No Veendam Cruise Visits In 2013

November 16, 2011

Minister of Transport Derrick Burgess confirmed today [Nov.16] that Holland America Line’s ‘Veendam’ will not be returning to Bermuda in 2013.

The ‘Veendam’ started service to Bermuda in 2010, making weekly sailings from New York, tendering from Murray’s Anchorage to St. George’s on Tuesdays and docking in Hamilton Wednesdays – Fridays. The ‘Veendam’ is scheduled to make 19 calls to Bermuda in 2012.

“It is unfortunate that Holland America Line is withdrawing the ‘Veendam’ from Bermuda in 2013. Apparently, the New York to Bermuda schedule was not meeting their revenue projections, and they have decided to deploy the ship to another location”, said Minister Burgess.

Minister Burgess added, “We continue to pursue the availability of small cruise ships for St. George’s and Hamilton, but the reality is those ships that are available are mostly Luxury and Premium cruise brands doing world-wide itineraries or are no longer competitive in the North American market”.

The Veendam is shown below docked in Hamilton in May 2010:

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A statement issued by the Ministry said, “The ‘Veendam’ entered service in 1996, and is one of the few remaining small cruise ships capable of docking in Hamilton.”

“At recent Town Hall meetings on the Channel Study is was emphasized that there are less than 30 cruise ships currently capable of docking in St. George’s and Hamilton, with 1/3 of them set for retirement in the next few years.”

“The Study also concluded that there will come a time when the older and smaller ships will no longer be able to compete head-to-head with the newer and larger cruise ships being built today.”

“Also emphasized was that none of the new cruise ships being built will be capable of docking in St. George’s and Hamilton, and that infrastructure improvements would be required if the decision is made to dock the larger ships at both ports.”

This is the second cancellation of Bermuda cruises in recent weeks, following the news last month that Carnival Cruise Lines cancelled 11 of the 12 previously approved cruise calls for 2012.

Last month Government announced there will be a new cruise ship visiting Bermuda in 2013; the Norwegian Breakaway will be making 22 calls from New York to Bermuda in 2013, spending three full days in Bermuda, along with three days at sea.

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  1. Keep them Honest says:

    I do not think the govt have the answers to falling tourism in this country,
    on the other hand, hotels and restaurants, have not challenged the govt enough, i mean enough, ask tough question not through the media, call a meeting to discuss this and ask tough questions, you have invested a lot of money and resources in this, well time to ask to ask some very tough questions! you own the industry!

    • Yup says:

      There is a story behind this. You don’t just wake up one morning and decide to pull out of Bermuda. This happened as a result of terrible management of the business relationship between PLP and the cruise line.

  2. joonya says:

    Once again, thank you Chris Furbert for hammering that last nail in the coffin during the summer. Jackass.

    • flikel says:

      “Once again, thank you Chris Furbert for hammering that last nail in the coffin during the summer. Jackass”

      So this is partly Furbert’s fault?

      Who do you ‘blame’ for the new Norwegian Breakaway making 22 calls in 2013?

      It seems the PLP/BIU are always to blame when something negative happens. However, when something positive happens, they do not get any credit.

      • The Fact says:

        Lets hope that a valid contract is in place for the new Norwegian Breakaway and not just email confirmations. Not giving credit until i see the ship in port.

        Not blaming anyone but when infratsucture and logistics are an issue for any tourist destination, tourists don’t come. If we dont sort these things out now, then 2014 will see Norwegian go too.

      • joonya says:

        Oh, I apologise. I shouldnt have been so cruel.
        Stopping public transport for multiple days on end during peak tourism season doesnt have any impact on tourist’s decisions to come back to a destination. Even though they have voiced it many times on the tv, radio and online.

      • Changing Status says:

        Umm, YES hes pertly to blame! not only did Chris Furbert prevent the tourists from enjoying their vacations here by them not having transportation, he also put the majority of the island to a hault because people depend on the public transport system. He doesn’t deserve his position, the needs of the many always outweigh the needs of the few. and it always seems that the public, the innocents have to suffer because of his tantrums “we’ll strike till we get what we want”.

        put 2+2 together and come out with 4 flikel, who wants to go on a vacation where there is no public transportation to get around?

        and you can take that to the BANK!

        • flikel says:

          So why is the new ship coming in 2013?

