Residents Must ‘Shelter In Place’ For 14 Days

April 1, 2020

[Updated] The Premier has asked the Governor to “declare a state of emergency for Bermuda based on what is now necessary to intensify the fight against this virus,” and to “direct that Bermuda’s residents must ‘shelter in place’ for a period of 14 days.

“The existing curfew hours of 8pm to 6am have been renewed for a further three days and will expire at 6am on Saturday, 4th April. From the moment that that curfew order expires, this country will be under a 24hr requirement to ‘shelter in place’ for an initial period of 14 days,” the Premier said.

The Premier’s comments come as the island has 32 confirmed cases of Covid-19, and the global tally continues to soar with over 900,000 confirmed cases worldwide.

Premier David Burt said, “Good afternoon. Amidst the noise of today’s continuous cycle of information through social media, online news and even traditional news outlets, the decision-making process can become clouded in a fog of opinions and conflicting views. The responsibility of governments is to sift through that noise and rely upon clear, factual, and in this case, scientific advice to drive the decisions that must be made in the best interests of the people we serve.

Mitigate Risk Of Community Transmission Of Covid-19

“From the early emphasis on personal hygiene and the introduction of the term social distancing to our everyday conversations, to the closure of schools and restricting the activities of many businesses, culminating in the recent implementation of nighttime curfews; this Government has carefully plotted a course to mitigate against the risk of community transmission of Covid-19.

“In daily press conferences I have reported to the people of Bermuda the details around the results of the tests conducted for this virus and the number of positive results is increasing. Whilst the majority of the positive cases are classed as imported owing to the travel history of the individuals, and to their close contacts, there are more cases emerging where the link is not as clear. This reporting caused me to ask the Chief Medical Officer for her advice of just where Bermuda is on the time-scale of this pandemic and what additional measures could be taken to further reduce the risk of sustained community transmission which could overwhelm our hospital.

“In characteristic fashion, the CMO’s advice was measured, thoughtful and based on her experience as a public health professional. Her advice to me and by extension to the Cabinet and the Government of Bermuda is that to effectively mitigate the risk of community transmission we must implement stricter measures to control the movement of people in and around Bermuda.

Declare A State Of Emergency For Bermuda

“Following yesterday’s meeting of Cabinet and with their full support, I met this morning with His Excellency the Governor and requested that he exercise his authority under section 14[3] of the Constitution to declare a state of emergency for Bermuda based on what is now necessary to intensify the fight against this virus.

 ‘Shelter In Place’ For 14 Days

“Further to that state of emergency I have asked the Governor to make regulations under the Emergency Powers Act 1963 to direct that Bermuda’s residents must ‘shelter in place’ for a period of 14 days.

“What does this mean for you? The only way we will prevent this disease from intensifying in Bermuda is if our nighttime routine of everyone in their properties is extended throughout the day. ‘Shelter in place’ means we must stay at home unless we must go to the store for food or medicine or to a gas station. Other exemptions will be in place for workers in essential areas and that list will be similar to the one now in place for nighttime curfew.

Starts On Saturday

“As I indicated yesterday, the existing curfew hours of 8pm to 6am have been renewed for a further three days and will expire at 6am on Saturday, 4th April. From the moment that that curfew order expires, this country will be under a 24hr requirement to ‘shelter in place’ for an initial period of 14 days. The Constitution requires that the Legislature meet within five days of a state of emergency being declared. I have confirmed with the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate that both Houses will meet as required on Monday, 6th April at 10am and 12pm respectively.

“The Attorney General’s Chambers is working on the Regulations but I can indicate that they will require residents to ‘shelter in place’ for these 14 days, leaving their properties only if they are essential workers, in the case of medical emergencies or to purchase food or medicine.

Essential Businesses Will Open

“The only businesses that will remain open will be food producers or food wholesalers, retail grocery stores, doctor’s offices and medical facilities, pharmacies, gas stations, the ports, utility companies like gas & water will be available for emergency service; and banks on restricted hours and only to provide the most essential of services.

“Beyond the clinical public health advice and the cold language employed to give effect to this rare set of restrictions on the freedoms we all enjoy, there is a human element to all of this. It weighs heavily on me personally that these decisions stall an economy that has struggled to emerge from the global shift of 2008. Men and women across various sectors have lost jobs or now will suffer reduced income earning capacity.

