PLP: ‘Policy Will Disadvantage Bermudian Youth’

February 14, 2013

[Updated] The suggested change in policy that would allow for non-Bermudian children to work without the need for a work permit will “disadvantage Bermudian youth,” PLP Senator Marc Daniels said, while the Ministry of Home Affairs noted that it is a “draft document”, and said the public were advised of the proposals in the “interest of transparency.”

A statement yesterday from the Ministry said a new addition would allow for children of non-Bermudians who are under 19 years of age to work during the summer without the requirement for a work permit. The announcement received a mixed review on Bernews, with some of the 90+ comments in favour of the change, while others strongly disagreed.

That policy was one of seven suggestions, and the Senator noted that some of the suggested policies — such as the requirement for competency in English — were initiated by the PLP, said they “appreciate the government’s decision to continue to uphold those positive amendments.”

Senator Daniels said, “In a recent announcement on Wednesday, 13 February 2013, Minister Fahy stated that the government will now turn their attention to work permit policy reform to ‘ensure a balance that does not disadvantage Bermudians, but instead provide support to ensure a beneficial, profitable, business sector in an effort to grow the economy – and as a consequence add new jobs’.

“We agree with the importance of the urgent work that needs to be done to ensure that Bermudians are afforded every opportunity to provide for our families and to diffuse the stresses caused by lack of employment opportunities, which affects not just crime statistics, but our general outlook and approach to life, our hope and our fate.

“Some of the suggested policies were in fact initiated by the Progressive Labour Party, such as the requirement for competency with the English language, and therefore, we appreciate the government’s decision to continue to uphold those positive amendments.

“However, based on the announcement as reported on Bernews, and the seven talking points raised (albeit not the full extent of amendments recommended) we are concerned whether sufficient public and private consultation has been conducted to ensure that the “final draft of the 2013 Work Permit Policy Plan” is robust and comprehensive enough to combat the frequent breaches witnessed in the work permit application process.

“We are also concerned with the proposed amendment to permit the children of non-Bermudian residents to secure work opportunities without the need for a work permit. It is without question that all of us who reside on this island, whether Bermudians or expatriates, should share the same freedoms and equal treatment in our daily lives. However, in times where we are seeing unprecedented spikes in crime, particularly amongst our youth, our priority should not be to alienate them any further.

“Our concern on this issue is that the suggested change in policy will ‘disadvantage’ Bermudian youth, although unintended, as they seek their own opportunities in the workplace. We must all recognize that they are the future upon which our dreams and aspirations can be fulfilled. We therefore must take the utmost care to ensure their success in all of their pursuits.

“Our primary goal is to ensure that our Bermudian young people are afforded the opportunity to gain meaningful work experience to fuel their passion for success, to create long-lasting relationships, which they may carry throughout their lives, and to provide a platform for growth,” continued Senator Daniels.

“There is a real concern that the proposed amendment to permit another group of persons, who only reside in Bermuda due to their parents’ employment and who are not subject to work permit controls to secure gainful employment, will create future expectations which fly in the face of genuine policy reform. Bermudians will not see this as a wise policy move since our own children currently struggle to find employment opportunities whether full time or seasonal.

“We must be willing to make concessions to ensure that our youth feel that they have a place within our country so that they may carry us to even greater heights. We therefore ask that the government pause on any amendments as they relate to the employment opportunities for children of guest workers residing on the island until we can be certain that our Bermudian children are protected and afforded every opportunity to succeed,” concluded Senator Daniels.

Update 7.31pm: In response to media queries regarding the proposed amendments, the Ministry of Home Affairs stressed that it is a “draft document,” and in the “interest of transparency the public were advised of the proposals.”

A Ministry spokesperson said, “The draft Work Permit Policies document represents the collective views of the Work Permit Stakeholder Group. Hence, the final Work Permit Policies document has been released for final consultation.

“The expectation is that stakeholders share the document with members within their organisation for final consultation, therefore the current draft is subject to change prior to implementation.”

“As it relates to specific queries and concerns regarding the Government’s Summer Employment Programme (SEP) and the clause in the Work Permit Policies document which highlights the proposal of dependants of non-Bermudians being able to apply for jobs during the summer, the Ministry reminded the public of the criteria for the Government SEP.

The spokesperson noted, “The SEP is designed for Bermudian students and the aim is to provide Bermudian students from the age of 16-years with meaningful work and training experience during the summer months. SEP provides an array of summer enrichment experience within the Government and private sector and we look forward to welcoming a new group of youngsters for this year’s programme.”

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  1. Surely a under-19 year old child of a Work Permit Holder or PRC holder will only allowed to be employed if there are no Bermudians for the position. A good example of this is Lifeguards where the Govt. has always had to bring in foreigners for the summer. If instead of bringing in foreigners, under-19 year old child of a Work Permit Holder or PRC holder are used instead, it makes perfect sense to me…..

    • Roger says:

      My children are lazy. Introducing some competition at a younger age will set them in better stead for the real world stage.

      Great policy change!

      • Limey says:

        It will teach Bermudians from a young age that they should not feel ENTITLED to get a job on the island! And that Bermudians will feel proud and have their self esteem boosted to know that they were the best candidate out of everyone who applied, and that they can’t do a half arsed job and get away with it. Ad that they will have to work hard because there is a list of ppl behind them waiting to take their job!

        • Look at the Data says:

          Unemployment rate for Bermuda 8%
          Unemployment rate for Bermudians under 24 36%

          Adding more competition squeezes out those who are not high flyers. Just because you aren’t the cream of the crop doesnt mean that you don’t deserve to be able to work for a living. This policy will indeed hurt our younger generation more!

          • Limey says:

            Bermudian Students 18 years and younger aren’t actually included in the unemployment statistics because thy are still at SCHOOL, therefore we don’t know how many Bermudian kids can and can’t get a job in the summer, or even how many summer jobs are available.

            IMO if Bermudians who are 18 and over and who are out of school, then these summer jobs aren’t for them!!! Hey should be looking for full time jobs all year round that pay better!!

            • Tommy Chong says:

              Limey says: “IMO if Bermudians who are 18 and over and who are out of school, then these summer jobs aren’t for them!!! Hey should be looking for full time jobs all year round that pay better!!”

              News Report says: “new addition that allows children under 19 years of age to work during the summer without the requirement for a work permit.”

              For a saltus graduate you’re dumb as rocks & you say you were good at math. Under 19 does not only include 18. You know X < 18? Do you remember what it means when the crocodile mouth is open to the number? The minimum working age here is 10.

              You want 10 years old kids to compete with expat's kids for jobs? How do you tell who's more qualified for the job placement for a 10 year old poindexter?

