Permit Change For Dependents ‘Not Likely’

February 18, 2013

[Updated with PLP response] The Ministry of Home Affairs announced today [Feb 18] that the policy proposal that would allow dependents of non-Bermudians aged under 19 to have summer jobs without a work permit will “not likely form part of the 2013 Work Permit Policies to be implemented in the Spring.”

“This decision is likely to be taken based on the significant preliminary public feedback which has been received since the release of the proposed amendments to the Work Permit Policies,” the Ministry said.

The Ministry reminded the public that the “draft Work Permit Policies document represents the collective views of the Work Permit Stakeholder Group, a group that commenced a work permit review under the former Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Patrice Minors. The Ministry awaits the final feedback from the various Work Permit Stakeholder Group organisations before confirming its final position.”

A Ministry spokesperson said today, “The Ministry takes this opportunity to thank the public for their robust feedback. It should be noted that the proposal evolved from the original Terms of Reference wherein the team had given consideration to ‘Embracing work permit holders and their families/dependents as a part of the Bermuda community in whole not in part’.

“Stakeholders have long argued that one of the reasons senior executives who had been in Bermuda for extended periods were moving to other jurisdictions – ultimately reducing the number of Bermudian jobs in the process – was because of the quality of life for their children who were now teenagers. These young people, like our young people, were too young to spend summers overseas on their own, and regarded themselves as too old for summer day camp. But they were old enough to find a summer job in Bermuda.”

The spokesperson continued, “The Ministry accepts the views that the perceived impact that this change in policy might have is the reduction of available job opportunities for Bermuda’s youth at a time when summer employment is scarce. As result the Ministry is content that the other significant proposed policy amendments may be sufficient to address stakeholder concerns with respect to the more pertinent business development and job retention issues facing our economy.

“The Ministry is also content that the quality of life issue as it relates to the dependents of work permit holders can be set aside and revisited at a later date once the economy has improved.”

“Again, it is important to remind the public that former Minister Minors invited a wide cross section of representatives to collaborate on the policy review. And the Minister, Sen. the Hon. Michael Fahy, JP, supported their continued participation after assuming responsibility for Immigration in December.

The Work Permit Stakeholder Group includes:

  • Chris Furbert representing the Bermuda Trade Union Congress
  • Anthony Wolffe representing the Bermuda Trade Union Congress
  • Kellianne Smith representing the Bermuda Hotel Association
  • Charles Dunstan representing the Construction Association of Bermuda
  • Joanne MacPhee representing the Chamber of Commerce
  • Keith Jensen representing the Bermuda Employers Council
  • Doug Soares representing the Bermuda Human Resources Association
  • Richard Winchell representing the Association of Bermuda International Companies
  • Leila Maderios representing the Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers
  • Dr. Danette Ming, Chief Immigration Officer; and
  • Cherie Whitter, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Home Affairs

“Ultimately, the goal of the 2013 Work Permit Policies is to ensure a balance that does not disadvantage Bermudians, but instead provide support to ensure a beneficial, profitable, business sector in an effort to grow the economy – and as a consequence add new jobs,” the Ministry said.

Update 7.50pm: Opposition Senator Marc Daniels, Senate Spokesman for Home Affairs, said: “We note the government’s turn-around on Monday, 18 February 2013, concerning the ‘Final Draft of the 2013 Work Permit Policy’, as it relates to the dependent children of non-Bermudian guest workers being able to secure job opportunities without the need for a work permit.

“We are thankful and indeed welcome the government’s decision to waver from this suggested policy, undoubtedly after considering the public sentiment expressed by the Opposition and the Bermudian people since the government announced this draft policy.

“As the Opposition, we felt duty bound to express our clear disapproval of this specific policy. We were concerned whether sufficient public and private consultation had been conducted. This sadly appears to have been another example of putting ‘the cart before the horse’ approach to pander to a certain minority at the expense of Bermudians. This sort of “decisive”action, without popular endorsement, is not an example of good responsible governance.

“We also note that in the Government statement, they have tried to distance themselves from this policy by referring to the former Minister and to the Stakeholder Group members by name. This is unbecoming of a Government who must accept responsibility for the publication of any policy under their watch, and not try and defer responsibility to others.”

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  1. Truth hurts says:

    I surely hope I don’t see a bunch of unemployed, yet able-bodied, young Bermudians sittin’ up on walls this summer! No excuse for them not to have a job and be productive members of society!

    • Squidgy says:

      First of all, you have to have jobs out there to offer to anybody, let alone students looking for summer employment. There are literlly thousands of able-bodied adults out there looking for any scrap of work they can find. Until the economy gets back on its feet, and it will take a long time to get there, you will no doubt see some able-bodied adults sitting on the wall with their offspring.

    • Out of flight says:

      I agree.
      Don’t tell me we have a bunch of amateurs running the country now?

    • Tommy Chong says:

      They still have the seasonal permit holders to compete with. Many seasonal permits are given out during the summer to bring in extra foreign workers for company’s during their peak seasons. These jobs should be given to summer students but are not. Much of these seasonal workers are already here working under the counter jobs because our dummy customs allows them in during the winter on a permit that doesn’t start till June. these people need to be found & kicked off island for not obeying our laws.

  2. Not Fooled says:

    LMAO – So now all of a sudden the proposals are a draft!

    These clowns in the OBA are right, they are about transparency. They are as transparent as a piece of glass.

    Lies and deceit.

    • Limey says:

      Definition of PROPOSAL

      A plan or suggestion put forward for consideration or discussion by others.

      definition of GLASS

      A hard, brittle substance, typically transparent or translucent, made by fusing sand with soda, lime, and sometimes other ingredients…

      • OBA no more says:

        @ Limey please shut the hell up you was all for this last week. Telling everyone on this forum how much a good idea it was. lololol

        • Limey says:

          It is a good idea in my opinion, however as everyone knows, the majority of Bermudians don’t want the PROPOSAL implemented, therefore the govt has listened and has decided not to legislate the proposed draft!
          Do us a favour and STFU

          • Johnny says:

            Actually, what they said was the proposal would “not likely form part of the 2013 Work Permit Policies to be implemented in the Spring.”, which is similar to we will suspend term limits for 2 years. Nowhere did they say it would be scrapped. IMO we will see foreign u19′s working without a permit this summer. It seems the OBA is using Dr. Brown’s strategy (we had to deceive you), but just not telling us.

        • Limey, STFU says:

          One doesn’t have to scroll too far back when Limey was posting how this was good thing this way and that. Last I read, Limey said that more thought needed to go into this proposal.

          Glad to see the OBA takes note of the Public’s feedback and acts accordingly.

          A workable solution would be that children of Work Permit Holders are eligible to see employment provided that a qualified Bermudian is not available for the job; that the fee for a Young Adult Work Permit should cost much less than a normal work permit; that data is collected to determine how many WPH children are employed, how many are employed at their parent’s place of employments etc and the Young Adult Work Permit may cover the period up to the child goes 19. That would make sense to me.

          Then, children of Permanent Resident Certificate holders should have the ability to see work without a permit until the age of 21 when they have the ability to apply for Permanent Resident Certificate or a Work Permit, whichever is applicable.

          Not Rocket Science.

          • Limey says:

            @Limey STFU – STFU yourself, it isn’t rocket science like you said. I agree whole heartedly with your added solutions. Spot on! I would add that a list should be made of what jobs non Bermudians children can apply for, and when officially the summer starts and ends!

            I agreed with the policy as I believed it would be better for Bermudian youngsters and would entice more IB companies to stay here or move here. However as I said before, the policy needed more thought especially as the majority of people abhore the proposal. Your suggestions are what the government or policy group should have announced alongside the original draft proposal.

    • swing voter says:

      what a relief….before we had ‘its a done deal’…now we have ‘ its good to listen to the people’….get over in @ not fooled….because you were fooled and too stupid to just take the egg off yur face and shut up

    • Soooo says:

      Not Fooled… Maybe you should have read the article last week, when the DRAFT PROPOSAL was released before the town hall meeting. The reason for it’s release was to obtain public input….
      Obviously it did and the Minister listened…

      • LaVerne Furbert says:

        The “DRAFT PROPOSAL” was not released before the Town Hall meeting. It was released while the Town Hill meeting was going on and Minister Fahy made no reference to it.

    • Tooth Fairy says:

      Glass is transparent?!

      • Limey says:

        Not fooled has shown that he/she doesn’t know what proposal means, and that glass is actually in fact transparent

        Therefore not fooled is in fact A FOOL

    • Darwin's Child says:

      Glass is transparent…I’ m confused about what your point is?

  3. Amazed says:

    What a lark. The new government is under no obligation to continue any actions taken by the former government so clearly they are attempting to deflect the public concern onto the former minister. If they reviewed the policy and did not agree they should have revised the final draft, but clearly they agree and released it.

  4. Not Fooled says:

    On this date, he said NOTHING about them being in draft. He said forms were being revised and trainign had begun and they would take effect on April 1, 2013.

    Just say you screwed up, don’t treat us for fools and now say that these were draft proposals to test the waters.

    • RJ says:

      May I direct you to this link?

      “In response to media queries regarding the proposed amendments, the Ministry of Home Affairs stressed that it is a ‘DRAFT document,’ and in the ‘interest of transparency the public were advised of the proposals.’

      A Ministry spokesperson said, ‘The DRAFT Work Permit Policies document represents the collective views of the Work Permit Stakeholder Group. Hence, the final Work Permit Policies document has been released for final consultation.

      ‘The expectation is that stakeholders share the document with members within their organisation for final consultation, therefore the current draft is subject to change prior to implementation.’”

  5. Limey says:

    This is how government should work!

    A PLP govt organised a work permit policy group to be set up,
    This group listened to IB companies after asking what they wanted to entice them to stay in or move to Bermuda
    The group made the recommendation
    The PUBLIC abhored the recommendation
    The OBA govt listened to the public and has decided not to implement the recommended proposal.

    OBA- open and transparent government

  6. Picks says:

    @ Not Fooled

    I agree with you 100%, he probably did not expect the outcry from the public.

    • mixitup says:

      Are you kidding me? OBA had to know this wouldn’t fly with the Bermuda Public. If they would’ve tried to push this absurd legislation through I would’ve expected as much as a General Strike.

      • Rick Rock says:

        A threatened general strike over kids having summer jobs. That’s what we’ve come to.

  7. Question Reality says:

    Minister Fahy:

    The message that you should have received through the “robust feedback” or “significant preliminary public feedback” (as you called it) is this – - –

    So your statement, “the quality of life issue as it relates to the dependents of work permit holders can be set aside and revisited at a later date once the economy has improved” IS NOT what Bermuda wants – IT IS WHAT YOU WANT.

    And pawning the idea off on former Minister Minors and the Work Permit Group is a lame excuse – very weak. And if that is the case, why not, as the new Minister, would you not conduct your own findings, surveys, etc. so you have a better, working knowledge of the challenges so you can offer fresh, new solutions? Isn’t that what you pledged to do? Isn’t that what you said you were going to do with Term Limits as well? And we know it took you 1 1/2 week to review that one, right?

    ? Reality

    • Ride says:

      @Question Reality

      How long should it take to review the findings and recommendations of the policy group? 4 weeks? 3 months? 1 year?

      The policy group did all the leg work. They conductive the interviews, held the consultations, collated the minutes and notes, analysed the results, and drafted the policy. I would think that Minister Fahy needed to read and digest the executive summaries and the draft policy; along with a meeting or two with the policy group for questions. How long should this take if this was in his top priority.

      It appears that we currently have an efficient government that is getting things done; getting results to the people. You complain that it appears that he worked hard on this and got through the information in a matter of weeks instead of months (years?) as the previous government. You should overjoyed that he is getting things done in good time.

      He is also setting a benchmark and an expectation that we can hold him to. The next time a policy group or the like has finished its research and made its recommendation we should expect that Minister Fahy should have those findings and recommendations to the public in 2 or 3 weeks.

      Let me ask you something: How long have we been waiting to see the reports and recommendations of policy groups, consultants, and the like commissioned under the previous government? Literally a decade for some studies. The previous government dragged things out to the insanely extreme. The previous government released piecemeal sound-bites that suited their only aims.

      Be glad that, so far, this minister is keeping the flow of information rapid and complete. Be glad that we have the full recommendation with time to digest, complain, be heard, and be positively responded to. Was any of this available under the previous government?


      • Question Reality says:


        Your well written response, after fully digesting it, was nothing more than the following (in bulletpoint form to save time):

        * The current government do things in an efficient manner and are quick on the draw.

        * PLP = lazy, slow, ineffective previous government.

        The reality is actually the following:

        * This government cannot be described as “efficient” as they did not do any of the work related to this policy – they simply picked up the previous work and used it – - in school, that’s normally called cheating.

        * Minister Fahy has never met with the Work Policy Group (previously stated by 2 members of the group) thus your suggestion that 2 meetings would be enough after reviewing the documentation is false or wishful thinking.

        Again, we have the supporters of the OBA, instead of speaking to their faults/mistakes, passing the buck and complaining/comparing their performance to the previous government – - this will not fly with Bermudians anymore – - we are tired of it. Grow a backbone and do the job – - you wanted it, you won the election – - stop with the silly “they did it” crap – -

        So Ride, you need to make up your mind – - are you ok with the Minister using the previous government’s ideas/policy which you yourself indicated was created by lazy, slow, ineffective? Or should the Minister taken a least some time to review the old information, COLLECT HIS OWN, and then make a reasonable decision INSTEAD of just going for the quick sell, resulting in the need to backtrack/sidestep/remove a portion of the policy because the public don’t agree?

        You tell me – - you can’t have it both ways.


        • Ride says:

          @Question Reality

          You are partially correct in your deducements. Corrections follow:

          *The OBA government, in the case of Minster Fahy and the work permit policy changes, appear to be conducting themselves in an efficient, transparent, and publicly inclusive manner.

          *The previous PLP government painstakingly built a reputation for itself contrary to the concepts of efficiency, transparency and public inclusiveness.

          I’ll be explicit in noting that I am not stating that the previous PLP government was “lazy”. You’ve harboured and seeded that thought all on your own. Some manifestation of your subconscious being brought to light, perhaps?

          I am also saying, among other things, that the delivery and responsiveness of Minister Fahy in this instance should be heavily encouraged and not scornfully derided. It benefits us all to have a government demonstrating these traits so early in its term.

          I am puzzled as to why you would want Minister Fahy to conduct “his own” study when the time, energy, and finances have already been committed to a competent group who have delivered a complete result. What would be gained by expending additional funds for another report when one has been recently completed and is still current? In this case most of a “new” group would consist of the same people. It would be a complete waste of tax-payers dollars to do this.

          If a perfectly good “independent” study was commissioned by the previous government then why shouldn’t the current government make use of it? The conditions under which the study was performed still exist and so it is still relevant. Why spend more money when you already have the result you need? It is the inefficient and wild spending of tax dollars under the previous government that have gotten this territory into this debt mess. You should be glad that the current government is not following in those footsteps.

          Why are you so unhappy about this? We have progress. Look forward, man (woman?). Measure the current government on their own footing and relative to the previous government. In this particular case you should be exceeding glad that it appears that we have a government that listens and responds to the people. I’m truly baffled as to why you are so unhappy.


          NB: Note that its not any minister’s “own” study. It is a study on public government policy commissioned with the peoples’ resources. It is “our”, the peoples’, study. The ministers don’t “own” anything. They are merely the temporary custodians of the peoples’ resources. I stress “temporary”.

          • Question Reality says:


            Again a long post to say, in essence, the exact same thing from your original post. You are still missing my point, so let me make it as clear as I can.

            Minister Fahy, via the OBA Government, included their “own addition” to the draft policy document (i.e. policy to allow non-Bermudian teens to work without work permit). This “policy” was not apart of the original draft document commissioned by the previous Minster/Govt.

            I can agree that the haste in which this current government attempts to react will be encouraging to some – - it is a bit refreshing not having to wait for statements/press releases. However, if this government actually listened to the people BEFORE ANNOUCNING policy changes (note what I said – “announcing”) – I would be less negative towards the statements.

            My major problem with your comments is the exact issue you have with mine – - you stated above – “Why are you so unhappy about this? We have progress. Look forward, man (woman?).”

            When anyone speaks negatively about the OBA, supporters like you consistently use the argument that the previous government did this, they did that – they stole, they were Cogs, etc. etc.

            I have “moved forward” as you suggested – - why can’t all of you? I look at the OBA, the entire party, and I judge them on their statements, spoken and unspoken. I judge them on their decisions, stated and those which are not.

            I am not mad – - I am not unhappy. I am willing to question this government, its ministers, and their decisions and policies – just as I did with the previous government. Why is that a problem for OBA supporters? Why should they, the OBA, get a “break”? They chose to become the Government and we, the public, as every right to question the decisions they make.

            What is good for the goose is good for the gander – correct?

            Until you as an OBA supporter can get out of the mindset that all people who question the government are just angry, hate-filled PLP bloggers (which I am not – I am not affiliated with any political party – don’t believe in the 2 party system) – you will continue to push this laughable rhetoric which weakens your position daily.

            This is a marathon – not a sprint (think about that)


            • Ride says:

              @Question Reality

              I think you are projecting your own stereotype of what you believe an OBA supporter is onto my comments.

              1) I’m not an OBA supporter. I have voted PLP, UBP, and OBA in the past and, perhaps, will in the future. In fact I’ve voted equally as many times for PLP as I have for the OBA/UBP group.

              2) I’ve never eluded, implied, or in anyway suggested that you were “just [an] angry, hate-filled PLP blogger”. Again, as with your initial response to my initial post were you called the PLP lazy, you’ve pulled that concept out of your own conciousness.

              3) If you would take the time to get past your personal bias and preconceptions you will notice that I have referenced this particular instance only and have prefaced my observations with conditional clauses such as, “it appears”, “it seems”, “so far”, and so on. This communicates that I am cautiously optimistic and not a rabid OBA fan-boy.

              I could go on but I wont. You obviously have a deep seeded desire to confront a OBA supported and I feel no matter what I write or communicate you will twist it to suit your confrontational yearning.

              It was interesting conversing with you.


              • LOL (original TM*) says:

                +1 Ride …ride on ride on……………


  8. jredmond says:

    I can’t figure out why some of y’all get so mad. Is this not an example of government actually listening to and acting on public opinion? How is this possibly a bad thing than needs lashing out at.

    • Hmmmmm says:

      The same people they’re listening to on this one are saying the elimination of term limits is a bad thing. Do they have selective hearing or is this just an example of the overreaching Mr. Fahy being smacked back by reality for once?

      • Limey says:

        The majority of Bermudians, white, black, male, female don’t want this policy. Therefore no legislation of policy.

        The majority of Bermudians want Term Limits scrapped, , therefore term limits have been scrapped

      • Sandgrownan says:

        I think he’s wrong to take this off the table. Term limits were stupid, restricting the kids of expats is similarly stupid.

        • M.P. MOUNTBATTEN JP says:

          Tell us then Sandygrow , In what jurisdiction is it not a stupid policy ?

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          AHHH I have to say on this I think the u19 policy is a bad idea. We need Bermudians to get those possible intern jobs not the kids of expats that may already work in the IB fields or any business for that matter. Keeping with the theme that Bermuda needs to train Bermuda cause it seem no body else will. Often this could be the solution to the problem that you spend the money to get qualified then your told you need experience to get the job which is why so many have qualification but just can’t find a job due to tailored qualifications being on the job advert. Now I would like to see some progress OBA on the “work permit policy” correcting the practice of these jobs both local and IB not training our young who have interests in the chosen field to let them “try out” the jobs they are studying for so they know that’s what they want to do. Give them direction. Unlike every one else I think the public education can work but it takes work from all involved to succeed. Getting internships to the job market in Bermuda would open the eyes of the youth to what jobs are here and needed. Let’s go OBA I voted for you and I can vote you out continue to listen to the people…..


        • loquat tree says:

          It would be interesting to know how many kids are in this age bracket. What no.’s are we fighting over here?
          Some tour boats apparently had trouble getting enough summer staff last yr. Possibly room for some selective categiories, if insufficient Bermudians apply.

    • Gold Card says:

      So why when PLP were the government and they listened to the public then decided not reverse or not go through with a policy they were called flip flop party. Sounds like OBAMA are now flip flopping.

      In addition, just because the review started under the PLP government doesn’t mean the new policy was decided under their watch. Don’t be fooled, they want people to think that the policie was decided under PLP.

      • Chris P Bacon says:

        The problem is, the PLP did NOT listen and were not transparent. They did what the F they wanted and by their own admission they didn’t care what we think. The OBA has just proved that they do listen, and do care what we think.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Gold did your republican slip just come out………


  9. Bobmarlin says:

    We have a govt that listens to the people!

  10. OMG says:

    I think the naysayers must have wax in their ears!! It was always said it was a draft but maybe some wanted to believe what they wanted to hear.

  11. Out and about says:

    If they were to implement this, they would have to make sure the Bermudians will have adequate training to compete with these expat kids. Most Bermudians kids are in the government system while most expat kids are in the private school sector. Beef up the education system so no child is left behind. The sad thing is, when our children return home from post secondary education, they have a reality check as they cannot gain employment because they are now competing with nonBermudians. It’s a lot more to this than just the expat kids seeking summer employment. RAISE THE EDUCATION STANDARDS and make our kids more attractive. If this was implemented, the reality shock would just be a little earlier.

    Parents get your kids off their asses and have them seek employment early, not the last day of school.

  12. Rockfish# 1 says:

    Just wondering, why is it wrong for a government to realize they are making a bad move then deciding to change direction?

    It is a new concept for Bermuda and we should encourage it!

  13. The O.B.A consist of a bunch of jokers,liar and decievers if they should allow this ammendment to go through at anytime. We dont need another Ewart Brown syndrome to say we had to decieve you.

    Please note that the O.B.A has started off on the wrong foot and for those who want to say this is a Bermuda issue,I say it is a black and white issue,look around you and the majority of white college student do not have to come home during holiday seasons and look for a job,it is alraedy guaranteed to them.

    meanwhile their black counter part has to search all over,even with qualifications behind their I dont want to hear no ones trash that it is a Bermuda thing or problem,no it is another direct hit at the black community,so wake up and stop being fooled.

    • dh#1 says:

      Absolutely spot on Mr. Santucci…..”a direct hit at the black community”! I sat back and said “what a croc of s…, when I read Mr. Fahy’s intent on this matter.

      • M.P. MOUNTBATTEN JP says:

        Sad part about this daft draft is that the surrogates didn’t see it this way . If they had this nonsense wouldn’t have gotten out of the enclave .

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          Still fishing I see thick 102 will read any of my comments where I put forth an idea or just the ones they feel to them proves your self full filling mindset/future prophecies.


      • swing voter says:

        Right on bro!!!

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Pathetic this is why Bermuda will never be one truly. If you think this then understand this you need to get to know people … all people ask your job if they have room for summer work (all they can do is say no) early not late in the winter.. Then ask those you know in your Childs area of study if they might have room for summer work for your youth (again all they can do is say no right). Lots of things can be done you must show interest and so must your youth. Find out if meets in the industry your child has chosen are public and if you can attend. When you decide to approach a company first find out about them research them if necessary. If this is not working then offer to do it on the summer vacation for free or at a reduced rate during the day and pick up a part time night hustle if possible (this could open those closed doors think about it) I actually when to a jobs meeting and the speak said he did just that and is now very successful. This is what it takes these days. If all this still fails and these jobs take on summer help from a non related white kids (this is another topic we could chat about one day I’m sure) them we can talk about black white as it relates to this and I will agree with you.

      LOL just saying don’t be so quick let’s look at it deeper. We could become One Bermuda At some future date just need to work at it.

  14. Limey says:

    The difference between this and the PLP flip flopping, is that under the PLP, rushed proposals were legislated in the house of assembly without proper discussion, then a few months later the law/legislation was rescinded when it didn’t work.

    The OBA was given a draft proposal from a policy group, then it released the idea to the public, the public abhored it which the OBA listened to and so they decided not to legislate the recommendation, simples!!

    • 32n64w says:

      Exactly. Following limited dissatisfaction with the OBA’s handling of Term Limits voters were given the chance to voice their opinion on work permit policy (which is ultimately the driving force behind ensuring employment opportunities for Bermudians, unlike Term Limits – as was repeatedly stated by the PLP).

      The Government listened and made adjustments.

      How and why is accepting constructive criticism and revising DRAFT policy a bad thing? Haven’t the electorate been begging enough for consultation after 14 years of dictatorial PLP rule rooted in self serving initiatives?

      The PLP talking heads will try and erroneously link this discussion paper with completely non-existent OBA policy positions. Most voters are smart enough to know the difference and will recognize these false sound bites for what they are – the PLP’s misguided, uninformed and self promoting attempts to regain seats at the taxpayer buffet in they hope that can continue to award no-bid contracts to various friends and family members at our collective expense.

      PLP – $2,4000,000,000 of debt and growing by the day.

      Aren’t we fed up by now with the PLP mortgaging our children’s and grandchildren’s future for their personal enrichment today?

    • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

      Why is the OBA afraid to stand up and take responsibility for anything? Always passing off ideas to someone else or some other group of people. It is just a political strategy. The OBA did not listen to the people; they are merely attempting now to cover their butts. The PLP never put forward the idea to give any rights to dependent children of overseas folks. The OBA need to step up to the plate and claim responsibility for what they do!! Stop hiding out behind someone else or a shield.

  15. Hmmmmm says:

    So, the OBA have had to deny the “stakeholders” who suggested this NO. How long until they’re called unfriendly and unwelcoming?

  16. watchfuleyes says:

    A government listening to people? you are kidding right? I still don’t trust that Mr. Fayh won’t put this plan into action down the road further – just listen to the ambigious wording- ‘will NOT LIKELY form part of the 2013 policy’ or ‘will be revisited at a later date’ or ‘when the economy improves’( for who?) are the children of Bermudian not considered stake holders? and I am sure that the Executive worker could afford for their children not to work without it having a negative impact on their family fiances. Well it was clear that Mr.Fayh was not listening to the people at the forum last week, and now we want to praise him for listening to Bermuda? Maybe he was listening to the protest that was about to come.

    • Chris P Bacon says:

      Watchful eyes you are correct. Reminds me of how the PLP was ‘considering’ in reversing a clearly discriminatory policy involving spousal licenses for real estate. Over a year later they were still ‘considering’ it. Politicians are a bunch of BS ers on either side.

  17. Clive Spate says:

    The big problem is that Bermuda is so reliant on IB that the Govt. has to think of ways to keep the companies happy without upsetting Bermudians.

    Bermuda now needs IB more than IB needs Bermuda. Bermuda has taken it’s eye off the ball in terms of tourism as IB was the easy money.

    I personally think that the OBA should concentrate on creating the 2000 jobs they promised for Bermudians before opening up summer jobs to dependent children.

    I am in favour of opening up these position in the long term but the economy has to be in a far better state. Remembering these are summer jobs are temporary and that many Bermudian’s are benefiting from an education overseas it would be nice to see some reciprocation. It might also freshen up the tourism product.

  18. Alvin Williams says:

    The statment not likely is not a clear indication that this latest assault on Bermudian rights to employment in thier own country is in fact being scapped by this anti-Bermudian regime; the OBA government.
    I await a further statement that term limits is been restored to protect
    Bermudian employment rights. Why we don’t trust this policy because the employers has made it clear too many times that they are not prepared to employ Bermudians. but we are not defendless; they don’t want to employ our Bermudian countrymen; we don’t have to spend our money in those areas that it is clear that there is an anti-Bermudian bias.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      “I await a further statement that term limits is been restored to protect
      Bermudian employment rights.”

      But they don’t or rather term limits did not do that. Aren’t you the Alvin Williams that writes for the Workers Voice. The publication that backed out the Media Council cause it printed an incorrect statement in a piece with the tag line Alvin Williams?


  19. Alvin Williams says:

    To the one who calls himself limey and trys to make an excuse as to why Bermudian employment rights should be stolen; just his false name from which he mounts his anti-Bermudian rants irritates me and I look forward to the day that his country’s colonial and imperialist hand is removed from my country and the Governor’s House is turned into a Bermudian university and the British pay for thier own diplomatic presence just like they do in any other country where they have diplomatic relations.

    • Rick Rock says:

      You really think the Governor’s house would be turned into a “Bermudian University”? You have lost your freakin mind.

      Where’s that apology?

    • Rockfish# 1and#2 says:


      The PLP had more than enough time to deal with independence. The UK government has made it abundantly clear that if the people of Bermuda desired it, they can have it.

      Perhaps you should start another political party with a view to obtaining freedom from the colonial and imperialist masters.

      Good luck.

      • Limey says:

        Alvin, maybe you should set up the Bermuda Independence Party?!

    • Yankee says:

      I agree with Alvin regarding Limey

  20. Time Shall Tell says:

    Old trick, put something really preposterous out as an option knowing it will get not be accepted & get shut down. All so that your real agenda seems not so bad in comparison & thus is accepted instead thus get what you really wanted all along.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Or as an alternative to what you suggest the out going government as shown in Mr. Feyhe’s statement put something together to try to bribe IB or at least suggest to them that they would listen to their concerns towards the end of the PLP’s reign knowing it would be like most of the studies they did (sitting on a shelf collecting dust) or knowing they were going to lose. Lose and the OBA stubble on the minutes….. couple this with the PLP’s now strategy of trying to says the government isn’t moving at lightning pace to fix everything they broke and other out standing issues the PLP did not want to touch therefore trying to turn the public on the government .. you can finish the rest but if race doesn’t come up every 3-4 days for now till the next election which if the PLP have things their way would be a lot sooner than 5 years. Which is why they are mad at the honorable Horton and Lister……… puzzle coming together yet……….


