Murder Trial: Sergeant Testifies on Gang Ties

March 17, 2011

antonio myers 2This morning [Mar.17], in the ongoing trial over the murder of Kumi Harford, the Crown put Police Sergeant Alexander Rollin on the witness stand, who said that the defendant Antonio Myers was a high-ranking member of the Middletown gang.

30-year-old Kumi Harford was killed at around 5am on St. Monica’s Road on December 5th, 2009, when he was hit by multiple bullets while driving home.

Antonio Myers, 25, of Rambling Lane, Pembroke was arrested and charged with the murder in May, 2010, charges which he denies.

The Prosecution, in establishing that he was an expert witness, questioned him about his Police Service. Sgt Rollin explained that his special task was that of gathering intelligence on gangs.

He concentrated on gathering information about the ways that they identify themselves, the geographic areas that they control, their structures and hierarchy. He said that he had seen the evolution from “loosely organized groups to gangs.”

He confirmed that he had benefited from local and overseas training with the FBI which included training with FBI units in the USA. Having heard about his knowledge and experience, Justice Greaves ruled that he could be treated as an expert witness as a local gangs expert.

He was then lead though his testimony. Sgt Rollin said that he had arrested Antonio Myers on 26 May 2010 and had charged him with the December 2009 murder of Kumi Harford.

Answering Prosecution queries, and detailing information and intelligence gathered about gangs, Sgt Rollin said that, relevant to this matter, he was aware of three gangs.

He said that Parkside and Middletown gangs associated with each other and shared their area. That 42nd gang was a rival to Parkside gang; and that Parkside and Middletown do not go into 42nd gang’s area – and vice-versa.

He said that Antonio Myers was a high-ranking member of the Middletown gang; but that the Middletown gang had an odd structure and was more controlled by the Parkside gang. Sgt Rollin also alleged that Kumi Harford was a member of the 42nd gang.

Sgt Rollin said that there would be a clash if any gang went another un-allied gang’s territory and that the result could be anything from fighting to the use of firearms.

He said that he considered that all three gangs acquired money through the sale of illegal drugs and through acts of violence.

Asked if he was aware of a feud and an escalation, he replied that he was. He said that a feud had escalated within the last three years and had reached new heights but that he was unaware of the root cause.

The Prosecutor then introduced three photographs into evidence as Exhibit 13. From these three photographs, Sgt Rollin identified several persons including at least one female, and associated the identified persons with two of the three gangs.

Mr. Myers denies the charges, and the trial continues.

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