These Are Hard Times

“There is anxiety among our seniors and those who appear to be most susceptible to the worst effects of this disease. Some families are facing the stress of personal economic impact or of loved ones unable to return to Bermuda because of travel restrictions. These are hard times and our faith in many things is being tested. But we are a hard people and we can emerge from this stronger. My colleagues and I have wrestled with how best to respond to this pandemic and in addition to my personal faith I am guided by the oath I took when I was appointed to this office: to do right…without fear.

We Must Do All We Can To Save Lives

“I feel deeply the impact that this will have on hardworking men and women across the Island, not only financially but emotionally. Uncertainty is never good and this is a period of global uncertainty. But the strongest defence to uncertainty is unity. This disease and its impact does not discriminate. It does not care how old you are, whether you are black or white, what your politics may be, or even your immigration status. Fighting this pandemic demands a unity of purpose that challenges us to lay aside those things that may divide us in times of peace and to join together in a common goal of keeping this island that we all call home safe.

“I am certain that this is the right thing to do for Bermuda at this time. Together we must do all we can to save lives, and the danger of waiting is not worth the money it might save. We must act decisively and we must act now. The future of Bermuda depends on us all doing our part.

“Thank you for your support and thank you for continuing to work together – and together we will get through this. Thank you.”

Update: Some additional details were provided at the press conference and we also compiled a graphic.


The Premier said, “Local banks have been designated as essential services. However, all face to face interactions between bank customers and bank employees will be suspended for the two week period. Bank office operations include the servicing of ATM machines and the processing of wire payments, among other things such as online banking will continue.”


“People will be allowed to exercise outside their home within a reasonable distance with no more than groups of two, for restricted times,” the Premier said.


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As the island and world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing our best to provide timely and accurate information, and you can find more information on the links below.

Officials are urging everyone to please follow all guidance like washing your hands, adhering to self quarantine if relevant, and practicing social distancing.

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  1. wahoo says:

    This will be hard but I will do it. I commend the premier for the way he is handling this situation. Perhaps if people would have adhered to self imposed quarantine in the first place this would not be necessary. News from New York and elsewhere is scary indeed.

    • JAWS says:

      Hard ………let’s be real the virus is not going to magically disappear after 2 weeks or 5 months. It’s going to around for a long time. What he’s doing is the only thing possible….. slow it down, so we don’t have 200 + people sick at the hospital. All Governments around the World will need to open at some point and resume business. He should allow people to exercise and maintain a safe distance.

      Your more safer running or being outside than going to get groceries at the local store.

      • wahoo says:

        Thanks Dr. JAWS.

      • Jack says:

        You can exercise in groups of 1 or 2 maximum within half a mile of your house. Listen to Minister Caines address at last nights press conference.

  2. Dunn juice says:

    Well do e I agree.
    Are we allowed to go out and run.ride or walk dogs?

    • frank says:

      no no

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      What does “Stay home” mean to you? The people roaming around when they should have stayed put is the reason for the lock down.

      • Dunn juice says:

        Everyone likes an ass, no one likes a smart ass.

    • Matt Jardy says:

      Yes, you’ll be allowed to do all that according to the press conference as long as you do it within a 1/2 mile of your home.

    • Jack says:

      Yes, You can walk from your house for exercise. You can exercise in groups of 1 or 2 maximum within half a mile of your house. Listen to Minister Caines address at last nights press conference.

  3. Jane Marsh says:

    Please at least let us out for daily exercise!!!!!!! People will go mad and there’s no need to be so restrictive to confine people here to their homes in such a draconian way

    • sage says:

      Thank you for confirming fitness freaks are not the smartest people among us.

      • trufth says:

        …said the rotund smoker.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Why the attack? Why not be kind? We’re all in this together, aren’t we?

        • sage says:

          That was being kind.

          • Mike Hind says:

            And you wonder why people don’t listen to you…

          • trufth says:

            You might be a less miserable person if you got out and exercised once in a while.

            • sage says:

              I am not the one whining about the lockdown, or making assumptions.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Sorry, but there absolutely IS a need.
      Saving people’s lives. That is the need.

    • J says:

      Exactly! Not everyone is living on an estimate, some of us are stuck in small apartments!

