Photos/Video: CDD Programme Graduation Event

March 24, 2015

[Updated with photos & video] The Ministry of Community, Culture and Sports held a graduation ceremony for the participants [Group Two] in the Community Driven Development [CDD] programme yesterday [Mar 23] at the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity.

The CDD programme began in March 2013 under the auspices of the Department of Human Affairs and the Bermuda Women’s Council.


Minister Wayne Scott previously said, “The objective of the current CDD initiative is to establish a day care facility where this same group of women would be instrumental in helping to undertake some of the work required in order to get the centre operational and where they will train and work in the various aspects of the facility including child day care, administration, book-keeping, maintenance, food preparation and gardening.”

“The intention is also for the participants to enroll their own children in the facility thereby saving government the funding now needed to provide a child day care allowance to those families.”

The graduating class included Cierra Holdipp, Malika Gumbs, Orrene Mallory, Lovette Smith, Samantha Iris, Jeanetta Hypolite, Karesha Robinson, Denjuanna Nesbitt, Renee Gilbert, Zalika Darrell, Theresa Richards, Gene-Anne Bean, Donna-Mae Dill, Taqiyyah Swan, and Kettina Spence.

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