Madeline Marie Carter

August 9, 2018

[Amis Memorial Chapel & Crematory]

Madeline Marie Carter; beloved wife of  Clayton; beloved mother of Carlos [Anna], Gavin [Tanika], Craig [Johanne] and Cara; beloved sister to Eugene Wainwright [Rose]  in her  74th year, of #4 Slip Point Lane, St. George’s GE 02, will be held on Saturday, August 11, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. at the Jehovah’s Witnessess Kingdom Hall, St. George’s.

She also leaves to cherish her memory:  Grandchildren – Sage [Gavin & Tanika]; Aulani and Ashlynn, and step-granddaughter Felicia [Carlos & Anna]; nieces Tarana [daughter Tajante ‘TJ’], and Eugenia Wainwright.  Cousins – Wainwright family:  Dennis [Natalie], Maurice [Pam]; Muriel [Sinclair]; Eloise Jenkins; Ruby Simons; Winifred-Anne DeAllie [Frank].  Pearson family: Herbert Sr., Ritchie; Wendy Lambert [Carlton]; Eugenia Outerbridge [Tommy], Elizabeth Stovell.  Welch family: Daisy Simmons; James [Sharon], Carlton [Maxine] and Carolyn.  Special family [school] – friend Lynn Wheeler [Benny] of Arizona and Linda Smith of Barbados.  All of Madeline’s spiritual brothers and sisters in Bermuda and overseas, but especially Leroy & Jackie Kent [spiritual grandparents], Clyde & Carol Jones of Florida [spiritual parents], and many others too numerous to name, who supported her field-service efforts and otherwise brought much joy to her life.

We want to thank everyone who so kindly gave of their precious time and all other generous deeds of support to help the Carter family remember their departed loved one.

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