          Are the company’s management misguided?

          • deshawn says:

            Surely the new ship is only good news when it’s in ADDITION to the existing cruises – thereby more tourists and more $ spent! So in the last few months 2 cancelled, 1 new = do the math!

      • Yup says:

        PLP/BIU are PAID very well to make positive things happen. They are getting their CREDIT every day fool!!! And when negative things happen they will get the blame because they are the ones in CONTROL. It is called ACCOUNTABILITY. PLP/BIU want their credit…and they get lots of it fool!!!!

  3. Kim Smith says:

    As we actively develop our tourism product I am sure that we can attract one or two of the 30 smaller cruise ships to put Bermuda on their schedule. It will take some effort though… not just wishful thinking!

    I would like to add that I went to the Art Walk About in St. George’s last Saturday and was very impressed. I think they are working hard to nurturing a niche for themselves (as an artsy-type) town and I really think they are on to something! Exciting… keep going!

  4. The Fact says:

    It was really disappointing reading this article but i have to say, it wasn’t a surprise. if we can’t change our product, tourists will nolonger be interested in coming. Soon, you will see Airline Carriers cutting flights.

    We need to do something now. Casinos? Not a big fan but until someone comes up with an alternate idea, then why not try it. The Indian reservations in the US and a few Carribean countries do a pretty good job of monitoring gambling so why can’t we. Or laws are so old they need updating. You can still Bingo and play o crown and anchor on some days. Whats the difference?

    Extend liquor sale hours. Why can’t clubs remain open after 3am? Why can’t you buy liquor after 9pm on Saturday night and Sunday when you can go to a bar? Whats the difference? These small laws restrict the local businesses from progressing. Just an example and my opinion.

    • sad to see says:

      The Fact is the only one that has it right why don’t we try some of the things he said ? It could make a big difference it’s boring in Bremuda you can’t do anything people will call the police if your music is a little loud, and your trying to have some fun . You can go anywere in this world and have fun and beaches we over price everything and act like they are lucky that we want them to buy something in our shops and come here to Bermuda. NO good mornings or afternoon buy God what is a smile i have’nt seen one from people for a long time. Wake UP Bermuda and stop living in the old days people what to party thats why they go to JA and no police will go on the ship and take them for some weed and make them spend 1000 and a trip back home .

  5. #ThatIsAll says:

    In tomorrows news… Derrick Burgess hires his buddy to blow up the channels, 10mill in cost overruns ensues…

  6. Enquiring says:

    “It is unfortunate that Holland America Line is withdrawing the ‘Veendam’ from Bermuda in 2013. Apparently, the New York to Bermuda schedule was not meeting their revenue projections, and they have decided to deploy the ship to another location”, said Minister Burgess.

    For the benefit of the new Tourism Minister, that equates to “our passenger feedback has indicated Bermuda is no longer a preferred destination”. This means that it does not draw the number of Holland America passengers wanting to cruise to Bermuda so revenue falls. Cruise ships operate to make money by having passengers want to visit a destination, but spend all their money on the ship. The new Bermuda is not providing the attraction any more.

    • The Fact says:

      Noooo … its because our ports are too small, sarcastic!!!

      They keep talking about making ports bigger and there are only a few small ships these days. Even if we had bigger ports (dockyard), they still wouldn’t come because as Enquiring mentioned, our product SUCKS.

  7. Triangle Drifter says:

    And you all thought there would be no reaction to wildcat bus strikes, ferry strikes & a lack of taxis did you?

    Well…welcome to the real world. Bermuda is not so special anymore afterall. Our competitors to the south will be happy to pick up the business lost here.

    Look around Bermuda. You did this to yourself. You voted for it. You voted for the weak & inept PLP multiple times. You now have what you deserve. The question is, what are you going to do about it? Vote for more fail?

  8. Chart says:

    Burgess deflected. As usual.
    Time for a change.

  9. Enquiring says:

    What plans do the PLP have to make up the cancellations when Cuba is opened as a destination for US residents? You won’t see any cruise ships here, apart from the odd one on a transatlantice trip. It’s only a matter or time, and it may be in the next year or two. 2013 maybe.

    • outkasted says:

      LOL! You are right. Now you can soon add Brazil to that list. You see what happened the other day. Police went into the Favelas and took over from the drug cartels. In 90 min. they took back what was held for over 10-15 years. Money talks. World Cup and Olympics!

