Women’s Champions of the May 24th Marathon Derby

2010 Ashley Estwanik [new record]
2009 Victoria Fiddick
2008 Ashley Estwanik
2007 Dawn Richardson
2006 Dawn Richardson
2005 Lynn Patchett
2004 Anna Eatherley
2003 Anna Eatherley
2002 Lynn Patchett
2001 Anna Eatherley
2000 Anna Eatherley
1999 Anna Eatherley
1998 Jane Christie
1997 Jane Christie
1996 Karen Adams
1995 Karen Adams
1994 Maria Conroy-Haydon
1993 Anna Eatherley
1992 Sandra Mewett
1991 Sandra Mewett
1990 Sandra Mewett
1989 Sandra Mewett
1988 Sandra Mewett
1987 Debbie Butterfield
1986 Debbie Butterfield
1985 Sandra Mewett
1984 Sandra Mewett
1983 Jane Christie
1982 Debbie Butterfield
1981 Merernette Bean-Simmons
1980 Debbie Butterfield
1979 Debbie Butterfield
1978 Debbie Butterfield
1977 Debbie Butterfield
1976 Merernette Bean

Further Information

  • Debbie Butterfield and Sandra Mewett hold the most wins with seven each.
  • Seven time winner Debbie Butterfield comes from a sporting family; her husband is former Olympic rower Jim Butterfield. She is also the mother of Olympic triathlete Tyler Butterfield, who placed 2nd in the 2009 May 24th marathon.
  • The first woman to officially enter the May 24th Derby was 16 year old Merenette Bean who won the race in 2:09:10. Her brother Cal Bean won the race as well in that same year. In 1981 Ms. Bean won the Bermuda Athlete of the Year Award.
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