    • Roger rammit says:

      Ih put a sock in it. Nobody cares

    • Matt Jardy says:

      You’ll be allowed exercise during the lockdown. As per the press conference, it just has to be done within a 1/2 mile of your home. If you can find a small loop in your neighborhood, you’ll be fine. It’ll likely get boring after a while, but it’s better than nothing.

    • Jack says:

      You can exercise in groups of 1 or 2 maximum within half a mile of your house. Listen to Minister Caines address at last nights press conference.

  4. Southampton Resident says:

    I can’t believe that he is not even allowing people outside for exercise. The mental health toll will be significant, particularly for those who live in small spaces – never mind those who have dogs requiring exercise!

    • Rotten Onion says:

      Better than 6 ft down.

    • Pat says:

      Get over it, you want to be alive so you can exercise!! Don’t be silly

  5. Rotten onion says:

    April fools.

  6. Bob says:

    Who will pay us for this radical measure of 14 days locked down?

    • Roger rammit says:

      Absurd statement. If you did well at school and saved loads of money like me then you would not be asking that question. Im offended by your ‘society owes me something’attitude.
      Go get a job loser

      • Anonymous says:

        Amen. Stop looking to government or whoever to fix your problems, or to cover for your mistakes and take responsibility for your own life. Its bad enough they’re giving people $500 per week when we already were on shaky ground to start with in regards to the economy.

  7. Mike Hind says:

    You’re allowed outside, just not off your property. Exercise on your lawn if you have one.

    Please stay home. This is going to suck. Badly.
    But it’s going to save lives. Mine included.

    When it gets tough, think about that. Think about the fact that, by staying home, you are saving lives.

    If that’s not enough of a reason, I don’t know what to tell you.

    • Jennifer Outerbridge-Smith says:

      Totally agree with you Mike. You’re not stuck inside, you’re safe inside.

    • Heya says:

      The idea must be, if we all stay in our units for 14 days, then any spread will be confined to that unit of people and in theory will be identified…unless someone has mild symptoms near then end of this period and moves back into society.

      Are we going to shut the airport down until the world has eradicated it, or is anyone who comes here going to have to remain in a constantly bleached holding facility until tested negative.

      I don’t think this has been thought through properly, How are businesses supposed to get containers from docks, Docks going to get overloaded. What about clinically depressed people, who rely on exercise and walks etc to help manage their condition.

      What about elderly relatives that rely on their facilities and the help their family gives the,. What about the elderly who have no family. What about the IT infrastructure that we all rely on? Will they be working? So many stones to be unturned.

      The virus is out there and I highly doubt this reactionary process will not stop it. Once a cure is tested thoroughly, manufactured and distributed, only then will it begin to be eradicated. This process may flatten the curve to a Reasonable extent, but like a stubborn weed it still exists and could grow back I hope to be proved wrong. Nothing would make me happier.

      Good luck all people of Bermuda!

      • Mike Hind says:


        Good lord!

        NONE of what you’re saying is as bad as PEOPLE DYING!

        • Heya says:

          Prepare to be in lockdown for 4 to 6 months Mike. Nothing happening until a cure/immunity is tested approved, manufactured and distributed.

          It started with 1 person in the world in China and got here, what makes you think that even if we eliminate it here, that it won’t come back? It got here once and quite quickly. Are we shutting the island down for 4 to 6 months?

          14 days will do nothing to stop it. You can’t be that naive. Guess what people still will be going to supermarkets, to doctors, to pharmacy, Essental workers will still be working and moving around.

        • Rational Numbers says:

          Most recent data shows that the case fatality rate is 1.38% and the infection fatality rate is 0.66%.

          Case fatality rate is those who test positive that then die.

          Infection fatality rate is the total amount of people who get the virus that die. Remember, LOTS of people who get it will have no symptoms and thus never be tested.

          It is a bit early to make very solid expectations regarding the infection fatality rate, but it’s looking like it’ll be 6-7x more than the flu (which stands at .1%).

          We have had 32 cases. 3 were hospitalized and are apparently doing fine.

          It is also important to remember that many of the deaths worldwide could have been prevented with better medical intervention/availability. These are also countries that were more heavily impacted before implementing any measures, and then implemented them slower than we did (respective to the situations).

          Germany, for example, reacted more in line with how we have prior to now and only have seen a .2% fatality rate (remember the flu is .1%).

