Harness Pony Racing Results/Video

October 24, 2011

In Driving Horse and Pony Club Harness Racing at the National Equestrian Center on Vesey Street saw GV Crystal Ball with Edward Roque in the bike won Heat One 1:04/1 and Faster A Class clocking 1:05/1, Mike Shadow with Dylan Deserve and Captain Progress with Jason Lopes both recorded the second fastest time in the Heat clocking 1:05/2, while Big Red Machine and Colin Mello finished fourth with a time of 1:06.

In Heat Two the 1:17/2 and Slower A Class, Colonel’s J with Arthur Hurst in the bike finished first with a time of 1:24, while Don’t Skipa Beat with Chad Sutherland finished second clocking 1:25.

Heat One 1:04/1 and Faster A Class

1:05/1 GV Crystal Ball – Edward Roque
1:05/2 Mike Shadow – Dylan Deserve
1:05/2 Captain Progress – Jason Lopes
1:06/0 Big Red Machine – Colin Mello

Heat Two 1:17/2 and Slower A Class

1:24/0 Colonel’s J – Arthur Hurst
1:25/0 Don’t Skipa Beat – Chad Sutherland

Heat Three 1:09/4 – 1:11/4 A Class

1:11/1 Iron Mike – Tyler Lopes
1:13/2 What A Sensation – Andy Stoneham
1:17/0 Stay Tuned – Joe Vieira

Heat Four 1:05 – 1:06/1 A Class

1:05/4 Track Patrol – Cameron Harris
1:08/1 Pastor Paul – David Lopes

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