Condolences On Passing Of Kenyetta Young

April 6, 2015

Kenyetta YoungThe Progressive Labour Party extended their condolences to the family and friends of union giant Kenyetta Young, who passed away this weekend.

According to the BIU’s website, Mr Young was a 17 year old trainee plumber who had not long been out of school when he was attracted to the Union, and by 1965, he “was a full fledged activist when the BELCO action occurred” and became ”one of the Union’s most prolific organizers and negotiators.”

Pembroke East Central MP Walter Roban recalls, “Kenyetta Young was one of Bermuda’s most fearless trade unionists who fought tirelessly for the workers. He was my Proposer in 2007 to run for the House in my first general election as a candidate.

“His life’s work was helping people. For all he has done, he is truly a hero for all of us who knew him. I learned so much from him. He was a hero, champion and a teacher to me personally.

“I remember visits to the BIU when he was an Officer there and he was one of the people who informed me about unionism, politics and the issues concerning workers. I have never forgotten this.”

Hamilton East MP and Shadow Minister of Labour Derrick Burgess fondly remembers Brother Kenyetta, “He fought to eradicate the injustices in the workplace and would not compromise his principles. A historian who would tell you that not knowing your history is at your peril.

“He played an integral part in securing benefits for the worker particularly in the construction industry- namely pensions, sick pay , vacation and public holiday pay benefits that are taken for granted today. Bermuda has moulded some giants and cousin Kenyatta was one of them.”

Party Leader Marc Bean comments, “Everyone familiar with the union movement in Bermuda should be aware of the contribution of Kenyetta Young. On behalf of the Progressive Labour Party, we offer our deepest condolences to his family. We thank you for sharing him with Bermuda.”

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