Armed Robbery At Restaurant In Warwick

February 9, 2016

[Updated with audio] At just past 9.00pm this evening [Feb 9] the police responded to the Warwick area after an armed robbery at the Island Spice Restaurant at Middle Road in Warwick.

Island Spice Bermuda, February 9 2016-1

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said, “A few minutes after 9pm on Tuesday evening police responded to a report of a robbery at Island Spice Restaurant at Middle Road in Warwick.

“Upon police arrival, it was ascertained that two males riding a motorcycle gained entry into the establishment and brandished what appeared to be a firearm and made demands of money.

“They were given an undisclosed amount of cash and the two males then left on the motorcycle. The only description of the suspects we have at this point is two males, one approximately 5 ft 8 to 5 ft 10, and the other between 5 ft 11 and 6 ft 1 wearing all black.”

“Police are appealing for anyone who may have seen this incident or anyone acting suspiciously to please contact police on 2950011 or the Crime Stoppers hotline 800 8477.”

Update 10.08pm: Audio of Mr Caines statement

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  1. NO MORE WAR says:

    Tragic. Things will only get worst.

    • Ja says:

      Things are getting better, when I voted in 2012 the OBA promised 2000 jobs and a master a plan to tackle guns.

      • Realtiy says:

        One of the million dollar tax-paying CCTV footage may finally actually solve a crime… Won’t hold my breath. There are some at MIddle and Cobbs and Middle and Khyber Pass. If you ever see a bike FLY past you without a license plate on back, call 911 immediately as they are up to no good. It is time we stand up together and stop hiding in our homes eating popcorn and depending on the BPS to solve these anti-social, toxic behaviors. They are too busy giving out tickets on East Broadway to all the law abiding 9-5 workers for petty traffic offenses. I guess we need to fund Americas Cup some way!

    • SpellCheck says:


  2. Voter says:

    Yep, keep giving away our jobs and citizenship will cause unrest. Hope the Premier and Fahy are paying attention.

    • Seriously? says:

      Ridiculous comment.

    • Seriously? says:

      Stop voting PLP then. They chased away jobs and drained the public purse. Now we have to beg for outside help.

    • Nanny Pat says:

      Yea because the people here for 20 years working and giving to our pension funds are the ones out doing this sort of crime??!! Gimme a break – this type of thuggery has nothing to do with citizenship or jobs – this is lazy, unintelligent scum wanting what they haven’t worked for, plain and simple and you know it.

    • True onion says:

      They are stealing to support drug habits not families you idiot!

      • AbbyG says:

        A drug habit might not be true. Alot of people use drugs in Bermdua who have decent jobs. Maybe gang initiation? Or just because it is pretty easy to do in Bermuda.

      • SweetSaltyOnion [[SSO]] says:

        More than likely not drugs. Alot of people in Bermuda do drugs who have decent jobs and for the most part are law biding citizens. I’d pin it on the ease of robbery here [or gang affiliation], and if you do happen to get caught you get a slap on the wrist.

    • AbbyG says:

      Please explain what “giving away” means

  3. Wisdom says:

    It’s only just begun. It is the result of unemployment. When it comes down to self-preservation/survival one becomes a hunter. There is a hunter in each one of us.

    • Onion Juice says:

      It will get better, remember we have the America’s Cup and everyone will benefit.

    • jt says:

      That presumes the stolen money is being used for food and shelter, which isn’t likely the case.

    • Micro says:

      I doubt these two have any interest in a real job

    • Rhonnda aka Blue Familiar says:

      This has nothing to do with unemployment.

      This is the product of a generation brought up to think they deserve to have whatever they want without having to work for it, and that everything wrong in their lives is someone else’s fault.

      They want, they take, they don’t care who from.

      • Really says:

        It has everything to do with unemployment.

        • SweetSaltyOnion [[SSO]] says:

          How am I going to employ someone who has no basic reading/writing skills, who has a criminal conviction and to top it off has no education?

      • Stfu says:

        So you know the age of these man ?

    • Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

      Not necessarily unemployment as much as it may be feeding a drug habit that has gone a little out of control.

    • Widget says:

      @Wisdon & Onion Juice. Just wondering, do the two of you share the same brain? If so tell us where the 2.5 Billion with a capital B is and how and where it went. If you can answer that question then that cranium of yours will be doing something constructive, otherwise it’s just empty space.

      • Widget says:

        @onion Juice &Wisdom.

        These criminals neither care or want employment. They are the product of a unhealthy home and were never taught the values of responsibility. Generational curse perhaps. Until such time as you act and write responsibly you Are no different then the criminals. God forbid you become one of their victims?

        One last thing for you to digest.
        I came from a very large family and none of us stole anything. I have gone without food, had patches on my pants and holes in my shoes. Moral of this story is we all make choices in our lives and have parents that direct us in the right direction.

  4. Getting worrying says:

    Thoughts are with the workers, as that must be a traumatic experience. Anyone who knows anything please come forward, this is becoming an all to common occurrence and it is a very sad and worrying trend

    • Totally agree with your comments, because their safety is what’s most important. unfortunately the climate presently in Bermuda is heading in a very wrong direction and the recipe for major disaster is up ahead if we don’t find answers soon.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        Though countless citizens will disagree with me but I personally believe that until the dollar value is taken out of drugs this type of behavior will only continue and yes, get worse.(Look at, Amsterdam)

    • SpellCheck ah says:

      all TOO common

  5. Walk in their shoes says:

    Scary. Glad the staff there weren’t harmed. Hope these crooks get nailed.

  6. BLIND SHEEP says:

    Gays must have done this! This cannot be a child from parents of traditional marriage.

    • Another Pawn says:

      Gays don’t rob they to busy being happy under the love rainbow. Do you have some dark secret you want to tell us about BLIND? Come out of the closet.

    • Vivienne says:

      Ignorant comments help no one……grow up….this is a serious matter and crime of this nature needs to be stopped quickly…..hopefully there were cameras in the area that can assist police in their investigation. Bermuda is too small to allow crimes like these to go unpunished…..someone out there knows these two thieves and a reward should be offered for information…..I hope that those who were robbed get the proper help for a trauma of this kind…..

      • Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

        Cameras won’t help if the perps are completely covered in black at night.

  7. 911 says:

    This is becoming a weekly event, 911 state of emergency for this island,definitely another world(not how Hubert Smith meant)

  8. Ate2Ate says:

    Perhaps the churches should concentrate their efforts on fighting against this and not worrying about people marrying each other…

  9. BLIND SHEEP says:

    Must be the Gays! Surly this cannot be children raised by traditional marriage parents.

  10. sure. says:

    at this rate, there are social issues that need to be addressed or things will only get worse. Lack of education/irresponsible attributes/unemployed= increased crime.

    How can we reach these individuals. Money isn’t the only thing they need….

  11. Wake Up Bermuda says:

    The cowards that are committing these crimes are NOT doing so because of unemployment! They are doing so because they can and will continue to do so to spread fear in the community. This is what they thrive on. But let’s be real, these people are not the “the head of the snake”! Those are the ones we need to identify cause we all know what happens when you cut the head of a snake off!!

  12. Just Wondering... says:

    This is what happens when you refuse to give people jobs. More crime on the way unless things change.

    • Sally says:

      Give people jobs?

    • smh says:

      yup blame everything on the government. keep giving these guys the same excuses that they use in their own minds when they want to committ these crimes. if everyone without jobs resorted to crime there would be a dozen of these incidents on a daily basis. remove your blinders

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      Change ya name…I’m the OG around here!

    • Seriously??? says:

      GIVE? This is literally what is wrong with Bermuda. You do not “get” a job because you live in Bermuda….you get a job because you are QUALIFIED AND EDUCATED for the position.

      The Bermudians with degrees are not the ones who are struggling with jobs. It is the uneducated Bermudians.

  13. jrsmith says:

    go ahead keep closing the schools

    • somuchless says:

      Keep closing????? They haven’t closed Any yet.

