Audio: Sir Dudley Releases ‘Back In De Day’

April 23, 2019

Bermudian reggae artist Giles Spurling, also known as Sir Dudley, has released a new single titled Back In De Day.

The song is composed of an instrumental created by Mr. IVibes of IVibes Productions and lyrics and vocals composed by Sir Dudley. The record was recorded, mixed and mastered at MassFX Recording by Mr. IVibes.

“The new single is exciting for the artist as it’s a simple message allowing the listener to reminisce about the good old days when being a kid, playing around, chasing girls, playing football, fishing, etc. It is what he describes as a crossover genre, mixing a melodic reggae song with a modern instrumental track,” a spokesperson said.

“The new single embodies Sir Dudley as an artist who is known for authentic lyrical content. The song will be added to his repertoire as another record that he views to be uplifting to anyone regardless of background, race, or religion.”

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  1. St.George's Passport and Immigration Control says:

    Sir who ?

    last I checked the Queen has not seen fit to make him a Knight of the Realm.