BFA Name Player Pool For World Cup Qualifiers

January 5, 2015

The Bermuda Football Association announced the training squad that has been assembled in preparation for 2018 World Cup qualifying matches, with 55 players named including Nahki Wells, Jonte Smith, Freddie Hall, Dale Eve, Reggie Lambe, Dante Leverock and more.

“The BFA is pleased to have a balanced mixture of local and overseas players,” a spokesperson said. “The preparation work continues with an orientation meeting for all players 8pm tday Monday January 5th at the Devonshire Recreation Club and training on Wednesday January 7th at the BFA field – Players should arrive by 6:30pm.

“All players are urged to attend, please contact the Bermuda Football Association at 295-2199 if unable attend.”

The full list of players follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Ride says:

    It is a long and hard road, and it would just be completely amazing if Bermuda where to qualify. Come on, guys. Play well together and keep focused. This is a chance of a lifetime.

    Go Bermuda!!

    • Mockingjay says:

      MOST countries in the World Cup, their players are International players or play regional.
      We have a few International players and our region is 21 square miles.
      Go figure.

  2. Islander says:

    Be for real this is a total waste of money. A nation of 65-70000 doesn’t have a big enough pool to pick from. Until we can wrap our heads around that fact we will always set ourselves up for disappointment. We can’t even compete with the other Caribbean islands let alone the world stage. This will end up like the cricket venture. But “Go Bermuda” nevertheless.

  3. Ruthless says:

    Did the two guys upfront for Robin Hood in the Friendship Final not want to play for their country. Sorry, I don’t know their names and am not for any team but from what I saw against Dandy Town, they were fantastic and would surely merit a call up!!! I would be surprised if they hadn’t been asked.

  4. Question says:

    Where is Damon Ming’s name? He should be on this line up. He can still run circles around most of these guys!

  5. Balla says:

    Some ballas I see but i don’t think this squad could even beat Robin Hood.
    Need some REAL defenders and a bit of experience.
    Darius Cox..
    LeZendro Simons (no. 10)
    Jahde(#9) /Teniko Eve
    Jesse Seymour(for his left foot)
    CB from Dandy a Town Jahquil
    Moses Steede (no. 10)
    Sean from Robin Hood holding md
    Akil Smith from Robin Hood (CB)
    Zakai Iris (cougars)
    Chris Caisey (as a#9)

    These are just a few players that should be considered.
    This ain’t an old boys club, if the BFA is guna invest in this competition, they should really reach out and step up the quality of scouting and recruitment and keep track of our best players.
    There’s a huge disconnect between the pretentious administration of the association and the actual precedence of youth and senior level football.
    If we are going to make any splash in the competition we won’t be able to use ‘soft in the tackle’ , inexperienced converted strikers to hold down our back line while defenders like Darius Cox show week in week out what a Bermudian defender is capable of.
    When you misrepresent the talent in the island, to the discerning eye it is quite shameful and embarrassing; especially ‘knowing’ that the squads we produce could easily be rumped by a make-shift select team.

    We should challenge our association as they prepare to whisk away tax payers’ money like a young child spending his parents’ money on a shopping trip;
    To demonstrate the quality of this squad in practice matches against local team; and to take it a step further; invite and encourage open trials; and or even select squads from local coaches to challenge and prepare for the competition and showcase other talent in the league that may have been overlooked.

    We need to take this serious.

  6. Question says:

    BFA please rethink this line up! Call up Damon Ming he is mature and should be the captain of this team. He has earned a spot.