Myrna Lucille Daniels

November 19, 2022

[Augustus Funeral Home and Cremation Service]

Augustus Funeral Home regrets to announce the passing of: – Myrna Lucille Daniels [nee: Parsons].

The family of Myrna Lucille Daniels [nee: Parsons] invites you to join them at Pembroke Parish Cemetery on 21st November, Monday afternoon at 3PM, as the daughter of the late Leopold Augutus Reid Parsons and  late Mignonne Lucille nee: Robinson is laid to rest.

Some remember the granddaughter of the late Samuel David Robinson as a dedicated Educator in Bermuda and abroad, a Field Director of Girl Scouts of America, Loving Wife and Mother.       ,

Myrna is survived by her 3 children: Theresa Mignonne Daniels, Melanie Carr Danies-Givertz [Amitai], Theodore Daniels Jr., 6 Grandchildren: Jason Hoggatt, Imani and Grace Givertz, Olivia, Reid and Mia Daniels. Half-brother Terry Williams, and his children. Cousins: John [Rogerlene], William, Linda and Michael Robinson, Jackie Robinson, Rev Daniel Robinson, Duell Field [ Paul], Nina Romberg [Reinhard], Janet Francis [Raymond], Paula Robinson-Smith [Alan]. Honorable Sir John Swan, Silvia Swan, Lloyd Paynter, Jan Ray, Dr. June Hill, Jean Hurst, Tyrone McHardy, Lena Duguid, Beth Clark, Karen Browne-Scott, DeCola Martin, Eisa Ulen- Richardon, Chesterfield Ray, Dawn Easterby, Alton Ray, and more Astwood and Robinon relatives,  In-Laws: Grace Daniels, Deborah Daniels, Robert and Carolyn Daniels, Preston Daniels Sr and Jr., Extended family: Lisa and Trevor Lewis, Fred Guillory, Bernie and Rita Bowers, Rev. Stephany Graham, Rev. Bobby Lewis, Linda Mills, Patty Ann Trott, Gean Ann Wolffe, Sherry and Rhonda Wilkinson, Michelle White, Dearest friends – Shirley Blakeney, Virginia Wilson, Patricia Mooney, Barbara Allen, Rev. Fritz Outlaw, and more in Bermuda, the U.S., and across the globe.

Covid-19 precautions and social distancing are to be observed

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