              Ah yes! I know! Grocery cart races!

              The kid who gets the groceries in the car the fastest without denting costumers cars gets the job.

              You're a real dunce! Hows that make the chip on your shoulder feel? Just because you had your cake & couldn't eat it too don't sulk. Many Bermudian kids don't even get a cake let alone eat it. Now you & same school Mc Fahy want to take away the chance of them being able to work towards that cake. Is that what's going to boost your self esteem?

              • AD says:

                Its always funny, but also a bit saddening, to watch someone argue with themselves due to poor reading comprehension.

                • Limey says:

                  Chong is like a dog trying to chase his own tail

                  • Tommy Chong says:

                    OOOOH REALLY!!!!


                    I’m not the one chasing my past of not being able to work because mommy & daddy were PRC & not Bermudians. I would think that being able now to work as a business person in Bermuda is a big enough bone to suffice but I guess not.

                    As for commenter AD that you’ve chosen to side with I honestly don’t know how to remark on their one sentence comment that has no expansion to explain what they mean. I guess this would be the best response to them.

              • Limey says:

                I think you mean X < 19 , or X ≤ 18.

                Anyway my point is summer jobs aren't for those who have left school and looking fr full tie year round jobs!

                • Tommy Chong says:

                  No I meant what I typed X < 18 as in X is less than 18 since the amendment is referring to kids 18 and under so 19 is irrelevant in the sum of it just as your comment was irrelevant to the issue at hand. Here is a sight my children use if this is too hard for you to understand.

                  Sure i agree with you, “summer jobs aren't for those who have left school and looking fr full tie year round jobs” but what's this got to do with oba's plan that will take away summer jobs from locals 18 & under?

                  • Limey says:

                    News Report says: “new addition that allows children under 19 years of age to work during the summer without the requirement for a work permit.”

                    ‘No I meant what I typed X < 18 as in X is less than 18 since the amendment is referring to kids 18 and under so 19 is irrelevant.'

                    Surely you want a mathematical equation that states that X (the working age) is below 19 and not 19

                    X < 18 states that the working age is not 18 but instead 17 and below. That's why I used X < 19 or X ≤ 18. Which means the working age is 18 and below, but not 19.

                    It's better to be assumed an idiotic person, than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

              • Limey says:

                How do employers at the moment tell who is better qualified to pack groceries between two Bermudian 10 year olds?

                I see you’ve resulted once again to derogatory comments aimed at me, and aren’t able to respond to my valid point that those who are unemployed all year round should be looking for all year round full time jobs, not summer jobs! And if they can’t find all year round jobs then summer jobs should be a last resort!

                • Tommy Chong says:

                  They do it on a first come basis & let the cashiers watch them & keep them in line. Cashiers don’t play when it comes to grocery packers & I’ve seen them get told off before for messing about. If they don’t do a good job they get let go & the many other Bermudian kids waiting for a job get a turn.

                  You started with the derogatory comments towards me I’ve just done a Novak Djokovic on you & it seems that what you dish out you can’t handle when put back on your side.

                  Again! This is not about over 18 adults looking for a full time job its about Bermudian kids being shafted out of a job they REALLY need not just because they want to boost their self esteem. They need these jobs not just for the summer but also weekends & sometimes on evenings so it does become a year round subject.

                  • Limey says:

                    The policy is pretty ambiguous. I think we should find out what constitutes a Summer Job! When does a summer job officially start and end, what kind of job comes under the term summer job? Can a summer job just be on the weekends, or just once a week, or just nights? Lets find out this before we move on.

              • Limey says:

                My point is about those people who are 18 and over and are out of school!! If you have graduated from high school and aren’t going to college, surely you would want a full time all year round job than just a summer job??

                • Black Soil says:

                  Terms limits were NOT introduced by the PLP to protect jobs. The PLP are ON RECORD on saying this. What is in place to protect jobs is the Work Permit policy. And the OBA is going to be strengthening this policy.

                • Tommy Chong says:

                  Do you expect adults to ride on their parents work permit or residence permit? It was granted to them not their children they are just along for the ride just as they would be in many other countries. Especially when they are adults already.

                  If you are so sore about this why don’t you ask your parents why they never applied for full citizenship in the many years they were here. PLP was giving it out like candies at a santa claus parade when they were first elected. Why didn’t they get it then?

            • m3ke@ says:

              Limey you are an idiot. You make no valid points with your argument. Seriously you shouldn’t even post crap.

            • jack says:

              We have an unemployment crisis. Who are you to say these jobs aren’t for them? If you just finished college and your 25 then a summer job is for you. Limey you need to just STFU. You talk a lot BS.

              I hope you don’t just agree because its the OBA. Not every policy is right. This is straight BS.

          • Tooth Fairy says:

            Give me a kid that can show up EVERY DAY, ON TIME, AND does not have to take a TEXT BREAK or FACEBOOK BREAK to update their status and my boss might hire them for more thatn a week !

            We’ve tried the Summer Student thing many. many times and it wasn’t worth it. Most don’t want to work, they just want a paycheck!

            • Joonya says:

              that dont stop at summer students either..

            • jack says:

              Welcome to 2013 and popular online culture. Please don’t forget to add instagram to the list. You need a pic with the status update as well :)

              During work hours there should be limited use of personal devices. A college graduate who is serious about his or her career should not be texting all day or updating facebook statues during work hours. If they are then I don’t blame you for not hiring them because I wouldn’t hire them either.

        • Free says:

          Or it gives companies an even easier opportunity to not hire Bermudians based on a stereotype. Why would you be glad about something that will negatively affect Bermudian youth? Then you’ll be the same ones moaning and complaining when they are in the news for robbing, stealing, fighting and selling drugs.

        • LIMEY, STFU says:

          @ Limey get off your soapbox regarding Bermudian entitlement blah blah…

          In case you havent noticed there is a new government brought about a change in the way people are thinking. The OBA have a tremendous job ahead of them to remediate and then to get to the point of being proactive in setting good policies that will position Bermuda well into the future.

          To the OBA: you have more pressing issues to address rather screwing around with this piece of Work Permit Reform that allows children of Guest workers unfettered access to a finite number of summer jobs. There is a plethora of volunteering opportunities for these children. I know of these opportunities because my 21yo son has been volunteering for the last two summers.

          OBA please get on with the serious business at hand and stop this nonsense.

          • Limey says:

            Struck a nerve have I, its only because I speak the truth!

            • Free says:

              Stereotyping thousands of people is not speaking the truth.

            • m3ke says:

              Limey STFU. Seriously. You make no valid points on how this could benefit Bermudians.

