‘The Dog House’ Bar Opens On Front Street

September 1, 2017

A trendy new beerhouse and entertainment venue has opened in the heart of Hamilton, with The Dog House opening on 93 Front Street.

Their temporary opening hours are Fridays 3pm-3am and Monday – Sunday 4pm – 3am with plans to open 7 days a week from 11:30am – 3am in the coming weeks. It will be open on Labour Day this Monday.

What’s behind the name of the ‘The Dog House’?  “Let’s face it: the dog house is where we all end up in Bermuda anyway!” jokes the owner, Frank Arnold.

“People are always telling me there isn’t enough to do on the island so we have tried to create something different – a fun place to hang out, enjoy yourself, come and let loose. We want every person who walks through the door to live like every dog wants to: like someone left the gate open!”

Dog House Front Street Bermuda August 31 2017 (1)

“The team visited bar conventions in Las Vegas to be inspired by new technology, allowing for their unmatched 24 beer taps and the coldest beer in Bermuda. Giant 100oz cocktail glasses, self-serve beer tubes, hearty pub food, tailgate games and many more details will be sure to make you ‘Come, Sit, and Stay,” the company said.

“For The Dog House’s décor, authenticity was the name of the game. With handpicked reclaimed wood from Amish country in Pennsylvania, a spacious outdoor terrace and atmospheric lighting, it’s a unique space that’s designed for good times.

“In the coming weeks, The Dog House plans to host live music events, themed nights and private parties. There is a large stage, custom built DJ booth and floor to ceiling velvet curtains which offer guests the chance to create their own space for private events and sports viewings.

Opening The Dog House has been a true team effort. “From my daughter Izabella, who has managed so much of the project, to my family, friends, and staff members, our many contractors C&C Solutions, SJ Carpentry, and the team at Cosmic, I want to publicly thank everyone who has helped us open the doors,” says Arnold. “This has been many years in the making and we are excited to finally invite everyone to where we all end up!”

For more information about The Dog House, email doghousereservations@yahoo.com or call 232-DOGG[3644].

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Comments (17)

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  1. Truths says:

    Thank God! We needed somewhere to get drunk in Bermuda.

  2. Francis Gross says:

    Ruff ruff

  3. Cow Polly says:

    Preserve Marriage should be picketing!

    • ID10T Error says:

      It’s opening day of Lobster Season. Preserve Marriage is too busy piling up stones so that they can stone all those Lobster divers to death.

  4. Casey says:

    “We want every person who walks through the door to live like every dog wants to: like someone left the gate open!”

    Great way to describe potential customers….

  5. Miguelito says:

    Very best of luck to the Dog House. Looks great. Friendly staff. Cold beer. Bow wow!

  6. bdaguy says:

    you better take you bank account with you because it is very expensive me and a freind went in there for happy hour last friday we had 2 beers it came to $19.78 that happy hours pricese we said never again come back in this place, a lot of people is talking about there prices and saying it to expensive,Back to Port of Call it cheaper Happy Hour

    • facts says:

      Your 2 beers were $19.78 due to the fact that draft beer is not included during happy hour. Happy hour is anything in a bottle or can, highballs, and wine.

      • bdaguy says:

        well Mr Facts Says it was Amstel light ok not Draft go and order 2 bottle of beer and see what it will cost,

    • ramblings says:

      Went in there early one evening.. Drinks arrived in cheap plastic cups (but pay full price). The chairs were so light you could pick them up with one finger (great for throwing) and very uncomfortable, We needed to put the coaster under the table so our drinks wouldn’t spill.

      won’t be back…

      Oh and the hallway floor leading to the bathroom is uneven (ladies watch those heels)

    • Onion Juice says:

      And I go to de liquor store and buy a six pack for $15.

    • Casey says:

      Waaaaay too high for what u get!

    • JUNK YARD DOG says:

      No body told People to consume Beer.

      If people only knew it the Yeast in Beer is not for some people friendly, as many are allergic to yeast, which, is said to have possible life threatening consequences.

      As a bonus Alcohol makes people say and do dumb stuff.

      Want to feel real good ! donate the money to charity and stay home and watch advertisements on TV.

      The Bouncer must be a ” Dog Catcher”.

      Last call.

  7. Bermudian says:

    Expensive prices will keep the people that can’t afford those prices away. You have to think outside the box nowadays!!!

    • bdaguy says:

      it will keep a lot of people who could afford it out to because a lot of people could afford oit told be they will never go back to,that going to be another beach trouble watsh and see

  8. Yawn says:

    They are just as expensive as everywhere else on front street and even cheaper in some cases. Hennesey and Chivas at Dog HOuse is cheaper than Docksiders,Cosmo, POC, Red etc. Bottled beer is the same. Draft beer is likely slightly inflated for the simple fact that you can’t get the majority of their beers anywhere else but there. Don’t like the prices, stay home. Who needs ya. The place is rammed every night. VIP Bottle service – every table is full. I watched a group buy 2 bottles of Dom P – I think they’ll do just fine without you if you’re complaining about a $20 tab.