Police Commissioner Michael DeSilva To Retire

January 9, 2018

Bermuda Police Commissioner Michael DeSilva, December 2016 (3)[Updated] Saying that has been “deeply rewarding to serve the community as a police officer,” Commissioner of Police Michael DeSilva has confirmed that he plans to retire from the position.

Commissioner DeSilva said, “It was not an easy decision to retire and leave a career of over 32 years in the making. I am passionate about policing and I have dedicated my entire adult life to public service.

“I am grateful to all of my colleagues, past and present, for their support and commitment during my tenure. It has been an honour and a privilege to lead so many dedicated and skilled police officers, support staff, reserves, and cadets.

“I am proud of the significant impact we have made in helping to reduce violence, but there is more to be done. After 8 years as Commissioner it is the right time to let someone else lead the BPS from its senior post, and continue the mission of ‘Making Bermuda Safer.’

“The time is also right for me to move on to the next chapter. I selected the 15th June so that I can complete my term as President of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police [ACCP] in May, followed by my last official duty at the 2018 Queen’s Birthday Parade.

“It has been deeply rewarding to serve the community as a police officer. The experience has shaped my life both as a professional and as a person. I shall remember it fondly.”

Update 7.52pm: Former Premier and former National Security Minister Michael Dunkley said, “Upon learning of the intended retirement of Commissioner DeSilva I wish to extend best wishes and deep appreciation for his tenure in service with the Bermuda Police Service, working his way through the ranks to become the Commissioner.

“Being the COP is a very difficult and demanding job. I recall clearly the day Commissoner DeSilva assumed the position when the community was rocked by violence. The responsibility never became easier but through it all he conducted himself and led the BPS with professionalism and dedication.

“Through my years in service as an MP, Opposition Leader, Minister of National Security [including as Co Chair of the Emergency Measures Organization with the Commissioner’ and Premier, I have worked with Commissioner DeSilva on every level. I have always found him to be well prepared, calm and in control of every situation. He cares deeply about the community and his colleagues in the BPS. He also can display a sense of humor at the appropriate time.

“Bermuda is losing a very competent and accomplished public servant who served without fear or favor. I wish him the very best of health and happiness in the future and I am grateful for his advice and support during my time working with Commissioner DeSilva.”

Update 10.33pm: “A consummate professional of unparalleled commitment to policing and the safety of Bermuda,” the Minister of National Security Wayne Caines said today reflecting on the news from Government House of the retirement of Commissioner of Police Michael DeSilva.

“Since his appointment in 2009 the paradigm shift in policing Bermuda has been led head-on by Commissioner DeSilva. Successive ministers and governments have benefitted from his counsel and perspective on a variety of issues and at no time have I known him to give other than his very best for Bermuda.”

The Minister continued, “Michael DeSilva brought the invaluable local knowledge and understanding to complex social issues that have confronted the Bermuda Police Service during his tenure.

“As the process is now initiated for his successor, like every citizen in Bermuda, I too look forward to a fair, open and transparent process that will identify a Commissioner who can continue to build on the foundation provided by this exemplary tenure.”

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  1. wahoo says:

    Thank you Sir.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Should’ve resigned after de botched up pepper spray fiasco.
      Safe travels.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        You’re confusing us now .
        Didn’t you always say that it was the milkman and the OBA who used the pepper spray ? ?

  2. Dready says:

    All the best Mr Desilva, you did a good job!

  3. facts of the rock says:

    Thank You for your Service Sir.

  4. congrats says:

    good job.. now bring in Antoine “ERK” Daniels as the new commissioner. Been employed here in the service since he was 17, straight out of Robert Crawford!.a very accomplished man!

  5. Aware says:

    Great job – you will be missed.

  6. puzzled says:

    Best to you and thanks for your service.
    Please lets have a born Bermudian even though a few qualify.

    • Family Man says:

      Commissioner DeSilva is a born Bermudian, as was his predecessor.

      Or is that code for something else?

      • Double S says:

        Of course it is. You know the dog whistles spouted by the usual racists/xenophobes. You know the same ones that have the audacity to whine about racism, but have no qualms practicing it on a daily basis.

      • puzzled says:

        George Jackson was a born Bermudian?

    • Zevon says:

      Heaven forbid we hire the best person we can find.

  7. Watcher says:

    IA good man who has guided the service though it’s most difficult period since the 70’s. It’s a shame how he’s been scapegoated by some for the events of Dec. when all of the rank and file officers know exactly who’s lack of preparation and decisions against the advice of experts that day put officers and protesters at logger heads leading to the terrible scenes. But as that person is frat brothers with the Premier and minister of national security he’ll skate on through while the COP takes the blows for his incompetence.

  8. bdaboy says:

    “Please lets have a born Bermudian even though a few qualify.”

    he is a born Bermudian….and very well qualified.

    You’re advocating for a “born bermudian”…and we all know what that is code for….even if they don’t have the skills to do the job.
    In other words, you have a huge sense of entitlement, you should check your privilege.

    • Jadon says:

      They said they want the new one to be a born Bermudian…. turn you lights on… didn’t say anything about Mr. DeSilva NOT being a born bermudian… so quick to jump to conclusions…

  9. Khris Greene says:

    Interesting development . Wish you well Mr. De Silva. Time to select a suitable canidate who will address the morale of the BPS and work in the interest of the country.

  10. Stay woke says:

    Even from the cheap seats Dunkley still has to be first to chirp. Who needs a Shadow Minister or a Shadow Cabinet when you have “dial-a-comment” Dunkley. Pathetic.

  11. Proud to be Bermudian says:

    I would like to thank Mr. DeSilva for his service as well.

    However, why wait a few months prior to his retirement to look for a successor?
    What about Succession Planning?
    Another Bermudian should have been groomed for this position getting the necessary experience (abroad) etc. so that individual would have been able to work along side Mr. DeSilva to ensure a smooth transition.

    Top Posts should require more notice prior to leaving or retirement in my opinion.

    • Jayarr Veel says:

      Er…. The Deputy Commissioner and at least one of the Assistant Commissioners are Bermudians. Or are we just talking colour here??

  12. NO MORE WAR says:

    Mr. Desilva was not an experienced police officer. I believe Mr. Daniels would do a good job as the Top Cop. All this hurray for Mr. Desilva and for what? I haven’t seen him do much of anything. Ever since that lady told him at a town Hall meeting that he has failed Bermuda we have hardly seen him nor has he held another town hall meeting since.

  13. Coffee says:

    So glad to hear this news . He should give up some of that pension money to the pepper spray seniors .

    • Zevon says:

      But I thought you always said it was the minister of immigration in who was directing the pepper spraying?

    • wahoo says:

      Maybe pepper spray people should reflect on why they were pepper sprayed and better still why the people who lead them there were standing behind them instead of alongside them. Pepper spray people.

  14. Moonbeam says:

    Thank you Commissioner DeSilva for your dedication and commitment during your tenure. Enjoy your well earned retirement.

  15. Y-Gurl says:

    10 years overdue