          Obviously we need to ensure Bermuda is able to manage the load, but if we are going to try to keep the spread at a minimum what are we going to do for the year (best estimate, a realistic possibility is 18 months) before we get the vaccine? Not open our borders?

          There is flattening the curve and then there is flattening the curve AND pushing the rate of infection so low that we never build herd immunity.

          Let’s say 6,300 (10%) people get Coronavirus over the next few months. That means we will still have 56,000-57,000 that are vulnerable if we open the borders. Are we going to test every person that flies in on a plane? Who is paying for this? Is it even feasible? What impact does it have in tourism and international business? It seems an insane strategy all things considered.

          You need 60-70% to create an effective herd immunity. Likely more given the size of the island, so let’s say 70%. That means that we actually need to have 44,000 who get this virus at some point.

          Of course it needs to be done at a rate that is sustainable from a medical standpoint.

          The other option is locking down fully for over 2 weeks (The virus lasts on average 24 days in your system, with 37 days being the longest recorded) and then once we are comfortable that it’s been contained, going back to work but not opening the borders (so not everyone going back to work) until there is a vaccine.

          Over the past week we have average 3.5 new infections a day (not using the numbers prior to that since they would skew it lower and be an unfair representation of the current rate of infection, which is honestly probably over 3.5).

          With my above comment noted, lets say we get up to 10 new infections a day, as thus far we have been able to maintain it quite well. That means that over an entire year we will only have managed to get 3682 (3650 + 32 already) people infected, roughly 8.36% (5.844% of our population) of the amount necessary for herd immunity (which is where we want to be, in a manner as safe as possible. The ideal is a vaccine, but that is going to be at least a year if not 18 months as noted previously).

          To reach herd immunity we would need to have an infection rate of 120.5 a day to match a vaccine that was available in a year. That is 34.4x what our growth rate is for the last week and 12.05x the 10 per day number I used previously.

          Using the rate of hospitalization we have seen thus far, we would see 1.2 people hospitalized per day on average. That means that we’d have roughly 36.5 people in the hospital each month, each staying for 24.7 days on average (that’s the global average from admittance to discharge). To be on the safe side you want to be able to give the most effective and appropriate care possible to each of this patients, so you’d want the capacity to have 36 people in at once (even though it is likely it will be less than this since you don’t stay on average for an entire month, just under a week shy of that on average.)

          Round that up to 40 in the chance there is an unusual spike. We have 29 Ventilators available and 168 acute care beds (according to Chief of Staff at the hospital). Not everyone will need a ventilator.

          We seem adequately prepared to do the utmost to minimize fatalities currently, without this total lock dock being implemented. There isn’t really much of a difference between having 3 people and 10 people in care if you have the capacity to treat all of them – doctors being able to check on you more frequently doesn’t actually do that much. There is a point in which there is nothing more a doctor can do.

          It only becomes an issue when we are overcapacity and are unable to give adequate care – which seems like it would be at a point notably above the case per day ratio that we need to achieve herd immunity within the year.

          The question is whether this lock down is a bit extreme for our current state when you look past the panic and into the numbers globally.

          If we want 0 deaths we are likely looking at keeping borders closed until a vaccine (only can go out, no coming in, essentially) after we do a 3-4 week total lock down to ensure that we essentially eradicate it from the island entirely.

          That’s obviously unsustainable and cannot happen.

          At the current rate we cannot open the borders without exceptionally expensive testing implemented on our end (if we even ever get an accurate test that would be of appropriate speed. Can’t test someone who arrives and shove them into a cell until you get their results 24hrs later) or globally (which seems unlikely due to the sheer scope of the logistics that would be required.)

          Are we currently at the point where no one is allowed out of the house at all, other than to get groceries? I’d argue that currently we aren’t, and that these restrictions are looking like they will actually do very little to address the total death toll that we end up seeing (operating under the assumption we end up somehow getting herd immunity and not shutting our borders down for 12-18 months, given that it is a ridiculous notion.)

          I’m not saying it isn’t dangerous, nor am I saying that we don’t need to be vigilant and proactive, but this seems to be a step too far for our current situation.

          It feels as though we may actually result in more serious issues/deaths from mental health, economic impacts, lack of exercise, etc. that result from this lock down than we are even preventing by implementing it.

          Surely the measures we have implemented are enough at this stage?

          If we do need to lock down, are we seriously saying that people walking their dog for 20-30 minutes is going to be something that has any real impact on the death toll, given the numbers and the manner in which it spreads?


