Marilyn Sannemalm Producing Face Masks

May 28, 2020

St. George’s resident Marilyn Sannemalm has been highlighted for her contribution during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic as she continues to design and produce face masks for the community.

A spokesperson said, “The House of Assembly’s Friday, May 8 sitting marked its first for the month of May, Bermuda’s Heritage Month for the year 2020, and appropriately the theme is ‘We are Bermudians,’ according to Minister of Community, Cultural Affairs and Sports Lovitta Foggo.

“Like the rest of the world caught in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 heritage celebrations and festivities have, sadly, been abandoned for this year. However, the spirit of ‘We are Bermudians’ has emerged as a result of the global health crisis.

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“Bermudians from all walks of life, professions, and religions, whether Baha’i, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Eastern Orthodox, or no religion, of all races, and of all ethnic background have risen to make their collective and individual contributions to those at the forefront fighting this deadly virus.

“During Friday’s virtual session of the Lower Legislative chamber, Lt. Col. David Burch, the Minister of Public Works and Engineering, applauded and cited a number of civil servants in his Ministry who, unasked, spontaneously and sacrificially arose to make face masks for those on the frontline of the battle to contain the spread of Covid-19 in our cluster of islands.

“One of those cited by the Minister was Mrs. Marilyn Sannemalm of St. George’s.

“Marilyn has temporarily abandoned her Coral Beat drum sticks and is beating to a new rhythm, the rhythm of her Singer sewing machine creating much-needed face masks – the local and the universal symbol of the fight against this pandemic.

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“Over three hundred was the last count of masks she has produced, and still counting. She can be found at her dining room table producing these much-needed masks. Masks of all sizes, all colours, all designs to suit your particular fancy.

“Marilyn has given them to her neighbors, to young people in her immediate neighborhood, to the police in the East End, to our senior citizens’ rest homes in the eastern parishes, and to all those she meets along the streets in need of the now required dress code for the foreseeable future.

“It is her natural propensity to serve others spontaneously and cheerfully. She is always on the go, doing for others less fortunate; the coronavirus may have silenced her drumming, but it has not halted or hindered her community-building spirit, rising to the need of others at such a time and season.

“She is confident that Bermudians as a resilient people will be all the more stronger after being tempered by this challenge. Marilyn’s desire to serve is inspired by her faith and its teaching that ‘the betterment of the world can be achieved through pure and goodly deeds, through commendable and seemly conduct.’

“Clearly, in our tiny cluster of islands of 64,000 people, Covid-19 has brought out the best in many of us. We have abided the state of emergency and the shelter in place. Sadly, we have recorded nine deaths.

“Without seeking any help or resources, Marilyn has put her creative skills and talent to work designing and producing some striking face masks. Whatever your choice, whatever your colour, whatever your design, she has a mask to reflect your fancy.

“For Marilyn is truly demonstrating her faith by her actions. Just another story in the hundreds of stories in our cluster of islands of those who are turning their hands in constructive ways as we all strive to combat and contain Covid-19 by obeying the government’s counsel: stay home, stay six feet apart, wash your hands.

“The other persons mentioned by the Minister for their unstinting and unwavering contribution were Mrs. Belinda Brown, Mrs. Nancy Frith, Mrs. Cynthia Kenahan, Mr. Patrick Mahon, Ms. Rochelle Minors, Mrs. Cindy Patterson, Mrs. Karen Skiffington, Mrs. Nancy Thompson, and Mrs. Sheila Tyrrell.”

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