              • Limey says:

                It benefits bermuda by 1) improve Bermudians as a worker as they have more competition for jobs
                And 2) entices IB companies to remain or move to Bermuda, as their children can work here in the summer, thus if there are more IB companies here, then there will be more jobs for Bermudians and more money coming in via taxes to ay the national debt!

                You have to remember the policy was recommended by the work permit policy group that was led by article minors ex PLP, and ad Bermudian members including Chris Furbert BIU, surely Chris would have put his foot down on this policy, but as it was recommended we can understand that he was all for dependent children of wph to get summer jobs

                • Limey says:

                  Patrice minors*

                • Mystique says:

                  Limey, you don’t heed good advice, do you? Many have already told you to STFU. Please oblige.

                • M3ke says:


                  1) Your first point does not strengthen the economy nor does it provide a better quality of life for the citizens of Bermuda.

                  2) Folks coming down on work permits are only supposed to be here to work. We do not want to entice people to stay here indefinitely because at some point they will want residency.

                  There is currently a job shortage and if your son or daughter was not chosen for a summer job because a guest worker’s son or daughter got the job you would have a different perception about the whole process.

                  Have you ever finished school or been away to school and been broke and understood whats its like not to be able to find a job and not even a summer job? I understand the logic of making Bermuda more competitive but allowing a guest worker’s child to get a summer job will not boost or strengthen the economy. Its almost as if your are hypothesizing with no clear evidence of your theory.

                  We need to understand that some factors which lad to our economic downturn were beyond government policy.

      • Tooth Fairy says:

        Please keep in mind that children born in Bermuda to non Bermudian parents until they “apply” for it at 21. This will help many of them earn money for college as well.

        I think it not necessarily a bad thing either. Our kids need to learn that competition in the workplace is a reality and competition is a good thing!

        I have had many young children come to my workplace with nothing prepared, no resume, not properly dressed and just say, “you got a job” and expect that this will be enough to get a job! The reality is that many of them do not want to “work” – they just want “to make money” – a very different thing.

        • Tommy Chong says:

          I stopped believing in you when I was 3 & my kids don’t believe in you either. You’re a fairy tale.

          You want “young children” coming to you with a resume saying what? I do my chores at home & I go to school? If you & employers expect a resume from kids the minister of education should have the principals tell the teachers to teach the kids to wright resumes in P1. Like I stated I don’t believe in you tooth fairy. You say many young children say, “you got a job” but you’re just making a prejudice stereotype. Again!!! I don’t believe in you tooth fairy. Neither do I even semi believe in the oba anymore as all that they’ve done so far is for foreigners not Bermudians.

        • Limey says:

          Don’t worry Tooth Fairy, I believe in you, I believe that no matter what I do, If I shove a tooth under my pillow, I’m ENTITLED to money

        • m3ke says:

          OK dropping term limits is fine. But his has gone wayyyyy too FAR. The OBA is pulling some Ewart some ish for foreigners.

      • Ole says:

        Rubbish and an irresponsible comment…careful what yo ask for…

      • Simon Says says:

        @Roger: If your kids are lazy you only have yourself to blame. I think this proposal is pure crap! WTF? It’s bad enough for young people out there and many are hard-working…some even support their families. Children of many ex-pats are already sitting pretty and will probably only work for the experience or to keep themselves busy-not to actually help put food on the table.

        I’m really starting to wonder about the OBA and exactly who are they working for here? It doesn’t look like they’re too concerned about Bermudians. They’re really starting to show their true colours and it’s mighty early in the game. The PLP warned looks like they were right…

        What on Earth have we done???

    • May Wetalk says:

      I think this policy can work for all involved, employers and under 19s. A suggestion for balance and fairness for all potential employees might be to have employers fill out paperwork for all summer hires — identifying local resident or foreign resident. This might hold everyone accountable and give an idea of the impact of this type of change.

    • B3rmud!@N says:

      The Government doesn’t have to bring them in they just do. With Lifeguarding what usually hapens is that many of the Bermudians that show up to take the swim test can’t pass it. What actually happens is that the foreigners can swim and they get the jobs. We always say Bermudians can’t do the job; but the fact is some that are willing just need to acquire the skill set necessary, and with lifeguarding they are told come and see me when you can do it, instead of us putting a program in place for them to learn to swim so that they are able to do the job.There is absolutely no excuse for the number of foreigners children working our beaches.

      • Limey says:

        If Bermudians who live on an island can’t swim, at a decent pace and for long to pass a lifeguard test, then god help us!

        • B3rmud!@N says:

          While I agree with you that it’s beyond ridiculous that we are surrounded by water and have individuals that can’t swim it’s a reality; but that doesn’t mean that we should turn a blind eye and not help, and give the first foreign person the job. Bermuda is not in a state were we can accommodate everyone. Bermudians first!!

          • Limey says:

            Yeah of course, the problem is that ppl blame the employer for hiring the foreigner, Instead ppl should be asking why the Bermudian didn’t get the job, were they unqualified, and ppl should ask themselves what they can do to improve the Bermudians prospects of getting the job!
            So with lifeguards, the govt and fellow Bermudians should start teaching more locals to swim and be able to lifeguard

            • B3rmud!@N says:

              You’re absolutely right it’s something we need to address amongst ourselves, hopefully we get it right

              • Knowthyself says:

                You assume too much Slimey.

                There are plenty of bermudians who can swim…and swim like a fish @ that. LOL

                I’ve personally never seen any ad in the paper for lifeguard positions. Perhaps those jobs are already tied up before they’re mysteriously posted.

          • .am says:

            Why would a Bermudian who couldn’t swim even apply for a job as a life guard ?!

            • Tommy Chong says:

              They wouldn’t, the commenters are just stirring the pot bull excrement to spawn more prejudices about Bermudians.

              Two years ago an instructor was brought from UK to train six Bermudians to be lifeguards & they all past with flying colours. These six have gone on to train other Bermudians. Prior to two years ago there were other trained Bermudian lifeguards but they had gone on to other jobs hence the need to bring a foreigner down to train. Lifeguard does not have the potential of a lifetime profession here so its elementary that if the trained ones have moved on over the winter & cannot train others the following summer that someone would have to be brought in to train but there’s no need to bring in more than one permit holder for this.

              • B3rmud!@N says:

                @ Tommy Chong to become a lifeguard there is an initial swim test that you must pass before being allowed to take the course. Individuals show up to that test and fail and many are Bermudians. No one is stirring any pot, you seem to have some knowledge to how the system works with the lifeguards, so if you go back and read you will see that everything I have stated is true…….. My point is that there should be programs in place to teach Bermudians who can’t swim to swim so that they can have the jobs, again there is absolutely no need for foreigners to work our beaches

      • yawn says:

        not all bermudian parents could afford to pay for the necessary swimming lessons for their kids or send them to schools with pools. and the summer lessons could only take so many. but with programs like the sandys 360, this may change.

    • frank says:

      problem solved let lifeguards use a jet ski cause they never ever wanted a black life guard

      • Tommy Chong says:

        There are Bermudian lifeguards of African descent you’re just entertaining BS from Norff Rock Cakes who’s wrong. The government brought in ONE lifeguard to train SIX Bermudians. All past with flying colours as the news report in June 2011 says & I can reference it if these crap stirrers need something to shove in their orifice to stop the waste from seeping out.

  2. AD says:

    Kind of agree with adjusting this policy slightly. I think we should allow the children of guest workers to seek employment without a work permit, but if there is a suitable local who can do the job there should be some way that they get first crack at the job.

    Of course first crack doesn’t mean “entitled to”. If the local doesn’t live up to expectations then by all means fire them and hire the child of the guest worker at the same wage.

    Exactly how many children of guest workers aged between 15-19 are here on the island? Can’t be that many to justify all this fuss.

    • Tooth Fairy says:

      Not all a guest workers children. Some are actually born here to non Bermudian parents” but are not considered Bermudian according to the law until 21 when they can apply.

    • frank says:

      first of all the parents should not have been here in the first place it seems like the so called oba is not for bermudians in the last few days it looks more and more like the old ubp fahy needs to go looks like we have to take to the streets

      • Tommy Chong says:

        Comparing oba to ubp is too kind of a comparison since ubp did look after Bermudians enough to ensure they had employment. There was little to no unemployment during ubps time. The unemployment issue here was not started by ubp or oba it was a good percentage plps fault & a small bit to do with recession. PLP may have been the ones who allowed permits for so many blue collar expats to saturate our job market but oba had promised a change for the better of Bermudians. Now oba has brought out part of a plan they have agreed on but the change is not for the better of Bermudians. This change will allow the flood of blue collar workers allowed by plp to no bring their children to Bermuda so they can take our young peoples’ jobs. This is why I wouldn’t compare oba to ubp as a better comparison would be to the old Somers Isles Company that ran Bermuda in the beginning. Just like Somers Isles Company brought in native americans when the africans they brought wouldn’t do their bidding. I regret putting my X where I did on the election ballot & I’m kicking myself now for it. I should have taking into consideration who the oba leader’s business partner was & realized he would run Bermuda like his business. I’m very sorry I took part in this mess that my children’s future will be in but there wasn’t much choice except for independent candidates.

        • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

          I just had to pre-empt this post from further down on this thread, because some may give up reading before they get to it.
          I hope all those folks who have been so negative and derogatory on this post note well the first name on this list of folks who created the proposed changes…including allowing the children of non-Bermudian workers to seek summer jobs without a work permit.

          “The Work Permit Stakeholder Group includes:

          Chris Furbert representing the Bermuda Trade Union Congress
          Anthony Wolffe representing the Bermuda Trade Union Congress
          Kellianne Gibbons representing the Bermuda Hotel Association
          Charles Dunstan representing the Construction Association of Bermuda
          Joanne MacPhee representing the Chamber of Commerce
          Keith Jensen representing the Bermuda Employers Council
          Doug Soares representing the Bermuda Human Resources Association
          Richard Winchell representing the Association of Bermuda International Companies
          Leila Maderios representing the Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers
          Dr Danette Ming, Chief Immigration Officer
          Cherie Whitter, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Home Affairs”

  3. swing voter says:

    Employers of summer students, govt included should have the moral fortitude to hire our children first. Where there is a need for some kind of certification (yea lifeguarding for example) then the PRC or WPH kiddies should be utilized.

    • frank says:

      children of prc and wph parents have no right to work here what the f==ck it going on

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Many PRC have have been given chances to acquire Bermudian status but have not because they couldn’t give two farts for it. They’re kids aren’t hurting any as many are richer than most Bermudians & thats why they were given PRC in the first place. This amendment will just allow for blue collar WPH to bring their kids from their country here to work for them just as they do in America. I guess since so many idolize America here they won’t mind us taking on its characteristics heck we already have the American type gang wars going on so why not. The only problem is America is big enough to have welfare states & with only 20.6 square miles the majority of Bermuda will become a welfare country not state. I wonder if any who think oba’s plan is a good idea have been to an inner city of an American welfare state.

  4. Yep says:

    People who disagree with this policy must not understand it. Bermudians who are just as or more qualified than the non-Bermudians will still more likely get the job. This just allows all the non-Bermudian kids who have been sitting around bored all summer a chance to actually get a job.

    In my opinion, this should have been done a long time ago.

    • OBA no more says:

      A friend of mine already told me when it comes to hiring this summer 2013, he will hire the guest workers child first. Now that he doesn’t need Immigration permission. Bermudian children need not apply.

      • Ad says:

        Oh really “a friend of yours said”, excuse me if I choose to not believe you or your imaginary friend

      • Family Man says:

        I’m willing to bet your friend doesn’t even have the authority to hire a kid to cut his grass in the summer, let alone hire anyone for a full time summer job.

      • tricks are for kids says:

        Hope nobody supports his business just for his wickedness…so IF a qualified Bermudian applies they will be turned away?…..interesting. …

      • Limey says:

        If your imaginary friend was real, the only question I would ask is, why will he hire expat kids above Bermudian kids?
        Does he believe that expat kids are more reliable, trustworthy, hard working, don’t do drugs etc? I don’t know the answer and that’s why I’m asking?
        We should seriously look into why employers don’t want to hire Bermudian kids, and instead of blaming the employers, the island should take the time to improve the caliber of the Bermudian kid seeking employment!

        • OBA no more says:

          You must be related to my friend. Since you both think alike.

          “Does he believe that expat kids are more reliable, trustworthy, hard working, don’t do drugs etc”

          • Limey says:

            I never said I believe that stereotypical view of Bermudians, I was making a point of some people’s perceptions, and how can we help them change their view of the Bermudian worker.
            Why do employers not want to hire Bermudians, is it that sterotypical view or is it cost? Or is it something else

          • Tooth Fairy says:

            I trust you andd MP Mount batten have the same friend. Is it “Hamish”.

            By the way “OBA no More” You did read the part in the paper that set these poilicies were put in place by Patrice Minors, the BIU and others? Maybe you should change your name to “Thank goodness the PLP no More”

      • Tooth Fairy says:

        Why protect your friend then? Why not name him or her? Maybe because you are lying!

        Is ANYONE hiring students this year? Who can afford it?

  5. Bobmarlin says:

    The PLP disadvantaged the Bermudian youth!

  6. Opressed says:

    PLP= Sometimes it’s better to keep quiet and be thought a fool, than open your mouth and confirm it.

  7. Bermudian Mom says:

    So now the country is responsible for provide employment for the children of guest worker to keep them out of trouble or from being bored? Last time I checked, volunteering does not require a work permit. Plenty of charities can use the free help during the summer.

    Sending them to the Grandparents and have them seek summer employment in the home country is always an option. Something most Bermudians do not have as an option.

    Why make it harder for Bermudian students to secure summer employment by increasing the number of applicants?

    • Yep says:

      It’s not about keeping them out of trouble or even boredom. It’s the fact that these kids will lack work experience. And volunteering is an option, I am not disagreeing.. but some kids and families would actually like to see some kind of income (especially with the state of the economy).

      Sending them to their grandparents is an option, for sure, but most kids would want to spend time at home with their friends and close family than be shipped away just to have a job. Many non-Bermudian kids were actually born on the island and lived here their entire life, so suggesting that they should go back to their “home country” will only make them feel more isolated than most non-Bermudians already feel.

      Bermudian students will be just as likely to secure employment as long as they meet the requirements the job is looking for. It is only a matter of competition if both applicants are equally as qualified, in which case the Bermudian should get the job.

    • Shelta says:

      Where in this do you read that it is the country’s responsibility to provide employment? It says no such thing, only that it offers an opportunity.
      I am Bermudian, but I remember trying to volunteer one summer here and being told I couldn’t; it was a unionized job and I’d be eating into overtime.

  8. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    In the past, children of WPH were not allowed to work without a work permit. It is proposed that they now be able to work without having to obtain a work permit, which, given the adversarial nature of much of this island, might adversely affect a Bermudian child’s employment chances.

    Perhaps there is some middle ground, some clause that states that WPH’s children can be hired if there is no Bermudian suitable for the position.

    It may seem as if some people are unduly exercised about this issue and the term limits issue. However, for many years it has appeared that the average Bermudian worker has consistently been passed over and the the work permit process has been abused. Over the last few years, it has seemed that the government’s unofficial policy has also favored the importation of non-Bermudian workers, as there have been more non-Bermudians in positions Bermudians are capable of filling than ever before. That has felt like being disenfranchised. Not a good feeling. Until employers, some bloggers, and some members of the Government GET this, we will have dissension.

    Government’s concern with enticing IB is seen only as a way to enrich themselves (business). There is no belief or trust in the ‘trickle-down’ effect.
    The trust gap is so wide, those who want to see Bermuda and all her people thrive, will have to think strongly and act sincerely to bring the opposing sides into some kind of alignment. I talked last night with Mr. Chris Famous. We have heretofore seen each other as being on opposing sides. Yet, in conversation, it seemed to me that we were able to find several areas of common ground.
    Effectiveness Training teaches that even those with diametrically opposed viewpoints can find common ground, can even find that they are not so far apart, if they are willing to talk and actively listen to each other. It’s a shift, I know, but we ARE worth it.

  9. tidbit says:

    Senator Daniels, what about non-Bermudian spouses?

    There are several of them here much less quailified than Bermudians even at entry level positions (no degree needed). What about Bermudians who have Managerial postions who are married to non-Bermudians and hire friends of and persons from their spousas country. Some of these postions have never even been Gazetted, which were done under a previous Government. Have Government HR Department do an audit(leave no Department out) of all their employees you might find a few. BPSU could also be included in assisting in the audit.

  10. actual person under 19 says:

    why give our student jobs to foreigners and us students have a hard time getting a job as it is this is not a good change at all. All you are doing is taking our jobs from us and then your wondering why us younger folk are (as some people say) not doing anything productive in life or we are making the island worse. well what do u expect when your slowly taking jobs from us. people really think what you are doing in the long run with this change

    • Limey says:

      They took our jobs!!!! – watch the South Park episode, very funny!

      • Limey says:

        Btw the jobs aren’t being given to foreigners, foreigners will be allowed to go toe to toe with Bermudians for summer jobs! What is to be worried about, surely the Bermudian will be a far superior candidate or…..

        • mixitup says:

          This would never be allowed… Trust me. Pipe Dream!

        • Free says:

          I’m glad you find it so amusing. You must have a pretty comfy life and don’t ever have to worry about your future. We young people do. Why should they level the playing field in OUR country? We are supposed to have more rights and the advantage. Most people wouldn’t agree to this, most sane people.

          • Let's Think About This... says:

            The playing field should be leveled in this country because if you go to another country, that will be the norm. Also, when you apply for college, no one cares what country you come from. All that matters are your grades, your potential to maintain and/or increase those grades, your ability to pay for your education, and possibly the prestige you can add to that school. Sounds a lot like the requirements of a job: how much money can you bring to this business; how well did you do at your last job; and how much better can you do here? You will be competing against people from all over the world including those in the country where the college is located. It would do our youth, and the population in general, well to stop thinking they’re entitled to a job simply because they’re Bermudian.

            • Limey says:

              I couldn’t have said it better myself!

            • Simon Says says:

              If you can’t have an advantage in your own country then god help you. I’m tired of the bullcaca that says otherwise. If you can’t get a job in your own country, where do you go? These foreigners coming here aren’t all here because they can’t find work back in their home countries…they’re here because they see how much more they can make here. Meanwhile, Bermudians are getting the shaft. Then we wonder why we have the problems we do in this country?

              It’s only a matter of time before these gangsters start turning their guns on another facet of society out of frustration…I wonder what will happen then, huh?

              • Shelta says:

                But Simon, you’re free to go and work anywhere in the EU, and no European lifelong resident has any advantage over you.
                Give it a try. Heck, you may even find that when you return to Bermuda with that experience on your resume you’ll have an advantage over most other Bermudians. Neat trick!

                • Tommy Chong says:

                  You can NOT work anywhere in the EU with a UK passport. You are only permitted to work in the UK with a UK passport providing you can get a job in an already heavily & highly competitive populated country. The UK is not the EU & the EU allows all its countries to make their own immigration laws for non EU people. Many countries in the EU have now adopted the Schengen Area laws which are extremely strict on foreign workers. There are places in the EU that even have TERM LIMITS & some are only for 3 years for certain occupations than you have to get out with no choice of permit renewal.

                  • Limey says:

                    The UK is a member of the EU, therefore with a British passport you can work anywhere in the EU and EEC which includes Switzerland. I don’t know how you didnt know that the UK wasn’t a member of the EU, the EU policy is free movement of goods and labour between its member states.