        • Heya says:

          Mike, if you think 14 days complete Shut Down in Bermuda is going to stop deaths in Bermuda, then you are naive.

          If the Govt said, we are doing this To reduce the stress on our medical facilities whilst we plan on providing adequate facilities for Bermuda and the points of entry then it makes sense. In isolation, this is just gov in panic mode. Couldn’t you read the body language and interpret the tell tale signs in the politicians voices.

          We need a solid plan. We haven’t got one… how many test kits, how many respirators, on island ? This pause will help us regroup and be better prepared, but it is not going to stop the virus.

          • Mike Hind says:

            Thanks for putting words in my mouth.

            Really nice.

      • Covid-19 Free says:

        I understand your point and respect your opinion however please note by definition a Coronavirus is incurable. There’s no way to manufacture a cure thus the pandemic. Like the common cold all that you can do it treat symptoms, it’s totally up to your immune system to fight it off. So exercise and your diet will play a key role at this point. So forget about the junk food and yes work out at home at least get the blood flowing once a day. That’s the cure we have, a healthy immune system and prevention of spreading it. One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

      • Frank says:

        If you dont” absolutely have to go ut” stay in, and while carefully social distancing, see if you can help elderly neighbors! Stay in Stay Alive!

  8. Honestly says:

    I’m thinking that people are still going about their business away from their homes, with the number of people affected by the virus. (I bet the number will increase later today!) This is the ONLY way to stop the spread. No one is coming into Bermuda or leaving, people aren’t quarantining themselves, even people who have the virus is leaving their homes. So I can see how important this measure is. We can do this BDA!

  9. In watching says:

    Island says

  10. Tucker O says:

    We are several weeks ahead of you. Believe me the shelter down is taxing but no one knows how the disease will affect the young and old. A small island like Bermuda can successfully contain this with these extreme measures. Bermuda only has a population of around 63k. Look at Italy and New York. I commend the leaders for taking extreme measures. Stop thinking about yourself and the inconvenience to you for a few weeks and start thinking about your loved ones who this disease could easily wipe out.

    • Heya says:

      Yes we do know how it affects the young and the old, there is empirical evidence out there, or are you talking about being locked in a box.

  11. Paul says:

    If Bermudians don’t already know it, this is huge! This is our WW1 and WW2 moment. Fortunately, the loss of life won’t be the same, but the economic impact may last for decades. Bermuda’s GDP is $5.5 billion, assuming 50% is non-IB, the 1 calendar quarter impact of Covid-19 will be say $700 million (trust my math). Over 2 decades we’re talking about an annualized impact of $57 million – say $1,400/worker/yr. How to improve this number? Grow the workforce. The “I” word. Infrastructure projects. An finally, Bermudians need to come out of this stronger and better in everything we do.
    Stay safe and shelter!

    • Marcusbmco says:

      @Paul, economically speaking, you’re right. From “going forward” it’s about “herd immunity”. If you think you can escape this you’re wrong. What is happening in Bermuda now is temporarily escaping. I hope I’ve already been exposed and have antibodies. It’s the only way til a vaccine will. Life has a 100% mortality rate, sorry. I’m now happy to be stuck in a nice part of Bangkok. Great room @ $7.55 per night including nice breakfast. Cheap food/beer. And we have freedom of movement w/our masks. Stay possitive Bermudians! See ya in May…

  12. cpm says:

    Who will the staff from immigration and government offices scowl at ?

  13. Rotten Onion says:

    Good , no kites for 2 weeks.

    • Warrior says:

      Nope had one in neighborhood earlier today,very annoying

    • Rebellion says:

      Spoken like a true non bermudian

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      You can fly kites all you like, just do it from your own yard.

  14. Hopeful says:

    Other places around the world are doing Shelter in Place. They can exercise, but obviously alone only. Some places have advised their residents can exercise, but only once per day to limit ppl on the streets. We do need clarification. And sadly, Honestly is correct. People are still not taking this seriously, which makes it worse for the rest of us that do.

    • Rebellion says:

      People that are taking this seriously are making it harder for those who don’t! I’m being villainized for my choices! Not everybody has to agree with you

  15. J says:

    Why not rather quarantine those at risk and allow the rest of us to continue to live a somewhat normal life under the current restrictions, where we can still contribute to the economy? Or perhaps lets test everyone and release those who are negative and only quarantine those who are in fact positive?

