Photos: Veendam Cruise Ship Docks In Hamilton

May 4, 2015

Making the first of her six visits for the year, the 719-foot long Veendam cruise ship docked in Hamilton today [May 4] carrying an estimated 1399 passengers and 561 crew.

The Veendam started service to Bermuda in 2010, making weekly sailings from New York, tendering from Murray’s Anchorage to St. George’s on Tuesdays and docking in Hamilton Wednesdays – Fridays.

In 2011, the Government announced that the cruise ship would not return in 2013, however last year Holland America Line confirmed they will offer six seven-day cruises aboard the Veendam to Bermuda this year.

“We know our guests will be excited to see us cruise again to Bermuda in 2015,” said Richard Meadows from Holland America Line when they announced the Bermuda cruises last year.

“By extending the call to three nights, guests can have extensive time to experience the island while still enjoying the award-wining service and amenities that Holland America Line is known for.”

cruise ship bermuda may 2015 (2)

cruise ship bermuda may 2015 (3)

cruise ship bermuda may 2015 (4)

cruise ship bermuda may 2015 (5)

cruise ship bermuda may 2015 (7)

cruise ship bermuda may 2015 (1)

cruise ship bermuda may 2015 (9)

cruise ship bermuda may 2015 (10)

cruise ship bermuda may 2015 (11)

cruise ship bermuda may 2015 (13)

cruise ship bermuda may 2015 (12)

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Comments (21)

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  1. CJ says:

    Cue Mockingay to find something negative to say – and to somehow blame it on the OBA.

    • PBanks says:

      I get the sentiment, but why fire the first shot across the bow, so to speak?

      Why not address the Veendam visit in the first place? Hopefully the visitors will have a great experience that will encourage them to make a repeat visit and stay on-shore next time

  2. Trulytruly says:

    Just came down burnaby hill and it was just like the good old days.

  3. Terry says:

    Well I am no Mockingjay but next to the container docks?

    No docking space at No1?

    • Accurate says:

      No terminal at No1 – just a parking lot!

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Terry, you’ve been living overseas for far too long bie’. The number one pier has been a car park for years. That’s right, no cruise ship tie-up there :-(

      • Terry says:

        Maybe so Raymond but there is still a damn dock there.

        And you can still dock at the Flag Pole unless they ran out of good Pilots.

    • Alex says:

      No terminal at No. 1.

    • Edwin says:

      Even if it is docked next to the containers, I have seen many docking areas no where near ours.

  4. Raymond Ray says:

    “The writings on the wall”. Such a pleasure in seeing not only the “Veendam” in Hamilton Harbour, but also the other cruise ships we’ve been seeing thus-far this year…

  5. David Henry says:

    It’s nice to see cruise ships in Hamilton again on a somewhat regular basis!

  6. Alvin Williams says:

    Well if not for the desire to punish former premier Browne by both sides of the house over this issue of gambling in port; we would have had ships in Hamilton a long time ago. This was one of the failures of the former PLP government since they were in control of government at that time and some of them voted along with the than OBA opposition to killed premier Browne’s gambling bill. months of lost revenue for the country all because of the lack of pragmatism and foresight on the part of those members of the former PLP government who voted against the bill and their leader and the narrow political interests of the than OBA political opposition.

    • english lit says:

      Can’t even spell your ex-leaders name. Some writer!!!

    • Zevon says:

      So you call the majority of MP’s, including PLP MP’s, a “narrow political interest”. Got it.

  7. Triangle Drifter says:

    Hope all of the passengers stood at the rails & thumbed their noses at those onboard the cattle boats in Dockyard which are too large to get into Hamilton & be at the center of things.

    Shop staff, step it up & make the Veendam people feel very very welcome.

  8. hard at work says:

    She looks good there on Front Street. Welcome back Veendam! Hope to see more of you in future years.

  9. Lee says:

    Triangle Drifter….Brown & Co seems to be the only retailer “catering” to Veendam…open Mon/Tues and Wed this week and next, until 8pm…to let those guys shop!! Since there is no Harbor Nights for thier 1st two visits in Hamilton….

    • arts and crafts market says:

      There’s no official Harbour Nights until June however BTA and some vendors have gotten together for an Arts and Crafts market in #5 Parking lot (across from Flanagan’s). Every Wednesday in May from 7-10. Contact Bermuda Tourism Authority for more information. We want our cruise passengers and other May visitors to have a great time in Bermuda! Locals always welcome of course! Come on out tomorrow!

  10. Dan DeSilva says:

    Great to see the Veendam in Bermuda- welcome to all aboard!
    While there is not a full “Harbour Nights” event while the Veendam is here in May, The BTA and Corporation Of Hamilton has helped vendors to have a market in the parking lot across from The Emporium Building for the month of May.
    It will operate every Wednesday night in MAY.
    Thanks to those who were involved in providing such an excellent opportunity for Bermudian entrepreneurs.
    Please let our visitors know!

  11. bluebird says:

    No cruise ship is going to bring it’s customers to a place where they are not welcome because they don’t look like us.
    Bermuda is changing for the better thank you OBA.

  12. tony saccomanno says:

    I have cruised to Bermuda many times but stopped when ships stopped docking in Hamilton, NOW I WILL BE BACK THANK YOU