    • Zevon says:

      Assuming the robbers might be, say, in their mid 20′s, which government’s education system would be to blame?

  14. no love says:

    To the people who think these two and the many others did this because they were unemployed, looking to support their family, looking for money for food, etc., you are just wrong. All of those reasons require a conscience, a heart, a sense of right and wrong, a desire to be part of the community at large. These thugs want nothing more than to impress their gang leaders, beat on their chests and “get high” from the feeling of criminal activity. No amount of excuses due to government, immigration, SSM, racial issues, unemployment, legalization of marijuana, gambling, drinking etc. are valid. It starts at home and continues at school. Sadly this sort of behavior has become common place lately. It won’t stop until all of us look at our surroundings, our family and friends and start doing something about it.

    • Longtail says:

      Well stated ‘no love’.


      So you are saying that you personally know these two individuals. If that’s is the case as you suggest, then you should turn them in ASAP.

  15. Smh says:

    Nobody know’s the real reason behind all this violence but we do know the common denominator is MONEY, when people become desperate anything is liable to happen, will only get worse before it gets better!!!

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Go to the Social Services and seek assistance, don’t be a thug…There are countless families being assisted by Social Services!
      This is where the Law needs to be changed, lock them that are convicted of these types of crimes up for a very very long time with NO time off for so called, “good behavior”

  16. Blue familiar…you are correct…just yesterday I spoke with a lad…that has two kids and a job…but pays rent….unplanned parenthood….now he feels that if something doesn’t give he needs to take action…we the general public are or will be endangered for his poor life choices….pitiful ennit?

    • Donna says:

      I was talking with a young man a few days ago. This man lost his job due to an incident that happened over eight years ago, possession of small amount of marijuana. He was working in an area that needs security clearance under a temporary pass. After years of an unblemished record, he was told he was unable to get his pass renewed so bye bye job. This man was so despondent, trying to figure out how he would support himself and his young child (a newborn I believe). This system doesn’t make it any easier for our young, particularly black, males to get ahead then as a society we’re all shocked when they resort to crime.

    • Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

      Funny how they told us; “we need more education to combat teen pregnancy”, and look where it brought us. They actually taught all the fun things about sex, how to correctly do this and that and we all know everyone in class kalready knew what it was all about.
      So, here we are, teens still getting pregnant and now it falls on the back of their neighbors and citizen brothers and sisters to “help” them out.

      Hey, you didn’t call us to “help” you out when you were knocking boots.

      • Donna says:

        That’s nonsense. I had my first child at 18, and he is a hard working, productive member of society. Has never committed a crime, nor given me a minute’s trouble. His father wasn’t in his life either, but this was a boy I swear was born with an aim to succeed. Was always a hard worker, packed groceries from age 12 and saved his money. Maybe I just got lucky with him, and he’s just the exception to the rule. My point is, don’t buy into all the stereotypes about teen parents…

      • SweetSaltyOnion [[SSO]] says:

        Teens are going to be teens! And abortion is not usually an option for many of these girls / is a long process in Bermuda.

    • SpellCheck ah says:

      isn’t it

  17. mmm says:

    At one point, road fatalities were so high, probably 20 to 25 in a year, that a national emergency was declared, and the powers that be Road Safety Council, Police, and revelant authorities stepped up their presence and road checks, more frequent court appearances and a point penalty system including changes in legisl ation…… if a few road checks were carried out each night through-out the Island,especially in the area of business, word would get out and criminals would have to re-think their plans. Man-power, they tax alcohol, land, cars, airport departure, so they can find money to put more Police on the street. If the motive for robbing is un-employment, then we need to talk about financial assistance and ensure it is not abused. How many gardeners, pot-washers,cleaners are on permits.