                    The schengen treaty has nothing to with immigration laws, it was set up in 1995 to remove internal borders within its member states, e.g. You show your passport when you fly into France from America, but if you then travel from france into Belgium you don’t have to show a passport, just walk in. However the UK didn’t sign up to the schengen treaty, so if you enter the uk from France you have to show your passport.

                  • Limey says:

                    Il direct you to the EU website

                    Which states :

                    As an EU national, you’re entitled to work — for an employer or as a self-employed person — in any EU country without needing a work permit.

                    Exception — Bulgarian and Romanian nationals still face temporary restrictions on working in the EU.

                    And while doing so, you are entitled to live there — subject to certain conditions.

                    • Limey says:

                      Can also work in Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway, of course there might be restrictions, ie you have to have a grasp of their language

            • Free says:

              Um I don’t care about going to another country. I am talking about my country and I would not expect to go to another country and have a better advantage or more rights, OR equal rights than those native citizens. So thanks Captain Obvious. I know my place and when I am in another country I am a guest and act like one. Colleges are not the same as jobs. Logic fail. Do you think Americans would be fine with Bermudians going to their country and not needing any sort of work permit rights and can just walk into a job? Stop thinking all Bermudians are entitled. Bermudians who are qualified for a job should ALWAYS get the job over non-Bermudians. End of discussion.

            • Knowthyself says:

              Bermuda doesn’t fit the norm and shouldn’t seek too.

              Check your geography!! We’re one of the smallest nation states in the world.

              We must protect our own. Interpret that as you may :)

          • Limey says:

            I have to worry everyday about my future, I know if I take my foot of the gas regarding my job at work, then I will lose it as there are 100s of other competent, equally highly qualified, eager unemployed people ready to jump in at any moments chance to take my job! I’m not entitled to my job, if I do a poor job I get fired. Unfortunately some people can’t comprehend this whole notion!

            • Free says:

              Thanks for avoiding the question. You brag now, wait until a foreigner takes your job and your so called great job performance had nothing to do with it. Remember those stereotypes of Bermudians you spew will apply to you as well, so they’ll get rid of you based off that notion alone. You’ll change your tune real quick then.

              Where did I say anything about poor job performances and Bermudians should still be able to keep their job? Nowhere! That’s not what the discussion is about and if that was they case, obviously they should lose their job. Stop going off the deep end with your ramblings and stay on topic.

    • .am says:

      If your grammar is anything to go by, you’d benefit a great deal more from summer school than being put to work.

      • Without a doubt says:

        uh huh, blame the victim not the system…taking potshots at a person who could be disenfranchised like that must make you feel like the small pr**ck that you are.

        • Limey says:

          So education is to blame?? Tara what I’ve been saying for years! Bermuda needs to up its game re education! However you can have the best schools and teachers in the world but there will still be a few children who have an attitude and will not want to Learn! Go on facebook or bbm text instead

  11. ohyea! says:

    I am all for us Onions getting top Jobs as long as they dont drug test,gang test us and make us start work before 10am oh an Im not working cup match na eat them apples

    • Limey says:

      Ad I leave work at half 3 to go down Dockies to watch Man United play champions league!

  12. Discouraged says:

    CEO of Company X on work permit without term limits will now ensure his young son or daughter has the job at his company…the immigration process does not catch things by any stetch of the imagination.

    • Discouraged says:


    • Tooth Fairy says:

      Funny how perception changes when convenient for those that love to complain

      1 minute some people are complaining that the expats are making all the money, getting rich and living the life and their kids will never need to work! The next, they are worried that their kids (that didn’t need to work) are going to steal all the work.

      I’m confused????!!!

    • Without a doubt says:

      Precisely, my job allows me to see this being done across my mulinational company. Without a doubt it would happen in Bermuda at the expense of my young Bermudian son who is eminently qualified for the summer job, moreover, I would help him to succeed.

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      What I heard was that people on work permits will have to sign a declaration that they fully understand the work permit does not entitle them to Bermudian status. Also, the work permit stipulates how long that person can be employed here. Term limits have nothing to do with that.

      You are right that the immigration process has been failing us for quite a long time. There have been work permit abuses that have only increased in number during the last 4-5 years. Those loop holes will have to be closed, and it sounds like that is next on the cards. Not a minute too soon, either.

      • Mystique says:

        A signed declaration means nothing against statute which permits persons to be considered for PRC status. Government has short-tern, tunnel vision on this matter of PRC status!

    • Roger says:

      CEO of Company X on work permit without term limits ensures company remains in Bermuda employing several hundred Bermudians. Bermudians decide to alienate CEO’s children because they are not children of the entitled.

      CEO of Company X relocates to Grand Cayman / Ireland / wherever for a more acceptable existence, several hundred Bermudians lose their jobs.

      “That showed him who was in charge” say the Bermudians.

  13. Liars says:

    Typical plp trying to create problems to make themselves look good….because that’s all they are good at!

    • sponge bob says:

      PLP’s fault to begin with. 14 years of crappy education. 8% pass rate in math etc. If you want a job get skilled, get educated or expect nothing.

      • actual person under 19 says:

        now see u cant blame that solely on the plp in the past i have had teachers tell me and other students they do not care they have their education so you need to start criticizing teachers also if your gona pull that card on plp

  14. Laura says:

    When I was a teen, in another country, I greatly benefited from a summer programme established through my church. The adult church members contributed to a fund that financed a summer salary to students who then worked in community organisations; for the deaf, the blind and a crippled children’s centre. It was a modest income, but provided worthwhile summer employment and a valuable addition to the student’s resume. Let’s look at means to employ all our youth wishing to spend productive summers in Bermuda, shared with their parents! The potential is limitless if the community comes together for the benefit of the students. No reason for, or benefit from, any student remaining idle in the summer months!

    • Hmmm says:

      …why cant the churches in bermuda do something similar? sounds like a good idea. the churches csn be more relevant proactive and useful.

  15. Time Passages says:

    PLP get a grip. You aren’t in power any more. Boo Hoo.

  16. Time Passages says:

    Foreigners are so very important to Bermuda that it is time to give some concessions. Anyone who does not understand this is quite simply too stupid to vote (but does anyway – most likely PLP). Bermudians are not used to actually having to give concessions but now is the time. Bermuda must be an attractive place for foreign people to come and work. Giving their teenage kids the right to work is a small price to pay. It is OBA sense at work verses PLP incompetence.

    • OBA dont squander political capital on silliness... says:

      Foreigners are Very important but not their effin children for god’s sake.

    • Mystique says:

      Of course, according to your racist logic, anyone who doesn’t accept second class citizenship in comparison to expats must be unintelligent and a PLP supporter. Time Passage you’re a damn ***!

  17. Limey says:

    The govt asked the IB what can we do to entice you to stay or come here! And they responded let our kids work in the summer, and the govt listened, and the rest is history!

