Daily Mail: Gunman Was Barber To Footballers

April 10, 2018

On an article titled “Double life of barber and friend to Premier League football stars as he is jailed in Bermuda for trying to gun down man as he ran down the street,” the UK’s Daily Mail has highlighted the recent sentencing of Jahmico Trott to 25-years in prison.

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The story said, “A barber to Premier League football stars has been jailed for 25 years in Bermuda after his double life as a ruthless killer was finally exposed.

“Jahmico Trott, 30, has claimed to be best friends with Manchester United and England star Jesse Lingard and was pictured on social media cutting former star Andrew Cole’s hair in his Manchester salon.

“He was convicted of the attempted murder of a man as part of a personal vendetta on Mother’s Day last year in Bermuda

“Trott boasted on social media of his friendship with Lingard and has uploaded several videos featuring the 24-year-old star on his Instagram and Facebook pages.

“A court in Bermuda’s capital Hamilton heard how Trott, bent on revenge after an argument, covered his face with a red bandana when he called at the home of his victim armed with a handgun.”

“The terrified man, who was not named in court, jumped from a second floor window but was pursued by Trott who fired the gun at his head but missed.

“The victim tried to escape on a motorcycle but it failed to start and he fled on foot while Trott continued to shoot at him. He eventually found refuge in a nearby police station while Trott made his getaway.

“A jury convicted Trott of attempted murder and illegal possession of a firearm at an earlier hearing. Before being sentenced to 25 years, the barber protested his innocence in a rambling three-page statement in which he quoted from the Hollywood film The Usual Suspects.”

As Bernews previously reported, Trott told the Court, “The magician, now he is ready to go on to his next show to perform for his next sellout crowd. The same script, just a different cast, but still one of the greatest shows on earth.

“The courtroom of Carlisle Greaves, the greatest magician in modern day times. People, please open your eyes and don’t wait until it happens to you or someone that you love.

“I was wrongfully convicted of a crime that I did not commit nor did I have anything to do with and my life is about to be taken away from me but let my story be a lesson to all and don’t be fooled by the illusion because the greatest trick that the devil pulled off was proving to the world that he did not exist.”

Justice Greaves told Trott, “That is a great talent that you have there writing a script such as that.”

“The sins of anger, spite, vengeance, hate have ravaged men and families for centuries. Yet, we would not learn. That Mr Trott is the true magicians.”

He then sentenced Trott to 25 years in prison, saying he must serve 10-years before he can be eligible for consideration for parole.

You can read the full article on the Daily Mail here.

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