Videos/Photos: Classic Bike Club Charity Ride

January 27, 2013

[Updated] The Bermuda Classic Bike Club is hosting their New Year’s charity ride today [Jan 27], which started in Hamilton and headed to the east. After stopping in St George’s Square, the group headed back to Ice Queen, before making their way to Dockyard.

The group consists of dozens of bikes — and one 1948 model car — and they plan to take a 30-minute break in Dockyard before heading back to BAA this afternoon to finish and present the funds to a representative for the Coalition for the Protection of Children.

Update: Zach Sagurs, President of the Bermuda Classic Bike Club, said they chose to donate to the Coalition for the Protection of Children, specifically to support their breakfast programme. Mr Sagurs — who has a classic 1956 model Triumph Cub motorcycle — said that today’s Classic Ride had raised a total of $1,500.

The organisers thanked everyone for coming out in support of the charity ride, and explained the ride is open to everyone. Anyone interested in joining future events can visit their website

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  1. Why says:

    Such a great idea. Unless of course you’re behind them making time for an appt but I’ll pretend it’s a wedding.

  2. Bobmarlin says:

    What time will they be at Dockyard?

  3. 4Dppl says:

    Sooooo vicked, gotta make these the majority again in Berm.

  4. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    the MG stole the ride!

    (nice shooting).

  5. Rocky says:

    That guy shorts must be crazy!