RSS Category Feeds

For RSS fans who are tech savvy, in addition to our main feed there are actually over 900 feeds available on Bernews, as all categories and tags will automatically generate a feed simply by adding “feed” to the end of the URL.

Grabbing a very specific feed is very simple, just click on one of the tags located on the bottom of every article, allow the page to load, then add ‘feed’ to the end of the URL in your top address bar. The feed will automatically be generated for you to grab in your reader or feed aggregator of choice.

rss feed icon

We have listed a few below, and you can access hundreds more RSS feeds on a wide range of subjects by adding ‘feed’ to the end of the URL of the page generated when you click a tag.

rss_icon_128All Articles RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Accidents/Fires Photo Gallery RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Accidents/Fires RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Actors & Theatre RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Airplanes Photo Gallery RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128All Sports Sub-Categories RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128America’s Cup RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Armed Robberies RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Art & Artists RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Award Winners RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Banks RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Baseball RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Basketball RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Beauty & Style RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Beauty/Fashion Photo Gallery RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Bermuda Stock Exchange RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Bernews TV RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Birds RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Bodybuilding RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Books & Authors RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Bowling RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Boxing RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Business RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Business Executives RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Business Mergers RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Cars/Bikes Photo Gallery RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Community Photo Gallery RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Cooking & Dining RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Coral Reefs RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Court Reports RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Cricket RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Crime RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Cycling RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Drunk Driving RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Education RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Entertainment RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Environment RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Equestrian RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Fashion Videos RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Films & Movies RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Firearm Incidents RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Fishing RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Flowers & Plants RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Football [soccer] RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Football [American] RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Golf RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Gun Crime RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Gymnastics RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Harness pony racing RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Health RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128History RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Hockey RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128International Crime RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Karting RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Keep Bermuda Beautiful RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Marine Photo Gallery RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Martial arts RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Military/Regiment RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Money Laundering RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Motocross RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Motorcycle racing RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Murders RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Music & Singers RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Music Videos RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Music RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Netball RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Offbeat RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Oil & Energy RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Opinion RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Parades Photo Gallery RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Photos RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Politics RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Powerboating RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Re/Insurance RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Real Estate RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Road running RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Rowing RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Rugby RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Sailing RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Sexual Assault RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Snooker RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Social Media RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Social Scroll RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Solar Energy RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Sports Photo Gallery RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Sports RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Sports Photos RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Sports Videos RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Swimming RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Squash RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Technology RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Tennis RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Tourism RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Track & field RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Triathlon RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Turtles RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Volleyball RSS feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Weather RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Whales RSS Feed [Link]
rss_icon_128Winter sports RSS feed [Link]