shame there are supporters like you that are ignorant of what is happening in BERMUDA….this party you support are not capable and lack the initiative to get us out of the shxt they put us in
        keep believing in santa claus

      • saud says:

        the state of our educational system…explains everything.

        You need some fresh green koolaid.

  7. saud says:

    “…OBA experiment and voted for the only Party that has a track record of governing for the People;”

    Unless you’re gay.

  8. Hmm says:

    No surprises here.

  9. Proven says:

    He is the best thing that ever happened to the PLP. He is ensuring that the elected members work in the interest of Bermuda and the reputation of the PLP; not solely in the interest of elected officials. This is not a surprise. He vowed to get rid of all of them that refuse to act in the interest of Bermuda. I am a first has witness!

  10. Cracks says:

    Once the cracks appear the party will crumble. The OBA has just started to tie their lacens. Once Craig goes, you know the war is on.

  11. Rocky5 says:

    PLP Govt give more than $1.2M to Dr. Brown and no-one from PLP says “boo”!

  12. Oh,I see now says:

    The PLP has yet to see its finest hour I can’t wait for the fireworks to signal the end of this $hit show.

  13. Hmmm says:

    All this tells me is that the PLP don’t like the people (or members) to know what goes on behind their closed doors!!!

    Seems like the party and the government are in lock step… don’t let the people know or have a say… Their attitude is hell with Bermuda we’ll do it anyway!!

  14. Coffee says:

    Damon Wade sings Bob Marley ; Must have done something wrong ; Check out the real situation ; War ; Is this love ? ; Coming in from the cold ; Who the cap fit ; Burning and looting ; No friends in high society ; Ambush in the night ; Trench town rock ; Waiting in vain ; Stir it up ; Get up stand up ; So much things to say ; Time will tell ; Could you be loved ?

    The ultimate ulterior motivator….. In retreat!

  15. The fight that used to be between us OBA/PLP is now amongst us PLP/PLP .This is just the nature of people and organizations .

  16. Oh,I see now says:

    The Peoples Liquidation Party…….I hope

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