Animals Flying To Bermuda

The official government notice says:

“All animals arriving in Bermuda are required to be accompanied by health documents as well as an Import Permit issued in advance by the Bermuda Department of Environmental Protection.

Animals arriving without proper documentation will be refused entry and will be immediately returned to the country of origin or destroyed, at the owner’s expense, as there are no quarantine facilities in Bermuda.

The importer should contact the Bermuda Department of Environmental Protection far in advance to learn of the import requirements for his/her animal(s).

However, the actual application for an Import Permit [PDF] should be made no more than 10 days prior to arrival into the Island. The animal’s health certificate should be no more than 10 days old when the animal arrives.”

On pets traveling via air, the government says:

“Carriers must comply with International Air Transport Association (IATA) Regulations. This means that dogs and cats must be carried in sturdy, leak-proof, escape-proof and well-ventilated kennels, which should be purchased ahead of time at your local pet supply store.

The container should be labelled with the owner’s name, contact telephone number(s) and destination address. Labels displaying the words ‘Live Animal’ and ‘This Way Up’ should be prominently displayed on the container. Be sure to leave sufficient space for the airline to place a luggage tag and flight information, as animals are usually carried in the baggage compartment of the aircraft.

Very small animals may be carried in the passenger cabin if the airline permits. Whether the animal travels in the baggage hold or in the passenger cabin, a transportation fee will be charged, and the owner should contact the airline in advance to make arrangements. Many airlines do not carry animals during the summer and winter months.”

All animals may be subject to a Customs import duty up to 25% of the animal’s true value. Please visit the Bermuda Department of Environmental Protection website on animal importation for additional details pertaining to Bermuda.

Pet Policies For All Airlines Serving Bermuda: