Government Unveils ‘Economic Toolkit’ Pamphlet

July 20, 2012

Yesterday [July 19] Government unveiled a pamphlet ‘Tips for Tough Times’ – an ‘Economic Toolkit’ [PDF] for those persons in Bermuda who may find themselves either unemployed or underemployed.

“This Toolkit, developed by the Sustainable Development Roundtable (SDRT), provides a critical resource to enable individual and family economic sustainability,” said Minister Marc Bean.

“It contains valuable information that highlights the ways in which individuals and families can move toward a lower cash lifestyle. Most of Bermuda’s residents would be well aware of the challenges associated with the current economic climate.”

Minister Bean and Sustainable Roundtable Chair Ianthia Simmons-Wade with the Economic Tool Kit:

Minister Bean continued on to say: “This Toolkit provides users with a necessary guide on how to access service providers that assist our unemployed and underemployed. ‘Tips for Tough Times’ encourages all of us to consider ways to tighten our purse strings. It contains valuable information and practical suggestions that draw attention to ways individuals and families can reduce their spending.”

You can download the PDF file here

Minister Bean’s full statement follows below:

Good afternoon

I am pleased to be able to present to you today ‘Tips for Tough Times’ – an ‘Economic Toolkit’ for those persons in Bermuda who may find themselves either unemployed or underemployed.

This Toolkit, developed by the Sustainable Development Roundtable (SDRT), provides a critical resource to enable individual and family economic sustainability.

It contains valuable information that highlights the ways in which individuals and families can move toward a lower cash lifestyle.

Most of Bermuda’s residents would be well aware of the challenges associated with the current economic climate.

Several families and individuals have been directly affected by unemployment and or underemployment. Consequently, the financial stress facing many is very real. As a result, the SDRT has decided to act, given the potential impact on our quality of life – our economic well-being, our social stability and protection of our environmental resources.

The SDRT is mandated to provide advice on matters related to Bermuda’s social, economic and environmental sustainability and in this regard the SDRT has developed this Economic Toolkit, Tips for Tough Times, as a significant instrument to help support Bermuda and our people, particularly during this period.

The Sustainable Development Strategy and Implementation Plan (SD Plan) includes concrete actions for sustaining those things which Bermudians consider integral to our quality of life, including factors for sustaining our communities and those for building and maintaining an inclusive and strong economy. This Economic Toolkit looks to supplement and reinforce these recommendations, previously adopted.

This Toolkit provides users with a necessary guide on how to access service providers that assist our unemployed and underemployed. ‘Tips for Tough Times’ encourages all of us to consider ways to tighten our purse strings. It contains valuable information and practical suggestions that draw attention to ways individuals and families can reduce their spending.

It is anticipated that this Economic Toolkit will be available via a variety of mechanisms and in a number of locations. Electronic distribution will be encouraged via email and internet postings. It will also be easily printable by agencies for those persons without access to technology, and it can be made available in print form in key locations and helping agencies. It is also anticipated that this Toolkit will be dynamic, with periodic updates as information changes.

Thank you, members of the media, for coming here today and I appeal to you also to help get the word out about this document which has the potential to greatly assist struggling families in Bermuda.


Mrs Ianthia Simmons-Wade’s full statement follows below:

Good afternoon,

On behalf of the Sustainable Development Roundtable, I am pleased to be a part of this presentation of the Economic Toolkit – Tips for Tough Times.

This Toolkit was generated by the Roundtable in response to the economic changes that our island has been facing over the last few years.

Unemployment and under employment are new situations for many individuals, most of whom may not know what questions to ask or what options and resources are available. “Tips for Tough Times” was created with this in mind.

It was designed as a tool to identify a wide range of helpful resources, service providers and ways to move toward a lower cash life style. This is not a comprehensive document providing all of the answers. However, it is our hope that this will inspire ideas and thoughts toward further information and tips that have worked for others.

The SDRT believes that all families can benefit from this toolkit. For example developing a realistic budget and making a commitment to stick to it; wise shopping decisions; use of public transportation and water and energy conservation. Other topics include food provision, health care options, counseling services and low cost entertainment.

The Sustainable Development Roundtable expresses its appreciation to government and non government agencies who are working for the betterment of the people of Bermuda to collectively reduce the impact on individuals and families in these tough economic times.

The full submission of this Economic Toolkit is available at

To give comments, provide suggestions or share tips, please don’t hesitate to email the Sustainable Development Department at


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  1. it only hurts when I breath says:

    What is wrong with this picture?? Why oh why does this government go to the unnecessary expense to produce a “toolkit” pamphlet (read bandaid) to help folk in these ‘poor economic times’ when they SHOULD BE ADDRESSING THE ROOT CAUSE of the ‘illness’ which is poor and ill thought out policy, actions and huge excessive spending, by this PLP government; that has put this tiny island into huge debt and caused so many companies to have UNHEARD of lay offs or entire company closures! Why doesn’t this government see that to address the real, root cause issue, would be a heck of a lot better for the people of Bermuda (and cheaper), then sticking a band aid over it with such fan fare and glee, as if you have just done something wonderful!!!! You failed again.

  2. YES MATE! says:

    Here’s a tip to help you through tough times. VOTE THE Pee El Pee OUT!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Ain’t dat dee troof!! The PLP got Bermuda into this mess, have no idea how to get out, but have the nerve to throw a lifering to help ourselves.

  3. yesterday says:

    how about giving back the money and resources you spent on making this outrageous pamphlet.

    • The nitty gritty says:

      How ’bout just giving back all de money that be missin ..period?

    • Flywheel says:

      Not only the funds spent to make the booklet but the salaries of the personal also that sat and thought it up and put it in motion.

  4. so-n-so says:

    and this is what our tax dollars are being spent on? pathetic!!!!

  5. Um Um Like says:

    What a joke! My favorite piece of advice is:

    1a. Finances: Develop a realistic budget and stick to it.

    REALLY!? How about the government follow their own advice! Hey Marc, make sure the Cog gets a copy of this. She might find it helpful!

    • Moojun says:

      Lol, my favourite piece of hypocrisy is 1d. Finances: ‘Spend only within your limits’

      • Come Correct says:

        Hey hey this government went out of its means to invest in our infrastucture, for you and I and our children, our future…technically tomorrow is the future right?

        • Walla Walla says:

          Short term investments are high risk, involve little to no research and planning and should be avoided. Long term investments are well thought out, involve input from others and ilimit the amount of risk.

          Tommorow is the future like you say. Im not sure if the light I see is the sun rising on a positive future or the sun setting!

          Thanks goodness Paula is at the wheel now. At least things haven’t gotten any worse.

          • 32n64w says:

            “Thanks goodness Paula is at the wheel now. At least things haven’t gotten any worse.”

            Um not sue sure … Paula has been at the finance wheel for the last eight years during which time our debt burden became exponentially worse.

            • pepper says:

              But does Paula have a drivers license ? so maybe she should not be at the wheel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Finally says:

              “at the wheel”……..are you serious ?!! Mrs. Cox has been at the wheel for over eight years you f%l!
              She needs to give up the finance portfolio and give it to a “real” accountant.( or someone with some simple common sense)
              We can’t afford a “cog in the wheel” any more.
              Get real man. Further more I’m sick and tired of the leader of our country giving ministerys to people who were NOT voted in by the people of this country!
              We have a number of good people that don’t agree with her so they get shoved to the back bench.
              Guess what Ms.Cox not everyone agrees with me, but I respect that they have an opinion.
              And I’m big enough to understand if I’m WRONG, and not afraid to admit it.
              This government may just loose the next election simply because people like me just are not going to vote.

          • Mad Dawg says:

            Other than spending $8 bn on nothing she’s done great.

    • Hiding under a rock says:

      e. Avoid credit card cash advances to cover everyday expenses.

      Isn’t that, effectively, what the government just did with the new bond?

      • The nitty gritty says:

        or..a kit full of economic tools?
        Reminds me of when I got broken in to and after stealing everything of value the thief
        posts on my facebook, “tips for how you can survive without all de stuff I took from you”
        Can you believe?!

  6. the truth shall set you free says:

    MOney-saving advice from THIS administration?

    You’re killing me here! LMAO!

  7. Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

    See how they said ” how to live a lower CASH lifestyle”? I wonder if the government dopes will vote for a 10 or even 20% pay cut?

    Answer is no! They want the plebes to do without but don’t you dare cut their pay.

  8. Come Correct says:

    OH-MY-GOD… *face meets palm*
    Why don’t you just drop the import tax on kool-aid?

  9. Tickled Pink ( & Blue) says:

    Take these pamphlets straight to Tynes Bay because that’s where mine will be going……..straight from my mailbox to the trash can.

    Another complete waste of my tax payer dollars.

    Keep up the good work .. SMH !!

  10. Zombie Apocalypse says:

    I’m sure the advice includes the suggestion that it’s a good idea to get deeply into debt and then spend the borrowed money on groceries.

  11. Bulla says:

    No job, no money and you are living in the bushes? HERE’S YOUR PAMPLET! Good luck to ya! Please vote for us again…..If the UBP was in power there would be a riot, yet these lot are quite content to sit back and suffer!!!!!??????

  12. street wise says:

    More totally useless PLP fluff nobody will read…

    The PLP Gumbymint giving advice to us on finance, budgeting… and reducing spending…?? Really? BWAA-HA-HA-Ha-Hee-Hee-Hee!! Give me a BREAK!!!

    They are desperate if they think this will help their cause. The PLP are toast.

    • Come Correct says:

      “The plp are toast.”

      Do not under estimate the power of stupid people…

      Should be; the ppl are toast.

  13. Concerned says:

    Did Rolfe study this before it was printed – waiting for a green paper or something. Paleeze – the PLP is the cause for the financial woes of our People not the world’s financial woes – up this tax, immigration cafooey, get at bermudian homeowners for what (reimburse those people who paid the licence fee for what turned out to be another scheme as the law was dropped) and all the rest. All this government has done is rape the land and it’s people… – vote them out!!

  14. red-headed stepchild says:

    Not a single person at the SDRT thought maybe they should proof-read this document before releasing it to the public? HELLO?! The section titled ‘Health Care Coverage’ has 2 part ‘E’s’. If you’re going to waste my tax dollars on something, do it right!

    • street wise says:

      Do it right?? The PLP…?! You must be kidding.

  15. Argosy says:

    These jokers’ jokes get funnier and funnier!

    AND more and more desperately pathetic!

    They are well past their “sell by” date and still wasting our tax dollars.

    Let’s hope she calls it soon but, since they don’t stand a chance of carrying the day on their record of abject failure, it’s almost certain that they are determined to hang onto their perks until the final day.

    Too bad for Bermuda, but that’s at the bottom of their priority list.

  16. Just saying!! says:

    Seriously, this is a joke or a slap in our faces.
    How DARE you tell us how to spend/control our hard earned money when you can’t do it yourselve.
    READ YOUR OWN D##m phamplet and take your own advice on how to budget Bermuda’s money.
    You are a bunch of tools yourselves. SMH

    • pepper says:

      Amen…these jokers are being caught out…

  17. Paul says:

    LMAO at the gall of this Government to dispense financial advice to anyone!

  18. LongWorn Tugboat says:

    De PLP is de greatest! You ppl knock it orf!

  19. 1minute says:

    I hope it says:
    “Elect a new Government”

  20. pebblebeach says:

    For real…this must be a joke…cannot be serious…

  21. Single Mom says:

    The Legal Counseling and Food Tips helped me. I’m guessing all these folks on here don’t need help. PLP or not, i’m struggling to pay bills, put food on the table and this helped me.

    • Come Correct says:

      You know what else could have helped you? Not donating 4mil to the playboy mansion. Most of us out here are hurting (in our pockets) and what I believe people are trying to say is; how does the government have the audacity to use our tax paying dollars to produce a panflet full of the very things they have failed to do in the last 8 years? You think raising import duty helped you out? When they easily could have given retail stores a break on import tax, thus making it more appealing to buy bermuda. No they raised the import tax so now everything goes up on the island including your retail stores, the goods get here somehow right? Why? Because my suggestion doesn’t benefit our broke a$$ government. All that panflet will be to me is kindling for my grill.

    • Moojun says:

      Single Mom, you’re right; the tips being dispensed in the pamphlet are sound advice, and in and of itself the pamphlet should in no way be ridiculed. You should do exactly what it says.

      However, what most posters on here find hypocritical is that the reason it now needs to be produced is because the PLP have failed to do the very things this pamphlet is now telling you to do.

      If I break your leg and then tell you that the best thing you should do is keep your weight off it, are you going to thank me or sue me?

      • Concerned says:

        the minute you are seen coming from the US afer spending more than $200 – once again we will hear “They think they can spend their money how they see fit”… The Bible tells us to be ‘good stewards of all we receive” and use wisdom and if you feel you need more, ask and the Lord will give – because in the end – you will be held accountable.

  22. Making sense... says:

    RUFKM? Seriously…?
    Instead of interviewing the unemployed who are in that position by circumstance or by their own efforts, why doesn’t this government talk to people, both in and off this Island who could CREATE JOBS here.
    Survey these people and let them tell us how we could do a better job of ATTRACTING and RETAINING them. So tired of this idiocy

  23. Terry says:

    I see a storm on the horizon.
    And nothing to do with wind.

  24. Hiding under a rock says:

    9.g) “Plan a no-spend weekend”.

    You know, pretend you have no money. Sorry, you really don’t have any money. What? Seriously?

  25. Hiding under a rock says:

    9.h) “Enjoy a Bermuda vacation” – please help us pad our hotel occupancy numbers. We can’t get anyone to come here but were are trying to convince people that we need some more hotels.

  26. Just sayin' says:

    Oh for crying out loud! What next? Is Paula gonna call a press conference and announce Bernie Madoff is our Financial Consulant? Is so unfortunate these fools are going to be elected right back in. The stupidty of the masses will always rein.

  27. Just sayin' says:

    and also the stupidity of my spelling…reign

    • Argosy says:

      Try “rain” – as in what will follow the masses’ stupidity!

      A destructive torrent of it…..

  28. Shoo shoo says:

    What a joke really here is a tip……. Don’t smoke in bed……rLmao!

  29. More with less says:

    This is akin to taking nutrition advice from an obese nutritionist.

  30. Truth (Original) says:

    The problem with this whole thing is as follows;

    It is good advice coming from a Government that has repeatedly failed to take it own advice.

    Full stop.

  31. Baltic Fury says:

    And their smirking smiles through gritted teeth….

    What a very bad joke, get these clowns out now.

  32. Triangle Drifter says:

    This must be some sort of sick joke being played on those who really could use some help.

    Here we have the PLP, the party that has run up almost $2B in debt from virtually nothing in 14 years, appointing a committee to produce a brochure giving advice on responsibile management of home finances.

    I mean, REALLY!!!!! You can’t be serious.

    • R you serious!!! says:

      With all do respect, the first 6 years was great under Sir Eugene Cox (He was the guy)!!! Under Paula, from 2006 – 2010, was the biggest problem, she allowed us to go in debt 1000%. 2010 – 2012, she is trying to stop the bleeding by stitchhing us up , but forget to clean the wound, now we are infected!!!

      But in all Triangle Drifter, “agreed”!!!

      • More with less says:

        You know, everyone pretty much agrees with your first statement. But with all due respect, that is why there is an election every five years. The last election the writing was on the wall for anyone that truly understands economics and finances. Nevertheless the writing is CERTAINLY on the wall for pretty much anyone that is willing to think for a moment with their mind what is best for their family, future family, and Bermuda’s stability. Its time to listen to our Jiminey cricket.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Point taken. For 30 years the PLP was the dog chasing the Bermuda economy car being driven by the UBP. Well, in 1998 the PLP chased that UBP driver out & hopped into the drivers seat of that still moving car. Not really knowing what to do the PLP did not touch many of the controlls at first. The car stayed on the road. However with the great deception the car went & continues to drive offroad destroying itself along the way with Paula at the wheel.

      • holllllaarr!!! says:

        With all due respect, from 1999 to 2006 under Mr. Eugene Cox/Jennifer Smith we lost our very own operational Stonington college were many Bermudians were employed, families literally lost employment there en masse.. and now we are being told to retool at the National Training Board? realy then we also lost our global position as the Bank of Bermua shareholders were forced to settle to H.S.B.C. to the tune of 1.6billion dollars!! we also lost the Palmetto Bay hotel although promised a hotel we were given “CONDOS”!! same at Tuckers Point who have since arm wrestled us out of our last piece of virgin land!! Don’t forget Trimminghams, Smiths’, This @ THat, Oh! Sonesta beach hotel ect.. the list is endless and begun well before this hurricane of destruction descended in the name of the cog!! remember the divisions the overspending Tourism Mininster THe Late David Allen who actually gifted us with the Diaspora Trail, however I digress.. things were not great we didn’t question enough and now after our elderly were asked to migrate to a better climate, our children are being told don’t come home!! parents are still struggling to pay another country to educate our children, yet this government has imported more people in than we can shake a stick at, our language is so confused now because of the broken english everywhere from workers who will accept any circumstance for their bottom line-money!! but all we get is a survivalhandbook that I can’t even afford to read because most of the advice is based on a person that has money to spend!!!My banker is only interested in seeing $$$in my account, the advice from lawyers is followed up with actually having to see another lawyer so I can’t afford that!! Save??its called living paycheck to paycheck!! hoping there will be a paycheck!!sorry but we have been on a decline since 1999!!!

  33. Opressed says:

    They should have given the money they waste on these things to the poor white people like me.

  34. Malachi says:


    Just when things were getting rough – gonna pick mine up tomorrow and save my a$$!

    Thank you Mark.

  35. Rockfish #1and#2 says:

    Bean must be using a version of the Mayan calendar, today is NOT 1st April 2012!

    • Tolerate says:

      Your probably right as the calendar runs out in December, so all thier screw ups can be washed away.

  36. navin johnson says:

    wear sunscreen….slip,slap and slop

  37. Shoo shoo says:

    The ultimate insult to Bermudians!

  38. Compass Law Chambers (Charles Richardson) says:

    I honestly cannot blame any of the people who have lost faith in the PLP for how they feel. Opinions are largely subjective and are influenced by personal experience and perspective. many Bermudians truly are struggling to come to terms with have to do more with less. Some of this is due to bad governmental decisions, but some of it is due to the economic downturn and poor personal planning as well. On the other hand the government has made some efforts to improve the situation, however we are yet to see the long term effects of these changes.

    One thing we all do seem to agree upon is that the situation is cause for great concern and we all need to put our heads together and figure this out. I would encourage people to submit their ideas to the government and opposition. Hopefully somewhere in the dialogue a solution will be found.

    Until then…Bermudians stand firm and do what you (we) have always done during tough times…survive and thrive. Peace.

    • 32n64w says:

      “Opinions are largely subjective and are influenced by personal experience and perspective.”

      Charles I wouldn’t call a $1.5 billion dollar (and growing by the day) debt burden “subjective”. This massive financial obligation with no obvious plan for repayment or sustainable servicing commensurate with a lack of equivalent and/or tangible capital investment to show for it is not a matter of perspective. It’s a fact.

      The PLP claim to be standing strong for Bermudians but this is a lie. Their inexperience and mismanagement of the public and social purse (as the record clearly demonstrates) comes at a significant cost to our collective well being but more so to the detriment of our children whose future opportunities have been squandered by the crushing debt and related current and future interest obligations amassed during the PLP’s tenure.

      The PLP have sold our children down the river. A country cannot function effectively when more than half of Government revenues go towards salaries and interest expense leaving precious little for education, social programs and infrastructure.

      No reasonable person should advocate or boast about standing strong on the shoulders of children. Compromising their innocence and future for current political gain is the worst kind of politics and sadly not unexpected from a Government that appears incapable of transparency, accountability or honest discourse.

    • pepper says:

      Charles, I like what you are saying ….but the present leader has no clue as to how to run this Island !!!!!! she has put us in the situation we are in…and we can not have her as our leader for anothe four years………………..

  39. Edmund Wells says:

    In a discarded draft of the list, the following tips were offered:

    “Check to see if you’re on any Government Boards, and if so, pay yourself huge consulting fees”

    “Consider going into a new line of work: Building and destroying thruster walls”

    “Refuse to accept any pay cuts proposed by your employer as a sign of solidarity with the people”

    “Underfund your pension obligations by not making your scheduled contributions (may conflict with the prior suggestion)”

    “Find others that may be willing to pay your bills, such as legal fees”

    I don’t know how these were missed off the final version; they are so helpful and applicable …

  40. Navin Johnson says:

    Betty Trump….any comments on this latest piece of PLP lunacy? Can they hold that pamphlet up with a straight face? It’s not even childish for children would do a better job

  41. Sandgrownan says: advice from the PLP? Did they do this with a straight face?


  42. longtail says:

    The photo tells all – two well dressed plp reps (she flashing her rings and jewelry, he in suit and tie) beaming and holding out their party’s glossy answer to all our economic problems. This photo is election propaganda only: it clearly is not intended for those who are in need. If the people are hungry “let them eat cake” comes to mind.

  43. Liars! says:

    Pathetic excuse for a Leader, this is Paula Cox at her best….congratulations Paula you have spent your way into the Twilight Zone but we are in the Bermuda Triangle, remember?


  44. Liars! says:

    whatever bernews

  45. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    The sheer nerve of this Government in spending more of the money we don’t have to produce a document giving advice they themselves haven’t followed notwithstanding, it would surely have been more helpful if a sample budget, and guidelines for creating a personalized one, had been included.
    Many people do not have a clue as to how to create a realistic budget, so telling them to make one and stick to it is like telling me to re-wire my house myself. Just looking at the schematics gives me a headache, much less trying to follow them. (May not be the best analogy, since I could electrocute myself trying to accomplish such a task. Trying to piece together a budget with insufficient funds won’t kill you, but might depress you enough to have you wish you were dead.)