Netball: Under 11 & Senior League Results

January 27, 2020 | 0 Comments

The Bermuda Netball Association’s league season resumed at the Bernards Park this weekend, with the Storm Lightning, Rangers, Phoenix Sparks, Lindos Tigers and Storm recording wins.

Under 11 Division

Storm Lightning 22 North Village Lady Rams 0

The Storm Lightning defeated the North Village Lady Rams 22 – 0. MVP Zeni Hansey led the Storm Lightning with 10 goals, with Ameerah Outerbridge adding 9 goals and Amari Burgess scored three times. Jayda Walker was named the North Village Lady Rams MVP.

Rangers 21 Warriors 5

Xheynaye Simons scored 12 goals to lead the Rangers to a 21 – 5 win over the Warriors. Saaijida Daniels added 6 goals for the Rangers and A’meerah Richardson Swan added 3 goals, Jade Simons was namded the Rangers MVP. The Warriors got 3 goals from Maria Franklin, Mayas Williams and MVP Sarah Abdur Rashid both scored once.

Phoenix Sparks 13 Storm Thunder 10

The Phoenix Sparks defeated the Storm Thunder 13 – 10, the Storm Thunder got 6 goals from M’zayah Martin, while Sydney Santos added 4 goals, the entire Storm Thunder team was named MVP.

Seniors Division

Lindos Tigers 53 Docksiders 41

The Lindos Tigers defeated Docksiders 53 – 41, MVP Charlene Gomez led the Lindos Tigers with 30 goals, while Jahtuere Trott added 23 goals. The Docksiders were led by MVP Jess Reid who scored 25 goals and Charlie Bridgman added 16 goals.

Storm 46 North Village Lady Rams 29

MVP Nabiilah Nasir scored 38 goals to lead the Storm to a 46 – 29 win over the North Village Lady Rams, Elishe Smith added the other 8 goals. The North Village Lady Rams got 11 goals from MVP Chaquita Simmons, Darrika Simons added 10 goals, while Nikita Trott scored 6 goals and Keesiah Jackson scored twice.

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