Photos, Video, Results: Marathon Weekend 10K

January 13, 2018

[Updated with photos + results] Hundreds of runners made their way to the National Sports Centre this morning [Jan 13] to take part in the 2018 Bermuda Marathon Weekend 10K race, and the live video of the finish line is below.

The Race Weekend kicked off last night with the Front Street Mile, and continues tomorrow [Jan 14] with the marathon and half marathon, and you can view all our coverage here.

1-hour live video replay of the finish line:

Birhanu Dare Kemal from Ethiopia and Kimarra McDonald from Jamaica are the 2018 Bermuda 10K Male and Female Champions.

Kemal led home a trio of Ethiopian runners at the National Sports Center clocking 32.00, with Abu Kebede Diriba finishing second in 33:02, and Girma Bekele Gebre finishing third in 34:17.

McDonald crossed the line 13th overall clocking a time of 40:07, with her training partner and Front Street Mile Elite Female winner Angel Piccirillo the second female finisher and 15th overall clocking 40:28, and Dara Filut was the third female finisher and 33rd overall stopping the clock in a time of 43.19.

Chayce Smith was the first local male runner in a time of 35:05 which saw him finish 4th overall, meanwhile Martina Olcheski-Bell was the first local female runner finishing 34th overall with a time of 43.26.

Video of the start of the 10K:

2018 Bermuda 10K Top 50 Finishers

32:00:00 BirhanuDare Kemal
33:02:00 Abu Kebede Diriba
34:17:00 Girma Bekele Gebre
35:05:00 Chayce Smith
36:44:00 Eric Xiao
36:47:00 Sean Trott
37:06:00 Tim Price
37:58:00 Dage Minors
38:07:00 Ryan Outerbridge
38:30:00 Damian Gold
39:02:00 Tommy Marshall
39:30:00 JonasMuir Wood
40:07:00 Kimarra McDonald
40:16:00 Edward Shum
40:28:00 Angel Piccirillo
40:37:00 Myles Fennon
40:41:00 Michael Nobles
40:44:00 Jamie Fraser
41:00:00 Frank White
41:19:00 Mika Muinonen
41:34:00 Kanaz Tuzo
41:46:00 Alexander Winfield
41:50:00 Michael Wienandt
41:52:00 Darryl Herrick
41:54:00 Alexander Southern
42:06:00 Kevin Malley
42:22:00 Kevin Cochrane
42:27:00 Simon Dimmer
42:39:00 Michael Schindel
42:39:00 Maritz Theron
43:02:00 Jonathan Caswell
43:12:00 Colin Elion
43:19:00 Dara Filut
43:26:00 Martina Olcheski-Bell
43:30:00 Paul Hammond
43:32:00 Christine Dailey
43:42:00 Harry Duvall
43:44:00 Shawna Jones
43:52:00 Neil Burt
44:04:00 Romeo
44:11:00 Jeff Irwin
44:16:00 Derek Thomas
44:22:00 Ciarn Keaveny
44:22:00 David Gazzard
44:33:00 Kristen Palmer
44:34:00 Domico Watson
44:38:00 Noah Fields
44:44:00 Ariell Evans
45:07:00 Dustin Luck
45:23:00 Victoria Fiddick


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  1. Real Deal says:

    They should use electric vehicles to lead the pack. I hate taking in smoke when I am running

    • sage says:

      Funny how many people run up and down Front Street /East Broadway daily, with so many vehicles spewing exhaust fumes, I guess being seen overrides the ill effects of carbon monoxide and brake dust poisoning.

      • Real Deal says:

        running for training and running to win are two different things

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