    • Forget about the permits says:

      As a young Bermudian who has worked in all the positions that you claim to be held by permit holders, I could not disagree more, your comment seemed very well thought out until the permits became involved. I have sat and read many articles and comments on this site for the past couple of months and every feed leads to immigrants and permits somehow. Although I can agree with many of the comments especially with how government is handling the situation/legislation, I do not one bit agree with the idea that permit holders take all the jobs, actually they do! because they are the only ones that want the jobs. The persons committing such crimes are lazy and have a sense of entitlement, they refuse to do the jobs because they feel its beneath them or that they are not being appropriately compensated; they are just plain lazy. Until people of this nature realize that they must not just work but work hard for things they firstly need followed by those they want, they will continue with these sorts of acts.

      • SweetSaltyOnion [[SSO]] says:

        This comment is excellent!!! Good for you.

    • Or... says:

      An issue with your theory is that many Bermudians believe they are “too good” for positions such as pot-washers and cleaners. IF they are hired in a position like this they are usually let go for a number of things like tardiness, drugs on the property, fighting other employees and sexual harassment [[These things have happened at a few places I have worked at in Bermuda]].

      Another issue, I’ve had numerous males and females come into where I work just throwing a paper at me saying “sign this” with a kid on the hip and pj bottoms. This paper I am being asked to sign is a paper to confirm that they are actively looking for jobs – which they ARE NOT. Just looking for the free ride. Why work when the govt can support me?

  18. My space was violated says:

    When are they gonna Catch these people.
    My house was broken into a few weeks ago. I feel violated, angry and so much more….
    They needs to stop to this Bermuda, because they are going to go to the wrong house, or place of business, any the owners are going to take matter into there own hands.

    Bermuda we need to take back our Island… Put a STOP TO CRIME….

    If you see someone doing an act of crime, please report it. Because when it happens to you…. You’re life is NEVER the same :(

    • Or... says:

      Get a big a** dog who barks! My parents neighborhood has been robbed numerous times over and over. Not my parents with three big a$$ dogs in the yard!

  19. Chris Famous says:

    Reality of the two Bermuda’s

    • Rhonnda aka Blue Familiar says:

      When you say the two Bermudas, you do mean the Bermuda of those who are hard-working, good, honest people, and the Bermuda of those who take from the others, right?

  20. smh says:

    all you people defending their actions because theyre “trying to provide”, i would love to see these same people try robbing you and theyre excuse is they are trying to provide for ther families and lets see how you react. wake the eff up

    • Donna says:

      I don’t think people are necessarily defending them. I personally find their crimes despicable. However, I can understand how desperation might push people beyond the limits of civilized behaviour.

    • SpellCheck says:


  21. Raised on Ginger Beer says:

    If I had a business, I would either close early or only accept cards as payment. Not safe to have cash around anymore.

  22. Prayers 4 BDA!! SMH!!! says:

    Its so sad how closed minded a lot of you Bermudians are. you people really think its always the so called thugs init mmmm smh, no I bet you its not. Bermudians are struggling big time. you have families that have 2 working people in a household and still cant afford to pay rent, utilities, food and care for their children. What about those single parents that’s struggling and i’m not talking about the ones that’s living off financial assistance either. Things are bad in this island right now and you have honest abiding citizens that will steal to feed their families these days, I mean who wouldn’t?!?!? A lot of people will risk going to jail to help and feed their families, so sad but its true. Its so many people that could help their neighbor knowing they are struggling but no a lot of people turn their heads and say oh its not my business but will talk about the person instead of helping them. The only sad thing about this is that guys are robbing their own people that would feed them, they should be robbing the people that don’t care about the next man who don’t have food to eat or clean cloths to put on his back and kids who go to school hungry, those that be splurging all their money cause they got it and they selfish, why take from your own???? people want to talk trash on here but lets be real. There are so much more pressing things going on in this island and people are focused on gay marriage. smh!!! there is going to be much more crime to come so you all’s better pay attention. The new world order spoke of this long time ago. People better open their eyes to what’s really on. All I can say is that may the Lord be with us all.

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      “The only sad thing about this is that guys are robbing their own people that would feed them, they should be robbing the people that don’t care about the next man who don’t have food to eat or clean cloths to put on his back and kids who go to school hungry, those that be splurging all their money cause they got it and they selfish, why take from your own????”