    • Limey says:

      Spot on, this comes from politics 101 from the BBC award winning show Yes Minister and Yes Prime minister

      If you want the public to approve something that you know that they will hate, package it with something they will hate even more, and after the storm has settled, compromise with the electorate by only passing the initial policy that you wanted to pass in the first place!

  21. Sandman says:

    This is a flip flop. The Oba needs to do one of two things:
    Think more carefully before announcing policies; or
    Have the courage to follow through on controversial but important policies.

    If we are going to turn this island around, expats need to fel that bermuda welcomes them and their families.

    By caving in to the minority who are always hostile to / envious of expats it has reinforced to expats that the government is not that interested in making sure Bermuda works for them.

    Who gives a damn if there are a few extra teenagers doing some of the work that would be otherwise done by third world labour.

  22. navin johnson says:

    I agree with the first paragraph of Mr. Williams 10:26 comment….”not likely” should be changed to “will not happen”… for your 10:46 comment it will not happen in your lifetime so you don’t have to look forward to that anymore…

  23. longtail says:

    If we do not give Bermudian children (and grand children and great grandchildren!!) preference to work how on earth are they ever going to pay off the $2.4b PLP-induced debit????

  24. Prayerful says:

    If we seriously looked at last year’s summer employment status for students, we would seee that several students were left without jobs. EEven those that applied between December and March 2012. There were just not enough jobs to go around. So, why now are we looking to employ children of non-Bermudians?

    Someone said on talk radio, that the non-Bermudians should volunteer. I can see companies accepting volunteers and therefore, not needing to pay students at all!

  25. LOL (original TM*) says:

    “We also note that in the Government statement, they have tried to distance themselves from this policy by referring to the former Minister and to the Stakeholder Group members by name. This is unbecoming of a Government who must accept responsibility for the publication of any policy under their watch, and not try and defer responsibility to others.”

    But this is what I and I think most of Bermuda wanted to know the truth the who’s who. How else would we make a decision on voting day. So lets get this straight the PLP would rather that we the voting public did not know who was for and who was against a decision????? How to your vote then if you can’t see the individuals ideology that make up the parties involved……………

    LOL politics I tell you :(

  26. johnny says:

    I know some of you think that, in light of their decision to maybe scrap the proposal to allow foreign teens to work during the summer without a permit, the OBA is listening to the people. My question is, If the OBA were really listening to the people, why would they even make such a proposal?

    • Limey says:

      Mainly because the public didn’t disagree because they didn’t know such proposal existed, so how could they listen and disagree to such proposal, unless the proposal was publicly announced, come on give us a break

  27. I’m sorry that Mr. Fahy has taken this proposal off the table,but will continue to train the student grocery packers, I guess. Every time they put my eggs under the watermelon or the bread under the milk, I point out why this is “unwise” and ask them to do it right. When I get a teeth sucking response, I repack it myself and walk away without leaving any tip. You would think that any mother who wants her kid to get work as a grocery packer would teach them the proper way, but I guess it’s felt that this should be done by the Government, like they want everything else to be done by and for them. Maybe a little competition would have improved the service for everyone. Guess we’ll never know mow.

    • knowthyself says:

      @Sandman Well a lot of people “give a damn” and that is why this policy won’t leave the green room (thankfully). At least for now – we’ll see what the future holds.

      Our present government is wise to listen to the bermudian people. Otherwise they will surely lose the next election. Those swing voters will run straight back into the PLP’s loving bosom.

      One thing is for certain. Since the OBA has assumed power the voice of the people is no longer muffled or ignored. Every election will be closely contested from now on because we the people have more leverage now than ever before.

      • Limey says:

        Would you like it if the government didn’t legislate laws that in their view would benefit bermuda, because they didn’t want to upset the swing voters and thus lose the next election.

        That’s not how a government should work, by only making laws to ensure that they win at the forthcoming election. This is what’s wrong with party politics.

        A government should make tough decisions despite an inevitable election loss, to hopefully better Bermuda as a whole! !

  28. watchfuleyes says:

    And I remember the days when Bermudians had to train the so called ‘experts’ who came here to take the top jobs because they knew little to nothing in a lot of cases. So we trained them, but no more! It is really the shop’s responsibility to train their staff.

  29. wrong says:

    Ok, so my 14 year old cannot pack groceries and earn some extra pocket money – well, he will at least mow the lawn and help me trim the hedges – so that means no garden service. Teenagers need to learn from a young age that working for your additional pocket money is good – and there are many more reasons. Ridiculous decision