Video: Car Fire on Scott’s Hill Road

January 31, 2011

Around 11:40am on Saturday [Jan 29], Police attended a vehicle fire on Scott’s Hill Road in Sandys parish near the junction with the Railway Trail. As a result the immediate area was cordoned off as a safety precaution. The car was extensively damaged by the blaze which was extinguished by Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service personnel. The Police said there do not appear to be any suspicious circumstances and no one was injured.

[Thanks to Aaron Lugo for the video]

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  1. Call as it is says:

    One less car on our crowded roads!
    keep smashing them up and burning them up…

    we’ll have safer roads for all.

    • Sheriff says:

      Call as it is.. shame on you…

      Wow Bermews- these creeps come on here , hiding their names and saying all types of stuff! Show your name!

  2. nonsense says:

    what a ridiculous statement to make. not to mention the issue isn’t with the number of cars on the roads, but with the people driving them. and what about the poor person/s who suffered the misfortune of having their car burn? you’re celebrating that…? nice.

  3. Ray says:

    surprised i didnt see this or know about it at all. I live right over the other side of the hill. I guess I see and hear no evil

  4. Terry says:

    Thanks for the video Bernews.

    Not really much to see but of course our resident “Troll” ..’Call’ has it all summed up without ven knowing the circumstances of this vehicle being engulphed in flames.

    Hope the occupant/s are safe.

    Now back too….The Young and the Restless………………….

    (place commercial here)…..Lindos has a sale on carrotts……………….

  5. Not Surprised says:

    You know some people just need to learn how to be quiet! This was not due to crazy driving or smashing it up or anything like that! So “call”, before you make an incredulously obnoxious statement like that one….GET MORE INFO! Karma is a B*&^H and you get what you put out there. BAD out brings bad back.

  6. US Observer says:

    So someone’s car was on fire and there apparently was no injuries…Very greatful for that.

    I’m sure this story is the talk of the day. I’m sure the vehicle is insured as this is a requirement by law to have insurnce. So..What’s The Big Deal??? Get another car…point taken Call it as it is and Terry.

    Karma??? Yes Bermuda is certainly sowing what it has reaped. No pun intended.

    • Red says:

      Peeping Yank ….Much prefer this as a headline versus someone being shot..Grow up!

  7. Harmony says:

    People are just pure idiots honestly.
    Get another car!!! As if it is so easy to do being as prices are so flipping ridiculous and u only get the insurance amount which doesn’t cover the cost of a new car which means i still have to pay out my tail to get a new one!!
    People like ‘call’ and ‘us observer’ are the reason why the world is going in the direction it is going in honestly!!

  8. Downderoad says:

    Go talk to the police service you mite get a good deal on a BMW, but if u go to Bermuda Motors they’ll just rape your pocket.