    • mixitup says:

      Are you Kidding me? No! should have been the answer! There are hundreds of struggling Bermudian college students in Canada and America who bee line home looking for work to just be able to continue their studies, and now have to compete for a job in their country with a “Bored” child of a non-Bermudian… I must have read this wrong!

      • Limey says:

        Without IB then there will be no jobs for those Bermudian college students in America and Canada to apply for in Bermuda when they finish their studies, in the first place. Bermudians have to think, do they want IB here providing money and jobs, or not! I wait your response. And I’m afraid you can’t pick and choose the best perks of IB, there are 6000 less people on the island and some IB companies have left and moved to pastures new, those companies aren’t coming back, once they’ve gone, they have gone. The govt job at the moment is to stop the haemorrhaging, it’s like closing THe barn door after the horse has bolted!

        • Mystique says:

          Yeah Limey, without IB, Bermudians would be running about in grass skirts with nothing to eat but bananas and loquats, because we are such an inherently dumb people. Thank God for IB for saving the savages!

    • Mystique says:

      And any and everything IB wants they should get, even to the detriment of Bermudians! Limey you are a first class *#%!

  18. SunShine says:

    It’s my country and my children and I expect to have a job in our country and foreigners are second because I won’t expect to be first in their country and they shouldn’t be expected to be first in mine!!

    • Grubster says:

      Fair enough, but I hope then that your children do not go to UK universities and get part time jobs in the UK, either through term time or in the holidays

    • Yep says:

      “I expect to have a job in our country”

      Expect all you want, lol.

    • Free says:

      Exactly. People come to Bermuda and think the rules go out the window and are entitled to more than Bermudians, they want to claim Bermuda and take over. That’s why so many of them post on Bernews and RG after being booted out of here. They get so bitter because they want to stay forever.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      If you expect to have a job in our country you must have been disappointed by the 4,000 Bermudian unemployment caused during the time the PLP were in.

      The biggest thing the PLP gave us was structural unemployment.

    • sponge bob says:

      If IB leave then there won’t be any jobs for anyone. Bermuda’s main service sector will be growing onions!

      • Tommy Chong says:

        Where is IB going to go if we don’t let their worker’s children have a job. There is no other place that caters to IB in the world that allows the worker’s children to have jobs.

  19. RJ says:

    I have read the comments noted thus far with much hilarity. I am not a lawyer but I am concerned that the definition of a ‘child’ of a WPH needs to be clarified.

    Since the age of majority in Bermuda is 18 years old, should it not read “the adult child of a WPH (18-19)”? Why not limited the age to “under the age of 18?” That would mean that we are all talking about a ‘child’ of a WPH. Why is the cut off 19? Why not 21 or 26? Is there pressure being applied from elsewhere?

    It is critically important for the Premier to begin leading since ultimately all actions instituted by his Ministers are carried out under his delegated authority. He is therefore responsible for all policies and actions instituted by his Cabinet; ALL!!!

    I believe that the Bermudian people would like to hear from him as to rational for his instituting such a strange and poorly thought-out policy at this time when there so many more important matters to tackle as articulated in the Throne Speech.

    I would urge the Premier to maintain focus and execution on the most important things first and to avoid raising insignificant matters that divide the country and nullifies his vision and articulated commitments to the people of Bermuda. Mr. Premier, we want (no we need) to hear from you.

  20. Alvin Williams says:

    Step by step the OBA government will turn Bermuda into another Cayman Island where the Cayman islanders now find themselves out numbered by the foriegn migrant worker and Britain will allways step in to protect thier kit& kin. All those Bermudians who stayed away from the polls and allowed this anti-Bermudian regime to gain power will now find out the hard way that it is allways good to idenify and protect one’s political interests. one good thing though; next time they will run to the polls; they will run right pass me to bring an end to the licking that they will now have to endure under this anti-Bermudian regime.

    • Woahh says:

      Would you rather us become more like Cayman or Jamaica? I will wait…. Your vision is blurred if you really believe this is an anti-Bermuda regime. This is a much needed intervention!!

      Young Bermudian

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Since you’re an expert on Cayman, In Cayman Islands do the journalists have integrity, or are they liars? If they are found to have lied, do they apologise or do they hide like rats?

    • sponge bob says:

      Well Bermuda isn’t going to pay off the national debt by selling onions or giving tourists an experience they won’t forget. But having 6000 extra tax payers might. The debt amounts to at least $50,000 per head of capita are you willing to pay high taxes, say an extra $10,000 per year for the next decade to offset this debt?

  21. Bobmarlin says:

    OBA , hopefully you can clean up the mess!

  22. Grubster says:

    Really, I love the fact that it’s implied that everyone, Bermudian/non Bermudian will get these wonderful holiday jobs. Whilst I’m aware that the likes of HSBC, the big law firms and the big insurance companies take on students in the holidays, there really should be enough waitressing, pot washing type jobs to go around for everyone. In some ways these are more valuable experiences for students during vacation as it shows a real commitment to hard work, rather than they were lucky enough to have some family/friend connection in big IB firm.

  23. Islander says:

    Oh Crap!!! The OBA is trying to get and keep our people employoed. The PLP got them on financial assistance, homeless, destitute, education at it’s lowest, heck they even tried to doctor the test results and so on. Foreign workers children have held summer jobs in this country for years and now people are crying. Immigration has for years been allowing more an dmore menial workers in and eventually their sister, cousin, brother, uncle, nephew to follow them – not thinking of how this will affect/effect our children, husbands, wives, so on…. Now the OBA is making it legal for these children to work you are moaning and groaning. My child i slooking for a job for the Summer is there anyone working part-time anywhere willing to give up their job for the summer and let her work – dun think so…..

  24. navin johnson says:

    thinking about this one I would agree with the PLP on this issue(did I really say that? first time for everything) enough is enough find summer jobs for Bermudians children instead of shutting them out….stupid move on behalf of the OBA…..

    • Confused, worried says:

      @ Navin, on this matter, this will be first time i have agreed with the PLP.

      I agreed with the abolition of the term limits as we didn’t need a law to prohibit the expectation of permanent status by Guest workers. The simple measure would have been to stamp the required words in the GW’s passport and have the GW sign it so that it remained a constant reminder whenever they travelled in and out of Bermuda.

      I agree with the proposed enforcement and tightening up up existing Work Permit Rules.

      I do not understand or see the benefits of opening the floodgates for all and sundry persons under the age of 19 to compete for a very very finite number of summer jobs. My 21 yo son has spent two summers being unemployed during the summers. Thankfully he volunteered during the summers which gave rise to him acquiring additional skills set, a better work ethic and more comprehensive resume.

