Phase 2 Guidelines For Outdoor Activities

May 30, 2020

The Ministry of Public Works and the Department of Parks are reminding the public of the Phase 2 restrictions on outdoor spaces, including parks, beaches, and nature reserves.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Public Works and the Department of Parks are reminding the public on the Phase 2 restrictions regarding the use of parks, beaches, and nature reserves for the Bermuda Day Holiday weekend [29, 30, 31 May 2020] and the coming months.

“Over the Bermuda Day holiday weekend, all beaches, parks, and nature reserves will be closed from 8.00pm to 6.00am the following morning. Furthermore, there will be no bonfires allowed at parks and beaches, and no Special or Bonfire Permits will be issued.

“Otherwise, parks, beaches, and nature reserves are open for use, and as per the Phase Two restrictions, physical distancing and hygiene guidelines are in effect.

“The Department will be working with the Bermuda Police Service and the Royal Bermuda Regiment to patrol and enforce the Bermuda National Parks Regulations 1988 in the protected areas.

“Department maintenance vehicles will be collecting trash and cleaning toilets over the holiday and weekend.

“Patrons are reminded that park gates must remain clear at all times to allow unrestricted access by the Department of Parks and emergency service vehicles. This also includes the turnaround area at the bottom of the Tribe Road #4B leading to Elbow Beach, where parking is not permitted. Offending vehicles may be moved at the owner’s expense.

“Department of Parks staff and Royal Bermuda Regiment soldiers will control the parking and traffic flow at Horseshoe Bay. For the safety of all patrons, vehicles must be parked in the designated parking lots.

“The public is also advised that there will be no lifeguards on duty at public beaches. However, in order to provide first aid and medical treatment, St. John Ambulance will be stationed at Horseshoe Bay to cover the south shore parks and beaches, and at Southside to cover Clearwater Beach, Turtle Bay, and Coopers Island Nature Reserve.

“No camping permits will be issued and overnight camping at designated campgrounds, parks, beaches, or nature reserves is not permitted.

“In light of the requirements for physical distancing and the 10.00pm curfew, the Ministry and Department of Parks will close off areas when capacity is reached and/or start clearing patrons from parks and beaches at any time.

“As a reminder, dogs are not permitted on public beaches until the 31 October 2020.

Coopers Island Nature Reserve:

“Over the last several weeks, motorcycles have been ridden throughout the nature reserve. As a reminder, no unauthorized vehicles are permitted inside the gates located just past Turtle Bay, or the south section facing Castle Harbour across from Clearwater Beach.

“Additionally, no fishing or dogs are permitted past the water catchment. Signs are erected to inform patrons of these regulations.

“As a reminder, the Phase 2 guidelines for visiting beaches and parks can be viewed here, and the Phase 2 Guidance document can be viewed here.

“The Ministry of Public Works and the Department of Parks thank the public for their cooperation when using protected areas and wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Bermuda Day holiday weekend.”

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