Photos/Video: Military Aircraft Departs Bermuda

March 25, 2013

On Saturday morning the fleet of military aircraft that had stopped at LF Wade International Airport departed the island. The aircraft left in two different groups, with the first leaving at around 11am, and the second group leaving around 45 minutes later.

A few people gathered at the airport to watch the nine aircraft depart, and a few of the planes did a ‘fly by’ over the east end after taking off. You can view photos of the military aircraft arriving in Bermuda on 20 March here, and a video of the second set of military aircraft arriving in Bermuda on 22 March here.

Click photos to enlarge:

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Comments (16)

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  1. nuffin but da truth says:

    Nice shooting Bernews and Thank You!

  2. DCJ says:

    Interesting thing – RAF Typhoons with US Airforce tankers. On the way to Lajes, Azores when they left.

  3. DCJ says:

    Also why is the Radar still not working? Made it a difficult task to coordinate the two flights out for the FAA air traffic controller.

  4. swing voter says:

    mannnnn missed the show….again ;-(

  5. Future says:

    As if we don’t have enough issues already, it seems we are increasingly sponsoring these tErrorists. (The capital E is deliberate….a lot of people don’t see the Error in terror.)

    • nuffin but da truth says:

      go boil ya head sucker!

    • Micro says:

      What are you on about bie?

    • Come Correct says:

      For once, I can agree with you. Not sure about the error bit but they are definitely terrorists.

  6. Time for Revolution says:

    FYI….. Image 5 is a female. Only woman flying the Typhoon….

  7. Time for Revolution says:

    Correction…… Image 8

  8. CommonSense says:

    These aircraft were accompanying General Sir Peter Wall, the professional head of the British Army. He visited the Bermuda Regiment Camp briefly Saturday morning.

    • Bermy says:

      No they were not….. obviously a case of just running your mouth and have no what you are talking about

      • CommonSense says:

        Actually I was at the Regiment Camp on Saturday and met him, so you my friend are the one that doesn’t know what he is talking about.

        • CommonSense says:

          For someone as high profile as him to not make his presence known is not unusual, for his own safety. He was clearly on his way to the States and decided to stop off and see where he will be sending one of his Colonels when the current head of the Regiment is replaced. I don’t see what the point of me making something like this up would be…

  9. citi zen says:

    I live in St. Davids and this was the first time I had the opportunity to actually see this. It was a beautiful thing to see. Great job Bernews!

  10. DCJ says: