About Us/Awards

Bernews launched on March 1st, 2010 becoming the first media outlet to offer 24/7 news coverage of the island. Our editorial style is data-based, focused on delivering the full story, incorporating multimedia as much as possible.

Owned and operated by Patricia Burchall and the Burchall family, Bernews has evolved from a small one-person website to the leading online news provider on the island. We take immense pride in our work, and hope to continue to grow and evolve as the years pass.

Thanks largely to support from our readers with news tips and other assistance, we have scooped up over a dozen awards in the genre since our launch in 2010, including multiple Best of Bermuda Awards, TechWeek awards, Award of Excellence and the Yellow Pages People’s Choice Award.

2017 Best of Bermuda Awards, Best Source of Local News & Information

In this fast-paced digital age, people want their news delivered immediately and they share it instantly. However, not every source can be trusted—we all know that fake news can spread like wildfire just as easily.

When it came to choosing the best source for local news, our judges unanimously voted for Bernews. With trusted journalists, respected columnists, live feeds and regular updates, Bernews is almost always the first to post breaking news and cover major events accurately and with integrity.

2016 Best of Bermuda Awards, Best Source of Local News & Information

If you are looking for the latest breaking news or a wrap-up of the weekend’s events, our judges say the best source to turn to is Bernews over and over again.

With news reports so fast it seems they beat the police to the scene, the website serves to alert the public to everything from traffic accidents to court decisions, political happenings and new store openings.

With an app to alert you to breaking news and a consistent social media presence, Bernews ensures that Bermudians have access to the latest news and information right when they want it—immediately.

2014 Best of Bermuda Awards, Best Source of Local News & Information

This 24/7 news source is constantly updating the island with the latest breaking news and lifestyle and entertainment stories, making Bernews a winner in this category.

Whether you follow Bernews on Facebook or Twitter, or receive their daily e-mail headlines or breaking news text alerts, you’ll always be the first to know thanks to the hardworking, always awake, team at Bernews.

2013 Best of Bermuda Awards, Best Source of News & Information

News travels fast in Bermuda, particularly when it’s via word of mouth. But no organization does a better job of getting the news to the public at sizzling speeds than Bernews.

2013 Best of Bermuda Awards, Best Local Website

Releasing breaking news before anyone else, Bernews is one of Bermuda’s most trusted sources for online news reporting. Simple in its aesthetic, Bernews is user friendly and content rich, making it the number-one place where Bermudians go to get their news fix.

2012 Best of Bermuda Awards, Best Local Website

Designed to be a for-the-people-by-the-people local news and information site, Bernews is quickly launching Bermuda into the modern age of journalism. Its constant stream of interactive media is updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2011 Product and Services Awards, Functioning Business Website

So what is it that makes Bernews a hotspot for news and information? Its simplicity, insist our judges. One of our judges even posed the question: “Who doesn’t get up every day and get their news from Bernews?”

2011 Award of Excellence

Our judges awarded Bernews.com with the Award of Excellence for the exceptional job they do in providing news coverage of our island.

Long before radio or TV or the internet was invented, Bermudians had a network along which information travelled, but what used to be the question du jour—’You know what so-and-so told me?’— has now become ‘Did you see what was on Bernews?’

2011 Best of Bermuda Awards, Best Source of News & Information

Considering it takes only minutes to post something on a website and seconds for a status update on Facebook, more and more people get their news from online sources.

Steadily rising above all the other digital news sites is Bernews, run by the supersmart and highly efficient Patricia Burchall, who consistently breaks news before anyone else.

2011 Best of Bermuda Awards, Local Website

It didn’t take the judges long to reach a unanimous decision: Bernews.com is, without a doubt, the best local website. Since its launch, Bernews has quickly become the most trusted online news source in Bermuda, releasing breaking news before anyone else.

2010 TechWeek, Best Website

A local website that is successful, innovative and evolving to meet the increasing sophistication of the market.