    • Mike Hind says:

      Because what you’re talking about will a. Spread the disease, increasing the risk to those at risk and b. We don’t have the tests.

      This is dangerous.

      Stay home.

    • .am says:

      A 34 year old with no underlying health issues is incubated. Who, exactly, isn’t ‘at risk’?

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      They have been doing that dummy but people still been going out hence the 24 hour 2 week lockdown duhhh lmfao!

    • K says:

      Because everyones at risk, the myth that “Only old people die from it” is far from truth, it depends on the severeness of the issue, and even then they may bring it home to their family who may be at a bigger risk. This is rough but it’s what we need to do, we’ve seen what’s happened over the world, this isn’t just something small.

      I think we should have at least one exercise per day.

    • In Mark's Opinion says:

      I agree, if your sick stay home. This is way over the top. This cure will do more damage to people. People will go crazy or is that what they want.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Crazy is better than dead.

        Stay inside. Wash your hands.

  16. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    I have a load of things I can do indoors.
    suits me,nobody to bother me.
    Hurricane lambs,Camping Gas,Genny,Coffee,Coffee.
    Books,TV,Internet,Fix my rods,
    (might even have time to tidy up too,but I doubt it).

    Quit freaking moaning all of yous!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m with you buddy. I know its sad, but my life hasn’t really changed due to corona. All I ever did was go to work and the grocery store before this and its still all I’m doing now. I workout inside, I cook for myself, I don’t have a social life. I kind of wish I was able to work from home, with that and grocery delivery I would never leave my house again.

  17. Deb l says:

    If you are a caregiver for seniors, what permission do you need to get to travel to them

  18. up d hill says:

    I think the Premier and his team are doing a stellar job dealing with the world wide pandemic. Never been a fan of the PLP but I have to say I`m impressed and feel comfortable with Premier Burt at the helm dealing with this.

    Please Listen to him Bermuda this is no joke. I hear comments everyday of Bermudians taking this way to lightly like they are invincible.

    Stay safe , wash hands often, keep your distance and STAY HOME!!!!

  19. Me says:

    Make a baby birth rate is down

    • Steve says:

      I would if expats were actually welcome here in Bermuda. Reap what you sow, Bermuda. I’ll take my new family to a place where I’m welcome while y’all rebuild for the next 30 years

      • tuck says:

        as a bermudian thankyou i truly appreciate your consideration. leave our little island to us

  20. N says:

    How do they plan to ensure that those who are out on the streets during the lockdown are actually intending on visiting the limited number of businesses that will be open during this two week period and not just flouting the restrictions?

    • Mike Hind says:

      That’s not the point.
      The point is that most people will not flout it and will stay in, thus keeping us safer.

  21. Marcusbmco says:

    Lol !

  22. Jack says:

    Please spread the word. You can exercise in groups of 1 or 2 maximum within half a mile of your house. Listen to Minister Caines address at last nights press conference. You are not allowed to drive to your place of exercise so the idea would be that you leave your house on foot and jog, walk or walk your dog around the block a number of times for your daily exercise. Please let everybody know this as people seem to be thinking that this is not allowed.

    • bluenose says:

      You seem to think it a great idea to encourage people to go out and exercise. There are plenty of exercises that may be done in the house. We should not be encouraging anyone to go outside. smdh.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Did he really say a half mile from your home? That covers a very big area.

  23. vida smith says:

    Stay at Home means just that,at least your able to go to the store if you need a few groceries,they are doing this hoping the virus does not get out of hand,we are too small for that to happen,after two weeks then the Government will see how we stand,lets hope we will be okay.

  24. Say it like it is says:

    Too bad the great Mr. Burt did not close down this island a long time ago. That would have saved us from all of this if he did. He should have placed a deadline for Bermudians to get home by a certain time, or stay where they were. After all most of these cases were bought here from people coming in. Then if any emergencies they all should have been quarantined as soon as they stepped foot on this island, not at their home but somewhere where they could be checked before they were allowed to leave to go home. I still see people in social gatherings and not abiding by the 6 foot safety rule. Thanks Burt.

  25. LondonBlue says:

    Does this mean Harbour Nights is cancelled this year??

  26. tuck says:

    as a bermudian thankyou i truly appreciate your consideration. leave our little island to us