      There is no need to change the existing policy. If anything, allow the children aged under 21 of PRC’s to work without work permits. Children of Work Permit Holders should not have the free access to employment as our Bermudian children.

  25. W says:

    Most summer students At my place of work get hired bc a family member Or close family friend Gets them in. I don’t Think that Will Change No matter what Happens.

  26. Amazed says:

    It is a fact that summer jobs have become a rare resource and I have no doubt that if a guest worker has the opportunity to hire their own child first they will do so. This would be natural and expected so clearly while I understand the intent of this proposed policy change I dont see how it can be effectively managed so as not to disadvantage Bermudians students. More thought needs to be put into this initiative.

    • Limey says:

      Yeah more thought does need to go into the policy! As you said it’s only natural for a expat to hook up his son or daughter to a summer job at his IB company, just as its only natural for a Bermudian who runs his own company to hook up his own son and daughter to a summer job at his company!! It’s natural instinct to look after your family, family comes first.

  27. OBA dont squander political capital on silliness... says:

    @ Amazed. Agree wholeheartedly. OBA you are on the verge of alienating the new swing support you garnered in the last election. Don’t be like President Obama and squander your political capital so early on AND on such as silly piece of reform that pales in comparison to the multitude of issues you have in front of you remediate. Premier Cannonnier please take heed.

  28. Really? says:

    Define English… cause Bermudians like most certainly do not speak this um um language!

  29. Really? says:

    HAR HAR HAR!!! now it is there time to complain about whats not going their way… Gosh it feels good to be on the controlling side of the coin after a 14 year spell on the side lines… What did the PLP say when they passed certain laws and policies and the opposition public thought it the wrong move or a nieve judgement??? They turned to us and said “Tough, we dont care what you think”

    So guess what PLP and anyone who does not support these decisions…


    • Limey says:

      It is a PLP recommendation under Patrice Minors so I don’t know why Marc Bean is moaning, it was his govt who set up the group that decided to implement this dependent child policy

  30. Bermudian says:

    OMG what is the big deal? This Island has always had guest workers and always a high employment rate until good ole PLP came in and ruined it. Get over it…we need foreigners, their wives and children on this Island spending money by working and buying to help stimiulate our economy.

  31. Limey says:

    The funny thing is that the group that recommended these policies was set up under the PLP govt and was continued by the OBA govt. Patrice Minors and the rest of the Bermudians on the group decided to allow dependent children of work permit holders to gain summer jobs. The OBA are just following their recommendations

    “Former Minister Minors invited a wide cross section of representatives to collaborate on the policy review and Minister Fahy supported their continued participation after assuming responsibility for Immigration upon taking office in December.”

    Minister Fahy said the “proposed policy amendments seek to remove many of the barriers, real and perceived, associated with Bermuda being open for business. As a result the proposals are broad and aggressive.”

    The Work Permit Stakeholder Group includes:

    Chris Furbert representing the Bermuda Trade Union Congress
    Anthony Wolffe representing the Bermuda Trade Union Congress
    Kellianne Gibbons representing the Bermuda Hotel Association
    Charles Dunstan representing the Construction Association of Bermuda
    Joanne MacPhee representing the Chamber of Commerce
    Keith Jensen representing the Bermuda Employers Council
    Doug Soares representing the Bermuda Human Resources Association
    Richard Winchell representing the Association of Bermuda International Companies
    Leila Maderios representing the Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers
    Dr Danette Ming, Chief Immigration Officer
    Cherie Whitter, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Home Affairs

  32. Jobs says:

    Bermuda is a small place with limited job openings especially in these times. I’m all for Bermudians being employed in their country. Charity begins at home!

  33. Out n about says:

    Bermudians should get priority, but only if they meet the requirements. This sense of entitlement needs to stop.

    How can i disagree with this policy? When I was in college in the states, I held 2 jobs during the school year and summer breaks. Why, because I applied and the employer felt I was suitable.

    Bermudians, if you were given the opportunity to work abroad you would take it right…

    Sometimes, I believe we as a community are selfish.

    • Knowthyself says:

      Bermuda is only 21 square miles buddy. Nothing selfish about that… We need to have first priority. Unfortunately that is rarely…if ever the case. Not because of self-entitlement but to ensure that we promote our most important asset…”The bermudian black male”. Particularly the youth.

      Foreigners prefer to work with foreigners or white bermudian males. And that is simply to ensure there organizational cultural is upheld. And in many cases it’s there personal preference to do so.

      You throw a black bermudian male in the equation and it’s like tossing a monkey wrench in the machine. In there eyes at least.

  34. Jobs says:

    I’m all for the right person being employed hopefully a Bermudian! You can’t compare Bermuda to a larger country. Yes IB is needed to stimulate the economy but in this country there needs to be a fair balance as the locals need to be able to thrive in their own country of birth if they choose to stay or otherwise Bermudians will need to leave and relocate to another country for jobs. Most would rather not leave who I have talked to!

  35. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    I just had to repost this. I hope all those folks who have been so negative and derogatory on this post note the first name on this list of folks who created the proposed changes…including allowing the children of non-Bermudian workers to seek summer jobs without a work permit.

    The Work Permit Stakeholder Group includes:

    Chris Furbert representing the Bermuda Trade Union Congress
    Anthony Wolffe representing the Bermuda Trade Union Congress
    Kellianne Gibbons representing the Bermuda Hotel Association
    Charles Dunstan representing the Construction Association of Bermuda
    Joanne MacPhee representing the Chamber of Commerce
    Keith Jensen representing the Bermuda Employers Council
    Doug Soares representing the Bermuda Human Resources Association
    Richard Winchell representing the Association of Bermuda International Companies
    Leila Maderios representing the Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers
    Dr Danette Ming, Chief Immigration Officer
    Cherie Whitter, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Home Affairs


  36. Bermudican says:

    Duerr Charged With Firearm, Ammo Possession
    New Job Opening?

  37. Bermudican says:

    I can see it now All jobs on the island will have to be negotiated with Term limits. three month term limit job is over. PLP fought so hard for that . it will cut down on unions in government and civil servant jobs they think should last till they die..LOL
    Privatize government jobs, put a term limit on the job, when that term is up bye bye employee . C’Yah!
    Standing Strong !

  38. BING says:

    yeah and how many young Bermudians want to wake up at 6 to go work construction or landscaping Ive had many OLDER Bermudians tell me they quit construction because it was to hot PLP lay down we work cause we are not lazy most of us start at 13 because we want to and we sacrifice a lot of social activities to work for our families not all Bermudians are lazy but a lot of these youth are im sorry but thats how i feel