  10. Ya Right says:

    Cant anyone see that I dont care what any Govt does if the price is not right you cant come here hell whats so wrong with that . Those ships can go a lot of places much cheaper for the passenger, it is about value for the dollar.

  11. tricks are for kids.... says:

    What do we really have to offer tourist other than beatiful beaches and pink sand???? that is the buring question…we cant blame it all on the bus strike or ferries..that’s just an easy way out, just a scapegoat…let’s look at some of the real reasons….Bermuda is exspensive and we have out priced ourselves long before the bus strike this summer…hotels are expensive..lack of local staff in hotels and restaurants, limited/lack of local entertainment…I work on the front desk (part-time) and guest complain ALL THE TIME that there is not much to do here. and they are ALWAYS ALWAYS complaining about how expensive everything is here….If I didn’t live here I certainly wouldn’t vacation here I would go somewhere where I am able to get more bang for my buck..and that’s what they, the tourist are doing……..

    • flikel says:

      Yes, Bermuda is expensive.

      Will you do your part and take a pay cut? Then your hotel can begin to lower their room rates.

      Everyone ‘complains’ that Bermuda is ‘too expensive’. However, I do not see many people offering to take a pay cut, which is seemingly in the ‘best national interest’.

      Stop complaining and set the example, take a pay cut so that your company’s cost of doing business in Bermuda is reduced.

      • The Fact says:

        Setting the example starts from the top. Until the Ministers start taking pay cuts, why should the private sector consider it? Everyone is complaining because nothing is happening.

        “Keep you I on the prize” … What prize? if we dont know what we are aiming for, how can we see the benefits of what they are doing. Is this part of some altimate plan? Then please tell us so we can be on the same page. I am very supportive of PLP and have voted for them for years, however, just like any company, i want to see results. PLEASE so me something.

        • The Fact says:

          Sorry “Keep your eyes on the prize” … lol trying to type too fast

      • Jeff says:

        Take a pay cut, what planet are you on. I work as a front desk agent at one of Bermuda’s top hotels and I have to live with my parents at the age of 37 as I do not get paid enough to live on my own. We need to be paid a lot more to survive in Bermuda. Maybe you should come and work at a hotel for a week and see if you would be willing to take a pay cut when you see your pay check.

  12. The Fact says:

    Honestly, i am sick and tired of reading about how this government has ideas after ideas. When are we going to see results.

    Recommendation: the people of Bermuda have there own town forum. Invite the private sector and government and have them listen to the people. Whenever government has a town hall forum, they do all the talking, which is usually BS or just talk.

    As a country, we really need to take control and say “enough is enough”. We want things to happen yesterday. Stimulate the economy by temporarily removing employment tax for the tourist industry (including hotels) and restaurants. This MAY, no an expert, reduce occupancy costs and attract tourists. Government will then still make good as more tourists spend more money meaning retailers will need more. Tariffs from the increased supplies and occupancy taxes will increase income for gov. We are nolonger a place making money from QUALITY of services and products so might as well move to QUANTITY. More tourists, more money.

  13. outkasted says:

    Bermuda has no buzz!! Its too little too late. No one is interested in us. Beach and sun can found anywhere. What is the one thing Government have not marketed. BERMUDA’s PEOPLE.

    • leaving bermuda says:

      Make no mistake and take no offense, but how would marketing “bermuda’s people” draw tourist? Unless you think spoiled, entitled, rude, inconsiderate and selfish are some sort of magical draw for tourist?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Except maybe in the controlled confines of a cruise ship, a bus tour, or worlds like Disney you obviously have not done much real traveling. i’m talking about the type of traveling where you don’t really know where you are going to be from night to night.

      There are many places where the people are far friendlier & the attitude towards service far better than found in Bermuda.

      Bermudians need to wake up. They are not entitled to anything.

