Ministry: 10 Bus Run Cancelled On Thursday

February 13, 2020

The Ministry has released the list of bus cancellations for this afternoon [Feb 13], with the list indicating that there are ten bus runs cancelled today.

Bus Cancellations PM Bermuda Feb 13 2020

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  1. PANGAEA says:

    I do not ride on the bus system very often may be because there is no service with in a mile of were I live .

    To day I rode the #7 buss from The Reefs into the City.

    I was made to feel very welcome as I got on the bus, I found the bus driver was very courthouse and to every on who got in his bus on the way into the city.

    I usually sit over the rear wheels where I have a view of every thing around us.

    I want to acknowledge and give credit to the exceptional skills of the driver of the #7 bus late this afternoon.

    He did no move off till every one was properly seated. How great is that ?

    I was absolutely amazed by the skill that the driver was able to navigated bus around some tight curves in the road .

    This is not the first time ,about 6 months ago on the same #7 route we has a lady bus driver whose presision driving skills were exceptional.

    We are indeed most fortunate.

    Thank you !