Hotelco Plans To Redevelop St. George´s Club

February 4, 2020

Hotelco said it intends to acquire the St. George’s Club and plans “to renovate and redevelop this much beloved property in the same spirit as we are developing the neighboring St. Regis Bermuda Resort.”

This follows after the operators confirmed the Club would close on January 31st, stating that “after more than 25 years of operation, struggling as a ‘timeshare’ with changing legislation, the closure of the St. Georges golf course, increased costs, recession and members defaulting on their contractual commitments, we have had to make the difficult decision to close the hotel effective 31 January 2020.”

“The news is not all bad as Hotelco Bermuda SGC Ltd., who are part of the group developing the nearby property, to open as a St. Regis Hotel, will take over The St. George’s Club. They will reopen The Club after a period of much needed refurbishment and update,” the operators said.

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“Today we are pleased to share with you that Hotelco Bermuda SGC Ltd has the intention to acquire the property known as ‘St. George’s Club’ at St. George’s, once the leases have been assigned”, said Laura Purroy, General Manager of Hotelco said

“Current obligations towards timeshare members, creditors and vendors will be honoured.”

“Our plans are to renovate and redevelop this much beloved property in the same spirit as we are developing the neighboring St. Regis Bermuda Resort – one that celebrates the town of St. George and its culture and history.

“The progress made at the St. Regis Bermuda Resort development has been significant and the continued support of the east-end community and Government has proved to be equally significant. We are excited about the opening and re-opening of both hotels in April 2021.”

“The intended acquisition of the St. George’s Club – and our plans to redevelop it – signifies our confidence and our conviction that St. George’s has begun to reemerge as a tourist destination and a favorite for Bermudians alike.

“We’ve already seen interest of local businesses, restaurants and residents in investing in their products and property. Like them we aim to invest in the future of St. George´s and in doing so create more opportunities for Bermudians and more attractions for our visitors who choose Bermuda as their destination of choice”.

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  1. RastaCutty says:

    Please do not make it into staff housing. I beg you to make it a small hotel. This is what the town of St. Georges desperately needs. Yes we get it you have the large hotel at Fort St. Catherines but we need tourists and life in the old town. Staff housing will not benefit anyone.

    • watching says:

      where does it say or suggest anything about Staff housing>?

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    I have long time friends that used to come to the St. George’s Club once or twice each year to enjoy Bermuda and play golf. They came every year for over 20 years.

    They stopped coming when St. George’s Golf Club was closed by the Government. Read into that what you will.

  3. Elwood T. Gibson II says:

    I was sorry to hear that the St. Georges Club was closing but very happy to read that Hotelco was acquiring it and plan to renovate the property. Hopefully, this will work and provide a less expensive alternative to the St. Regis but offer a pleasant and affordable stay for tourist who wish to play golf, stay in the east end of the beautiful island and enjoy the Wahoo and the other good restaurants in St. Georges. Good luck to all the nice staff that I had to pleasure to work with on each of my visits to my second home.