  14. marie says:

    I live in the US and visited Bermuda once. I came for a BermudaFest and outside of the shows Bermuda was BOR-ING! The hotel, restaurants, bar, shops were extremely over priced. The people working in these establishments were rude, rude, rude. I was never greeted with a smile and made to feel that my hard earned money was welcome. The people working (both white and black) had the attitude i should feel grateful to be in their presence or even more so to be on their island. The island is so breathtakingly beautiful a good time could be offered for vacationers. People want to have fun when they go to an island and in this modern era that includes offering gambling casinos, alcohol on sat and sun, water parks for kids and adults alike. And free from being charged with drug offense and fines for possessing personal use amounts of marijuana on cruise ships.
    If Bermuda wants to remain steadfast to being a toursit destination for retirees than it should continue upon its current path but if it wants people to come back time and again i suggest you face reality and step into the 21st century and give people something to remember besides historical buildings, etc.

    • PEPPER says:

      Stay tuned Marie , we have a new tourism minister !!!!Wayne Furbert ( what is it with these Furberts ?) if you thought the former tourism Minister was a complete idiot….wayne is in his own little world…and has a score to settle with his former party .

  15. Heppy Welley says:

    All you touriss who is complainin about Bermuda shud go somwhere else!! We are de best in the worl her. We got tha bastest beaches an we say good morning. What more you wont?

    Too many forinnass here. Tell em go herm.

    • marie says:

      sadly your response to my comment is just what i was saying about the attitude of the Bermudians i encountered. Maybe i ran into you. Open your eyes and you will see that the lack of tourism might mean that vacationers are doing just that- going elsewhere- instead of spending their money in your economy on your “bastest” beaches. and maybe its just me but i kinda thought tourists were usually foreigners so your post makes me think you are someone trying to be funny about a situation that quite frankly is not funny.

      • Watching! says:


        Unfortunately you are right on attitudes. I am curious, where did you stay? Name and Shame the facility so that they can be held accountable. I hope you complained to upper management before you left as they do not represent Bermuda.

        Bermuda is truly a magical place to visit and there are other properties in Bermuda where you would not have experienced this. Pompano, Newstead and Cambridge to name only a few. You will also find other places in Bermuda that can meet ones budget.

        I have traveled extensively and have visited many exotic places. Bermuda beats them every time in one way or another but my Island and the majority who are trying to move us forward are being hindered by those who are bent on destroying what we have. I am afraid that it boils down to lack of education..simple.

        I hope one day that you will come back.

  16. mixitup says:

    Do you all know that Holland America is owned by Carnival Cruise Lines, as is Princess, Seabourne and Cunard. When these companies merge together along came the power to actually control the destinations. Carnival is notorious in the Caribbean for bullying countries to do what they want done, which could be lower port costs, and per passanger tax etc. Ask Jamaica. Carnival threatened to pull out of Jamaica if they rose their head tax and Jamaica gave in. What needs to happen is these Countries need to band together and speak to Carnival with one voice and not be bullied by them, which is what I believe is going on here.

    I don’t buy the issue with Buses, or Bermuda being boring or crime, its all about control & the divide these destinations and you will conquer them mentality that Carnival has.

  17. Cancer says:

    See…. You fellas laughed when that old man predicted the end of the world… This was what he was talking about.,,,,,,Bermuda’s Finished!!!!

    Vote PLP out!!!!!

  18. Fire the Mongrels says:

    I have a massive respect and admiration for the PLP. They have been hugely successful. They have been hugely successful in running the economy into the graveyard, capitulating to the crooked unions who hold the nation to ransom. Look this government could not run a bath. Cox can not even run a wardrobe. Here is what I would do deregulate the bus sector and let the private sector get involved, vote out these sycophantic muppets and Get Sir John Swan back in. Failing this, any one heard of montserat

  19. Hello says:

    It is one mess up after another from the PLP. Must be about twice a week we hear of disasters and inequities at the hands of the PLP. Premier remains silent again and again and again and again.

  20. James says:

    Cannot fault Holland America’s decision whatsoever – all we have done is S*&T all over their passengers for these past two years so that a few cranks in Dame Jennifer’s marginal constituency of St. Georges town can be appeased. Tendering in passengers from Five Fathom Hole/Murray’s anchorage benefits nobody – those two wasted days each week would have brought a lot more money into Bermuda alongside Front St – taxi tours, water tours, semi decent shopping, etc, rather than subjugating our guests to the Third World ghost town that is St. Georges. Well, we reap what we sow and I say it’s time for the PLP to go to Hell before we all do.

  21. Jeff says:

    I think the new NCL Breakaway scared them off. The Breakaway is amazing and is setting a new standard of cruising to Bermuda. Looks like the wheel chair clan are off to new pastures.