      They should be robbing from you for being so STUPID and ignorant! Any robbery is a bad thing to ANYONE AND EVERYONE! So because someone does well for themselves it’s automatic that they should just give their money away just because?! GTFOH! GET UP OFF YA LAZY *** AND GET A HUSTLE! Selfish LMFAO…do the world a favor and go back to school or something else…ya a dummy!

    • unreal says:

      this whole statement epitomizes why people do these types of things and actually think its justified. but let these people try robbing you for “the greater good” and lets see how you react to it

    • Seriously? says:

      Too long to read…..

    • First says:

      For starters, stop having children you can’t afford.

  23. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Rob me and I will die trying to protect WHAT IS MINE! CHURCH!!

  24. swing voter says:

    Yup that incompetent jury let that bie off and now everybody getting brave. Stupid Jury!

  25. Cameras? says:

    Island spice has pure cctv cameras inside.. Why don’t they release the footage right after the offense? Chances are the faces were covered/obscured but still.. I don’t understand the point of having cameras if they’re not utilized properly.

  26. mmm says:

    I believe a Royal Commission of Inquiry needs to be held in regard to the thousands upon thousands of work permits granted in various categories year after year. Perhaps there is a slight correlation between armed robbery and the difficulty in getting employed. I remember seeing landscaping crews cleaning up branches of the streets after a recent hurricane, all the crew were foreigners, and when I asked for work I kept getting excuses. We know the construction and hospitality industries have been on a downward turn for years, and the Immigration Department has not been vigilant in safe-gua rding some categories. I would say 85 percent of landscaping skills can be taught ( learnt ) on the job in 60 days.

    • Yess says:

      It is not difficult to be employed in Bermuda. The problem is all of these people are uneducated. Work permit holders are needed because they are QUALIFIED to preform the duties of the job. I mean sure maybe a few get through the cracks. But stop blaming everyone else for Bermuda’s problems – school should be a number one priority for your children so they can go to College or get a trades certification. Half of these people don’t want jobs, it is easier to sit off all day and collect govt money. OR those who do have a job usually loose it because they are fighting with employees, stealing, smoking dope at work, do not have basic skills [reading, writing]. It is difficult to employee these types of people. The Bermudians with diplomas and certifications are not the ones struggling, it is the ones who have nothing to offer a company.

    • Dusgruntled says:

      Mmm……Yes….I am quite certain that the difficulty in attaining employment is an integral part of the problem….Bermudas problems truly began in the late 80′s….I also believe that “Rental” hikes played and continue to play a major part in the economic demise of a “once financially stable and prosperous people”….there used to be a time when one could afford a roof over their head…food on their plate…a little fun and relaxation/vacation…and the possibility of saving for a rainy day….enter…major rent hikes (greedy landlords)….yes I said it!….exorbitantly high food prices prices….and the import of expatriates by businesses etc. for the purpose of offering lower wages….many problems will arise….Major struggles will arise when one is forced to pay an arm and a leg for rent and otherwise while trying to survive of a mere salary…..When jobs are outsourced to expatriates who don’t mind working for a measly salary because that is their norm…..they become part of the problem…..a major drop in wages will only lead to ones inability to satisfy their survival obligations….Somebody has a whole lot of hate and disregard for people affected opening up those floodgates…JS!

  27. Trolling Them Noobs says:

    I hope that the police find the two robbers.

  28. Oh,I see now says:

    So sad too bad that these thugs if offered a job would have to work in front of their homes because they can’t travel freely in Bermy.Even more ridiculous, is the bull$hyt they are afraid of was created by themselves.They are Isolated from ther place of birth for fear of retaliation for gods sakes having to live in England or Jamaica as an alternative to the USA because of past transgressions with the law.Future boneheads ask most of these globetrotters if they had it to do over would they…..the answer may EDUCATE you.

  29. LOL (Original TM*) says:

    Only will get worse until employers employ Bermudians. Having been made redundant myself after my old job brought in 15 overseas accountants then dismissing 12 QUALIFIED Bermudians as qualifications did not seem to even factor into it.