Mother: ‘Please Help Police To Find The Killers’

October 25, 2018

Crime Stoppers Bermuda released a video as part of their appeal for witnesses or information regarding the murder of Taylor Grier, and Taylor’s mother has urged everyone to “help the police to find the killers of our young men” as “there should be no more mothers having to bear this pain.”

In July of this year, two men on a motorcycle fired multiple gunshots in the area of Court and Elliot Street, resulting in the death of Mr Grier, who was well known as a talented dancer.

Taylor’s mother Charmaine Scott said, “Many of you may be aware that in July of this year, my son, my only child, Taylor Grier was viciously murdered. To date, no one has been brought to justice for this heinous crime.

“This night has become a 3-month nightmare for me. Emotions take you on a 2000 mile per hour ride that very moment that you hear the words that your child has been murdered.

“I now am going through what too many mothers, sisters, and daughters have, and still are going through; the anger, the pain, the true meaning of a broken heart, the unanswered questions, because a cold-blooded shooter has taken my only child’s life. A decent man would not do this.

Video released by Crime Stoppers:

“Come and join me as I attempt to carry on daily, like nothing so violent hasn’t touch my reality. Come and see how heartbroken I, and my family are because of your actions! Come with me as I tell my granddaughter that her dad is in heaven,” Ms Scott added.

“Please stop this violence in Bermuda. There’s too much pain and no gain in all of this, and because of the senseless violence, I am now left childless. He was my only child, may not have been perfect, but who is, but he was mine!

“Bermuda, please wake up! There should be no more mothers having to bear this pain and have to bury their child. Please help the Police to find the killers of our young men.:

Crime Stoppers is urging people who know something, to say something, saying that “if your tip leads to a conviction you will receive up to a $5,000 reward. Call 800-8477 or 1-800-623–TIPS. The phone is answered by professionally trained personnel in Miami which ensures anonymity if required.”

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