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As an online business, we generally conduct all business via email and normally respond to relevant emails in a very timely manner.

Please be sure to contact Bernews directly via email [rather than call or contact contributors] as we cannot guarantee the message will be passed on, so can only take responsibility for communications sent to the correct Bernews email.

  • For news tips, corrections, submissions or coverage requests email:

If you have any corrections, news tips, news/photos to submit, or if would like to advertise on the Bernews Network, we are interested in hearing from you.

As a small business without a dedicated person to handle communications, we generally try and make the most efficient use of our time, so some of the the more frequent questions we get via email are answered below in the F.A.Q. section.

F.A.Q: I suggest XYZ; why didn’t you cover XYZ?

We get a lot of emails suggesting/requesting new features and/or additional coverage, and we can answer all of those by saying it costs money to cover events and implement a new feature, so that is the challenge.

However Bernews is a work in progress and we have added many new features/additional coverage since our launch in 2010 [live videos, additional websites, newsletters, daily stock report, photo of the day, etc] and there are many more to come. The reality is that we don’t have an unlimited supply of money, so have to work within our means. If you can ever assist by sending in a video/photo or anything else, please do!

We are always are working behind the scenes to improve. Most of the time when we aren’t working on stories, we are busy developing extra features to unveil at a later date. We will continue to add additional features/coverage as quickly as possible, so hopefully your request is something we may be able to do in the future!

F.A.Q: Are there any more photos/videos than what you posted?

Technically the answer is yes, but if we didn’t post them, then they weren’t usable [out of focus, someone walking across the camera so the footage shows the back of someone's head, giant raindrops stuck on the screen as it was raining, etc], so generally speaking the photos/video on the website is what we have and unfortunately we won’t be able to provide additional footage via email.

F.A.Q: Can I have a copy of your video?

Most of our videos are on YouTube and are freely available [via embed] for use on your school, church, or community group website, however we do ask that you not download our videos and reupload them.

F.A.Q: Can I have a high resolution copy of your photo?

With the exception of extremely important matters [like funeral programmes] we generally are unable to provide free copies of photos. To explain, as one of the largest repositories of Bermuda photos online, we get asked for free copies of photos so much that it is not close to viable we are able to do so, as it would cost thousands in labour a year. So we respectfully ask you enjoy the photos on the website, and note that if you want to repost a few on your own social media, that’s generally fine!

F.A.Q: I want to send in a press release, is there a charge?

No, there is never a charge, please email it to