Man Armed With Knife Robs Warwick Restaurant

December 26, 2015

Police responded to a robbery at the Four Star Pizza in Warwick this evening [Dec 26] where a male entered the upper level of the establishment brandishing a knife and made demands for money.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 6:07pm on Saturday 26-Dec-2015 police responded to a report of a robbery at the Four Star Pizza in Warwick. An unknown male suspect entered the upper level of the take out establishment brandishing a knife and made demands for money.

“The suspect was handed an undetermined amount of cash before leaving the area on an unknown cycle. Police officers on patrol responded quickly and were able to engage a cycle believed to be ridden by the suspect who made good his escape.

“Officers later recovered the cycle which is being forensically examined. There were no injuries reported in this incident. The suspect was described as wearing a black rain suit, a mask and a black helmet.

“Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone who may have information regarding this incident to call police on 2950011 or the confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

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  1. Benjammin says:

    What’s our success rate for violent/dangerous crime?
    What’s our success rate for drug crime?
    Not saying the police are to blame but it’s easier to make 10 convictions for drugs than just 1 for violent crime.
    If only we could free up some resources to shift attention towards the latter

    • Legalgal says:

      Drugs and violent crime go hand in hand.

      • Grain of Sand says:

        The price rises for anything in short supply. Legalise pot and maybe people won’t be tempted by crack or whatever their contacts do have available. I gather traditionally prices rise during holidays, in addition to shortages. There is no easy answer to preventing drug related crimes.

        • Desert Storm says:

          Wait a minute, I thought weed wasn’t addictive or a gateway drug? At least that is what the people pushing for legalizing it say!

          Now you are suggesting that people might be tempted to try crack if they can’t get weed! You cant have it both ways

          • Toodle-oo says:

            There was a fascinating documentary on tv the other night about what’s going on in Colorado since the legalization of herb .
            In no way did it align with what all the pro legalize it wishers claim.
            It was pretty mind boggling .

    • Wishful says:

      What resources? The Commissioner is getting rid of 30 Officers. If you think it’s bad now, just wait.

      • wondering says:

        he’s not getting rid of anybody!

        and trust me – i am not a supporter of him but getting rid isn’t accurate….take a look at who he is “getting rid of” and report back to us.

      • Whistling Frog says:

        @ Wishful: We the people don’t need to rely on the police for anything. If each and every fellowman were to honor thy neighbor as we should then you won’t have all the disrespect you have going on today… This whole country from the government down is for themselves.

        Wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

    • Word says:

      Maybe the people commit the violent crimes to buy their drugs, but guess that was too far fetch for you to grasp. Stop the dealers and suppliers just maybe we can crack down on the violent crimes. A little research may have helped you come to this conclusion.

      You are right the Police are NOT to blame. It is the lawmakers that wont change the laws for harsher penalties. The persons committing the crimes are the majority re-offending. Police just arrest and put before the courts, investigate and gather evidence, while the DPP try the case in court and sell the evidence and the JUDGES (if the person is convicted) is to make sure that it is a deterrent for them not to re-offend. Blame the JUDGES. Bermuda is the best place to commit a crime…..literally people get away with murder.

      Police just enforce the law in place. The politicians need to start changing laws that matter and stop going for the ones to get votes.

  2. old school thinker says:

    I wldve thrown some hot grease on their a** and sent them cracking

    • Just saying says:

      and then no problem identifying them.

      • Coffee says:

        @old… The only thing you’ll throw is a tantrum .. After the crooks have gone with your money .

        Three years on and those 2000 promised jobs haven’t materialised , and you wonder why the crime rates are actually increasing under this government .

        • Torian says:

          Like PLP is just gonna magically make 2000 jobs appear. Get real, all government groups in Bermuda are a joke.

        • y2k-14 says:

          @Coffee. You do realize that the OBA promised 2000 jobs because those jobs were lost during the PLPs 14 years in power! How can you even talk about crime! You do realize there were more MURDERS and serious crimes committed under PLP rule than any other time in modern BDA history. Do you remember when everyone here had jobs (at least those that wanted to work)? Do you remember when the government had money? Do you remember when companies wanted to come here? If you don’t, that would mean you are less than 20 years old. The PLP destroyed this country. You cant even admit that to yourself. Are you friend or family. If the OBA create 1 more job than when the PLP were in power that will be an improvement when compared to the mass exodus of INT companies which led to companies leaving, a near halt to construction, empty apartments, unrented homes and fewer people working.

          • Coffee says:

            Everything you just wrote happened , guess where ? In most of the industrial world … Unfortunately sh?t rolls down hill ,and like it or not Bermuda lives and always has , off of other countries blessings .
            Only thing is , is that the sitting government promised on their election platform that come hell or high water , the 2000 jobs will come only after they gained power .

            May I ask you a question ? Did you not have a second or third job under the PLP ? Did you buy your first home then , or did you not buy two or three ? Did your business expand wildly ,or did you start up ? Could you find a parking spot for your car or bike for that matter ? If you owned a business , how many foreigners did you hire that you had to send back home because of the recession ? Hmmm

  3. Panama jack says:

    Someone told him four star is loaded with dough