Puppy Euthanised After Botched Tail Docking

April 10, 2014

The SPCA is asking anyone who may have knowledge about a situation which involved a puppy being injured and subsequently abandoned in a dumpster to contact them.

The puppy was found in a dumpster in Devonshire today [Apr 10] by a Bernews reader who emailed the photo in. The reader explained that he went to dump some trash and found the puppy sitting in the dumpster, so contacted the SPCA and waited with the puppy until he was collected.

After receiving the photo we contacted the SPCA to get some information, and received the unfortunate news that the puppy had to be euthanised as he was suffering from an incurable condition that was likely caused by a botched attempt at tail docking, which is the intentional removal of part of an animals tail.

The puppy found in the dumpster:

injured puppy

In explaining the situation an SPCA spokesperson said, “The puppy in question was taken to a veterinarian for assessment and it was discovered that the puppy had a chronic medical condition resulting in the inability to control its bowels. This is probably why the puppy was dumped. Unfortunately this condition has no treatment so the puppy was euthanised.

“It is quite likely that the problem was caused by a botched attempt at tail docking. The puppies tail had been cut too short and the nerves surrounding the rectal area had been permanently damaged.

“While tail docking in Bermuda is not illegal, it is illegal for it to be done by anyone other than a licenced veterinarian. Whoever did this to the puppy has broken the law and caused unnecessary suffering.

“There is no reason for anyone to dump a dog like this. It was a cowardly act. The SPCA is continuing its inquiries into this situation and if any members of the public have any information that may be of help to us please contact us as soon as possible.”

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the SPCA on 236-7333. The SPCA also offers an online form on their website for people to report cases of animal cruelty.

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  1. J24 says:

    do the same to the culprit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that did this, sick fool.

  2. Jr Smith says:

    Animal mutilation should be illegal period…

    • PLOP says:

      Most place longer cut tails or clip ears but believe it or not breeders of Dobermans and other breeds will pay to take puppies of island to have the procedure done in order to get top dollar for their puppies. It is cruel and unnecessary! Customs should prevent their return or up the duty to 1000% to discourage people from doing it.

  3. Wondering Why says:

    Absolutely sickening! I hope they catch the heartless thug that did this horrendous act to a poor, defenseless puppy.

  4. Bdaluv says:

    WTF!!!! please find the person who did this and throw the book at them! make an example of them.
    Poor sweet baby rest in peace.

    • PLOP says:

      I agree!!! To discard a live animal as if it was trash??? Sick person! They should be caged behind bars and fed from a bowl for a year ! Then hop off their private parts and throw them in a dumpster.

  5. Doug says:

    WTF people? toss a pup in the trash? Justice will find you

  6. DreamCatcher says:

    This just ruined my night. Animal and child cruelty are so disturbing. Poor baby.

  7. crystal says:

    POOR THING! WHO WOULD DO THAT?!! They have some nasty people on this island!
    RIP beautiful puppy!

  8. Onlooker says:

    Any mutation of an animal should be ILLEGAL then that way we know whoever has an animal with such features should be arrested and punished severely. There is no good reason why a vet would need to perform such an act either. This needs to be amended immediately and tougher penalties should be enforced for animal cruelty. This island needs educating about how to treat, keep and love animals. You only need to drive around the block to see someone out with an illegal dog. Oh, and it’s not the dogs fault either… PUNISH THE OWNERS. Animals can feel pain just like humans, mutilation would never be allowed on humans so why animals!?!?? The vets need to start speaking up about these issues which plague this island.

    • Eye of Horus says:

      Mutilation is allowed on humans although I believe it shouldn’t be unless the human is old enough to knowingly agree. Some my argue it’s a religious or cultural right but even then I feel every human has a right to knowingly choose what religion cultures & customs to follow.

      As for animals if mutilation is only for looks such as tail & ear cutting I believe that should be illegal but for purposes like study tracking I think the ends may justify the means.

      • Onlooker says:

        What is ‘study tracking’?

        • xo says:

          not sure it is “study tracking” but when a feral cat is trapped and spayed or neutered and released back to its colony they clip the top of the ear off. That way they know which cats are fixed and which ones need to be.

          • Really ?!? says:

            Ok – yes clipping the top of the ear fine – but to take so much of the tail that the nerves are damaged and the poor thing cant control himself – that is pure mutiliation for looks ONLY. If a dog wasn’t supposed to have a tail or ears they would be born without them.

            To the owner of the puppy – I hope you have nightmares for the rest of your life – you did this to a poor defenseless animal and then just dumped him – obviously it wasnt done by a vet – if it was you should have taken him back to that vet and demanded an explanation, demand that the vet have his licence taken and the dog could have been put out of his misery sooner and not left in a dumpster to die like a piece of garbage.

  9. Angry n Upset says:

    To the offender (who will come to this page to see the news, it is inevitable… they will look at this page!) Karma is a circle, it will come back to you.

  10. Tonya Howard says:

    So very upsetting – how could someone do such a thing? The fact that someone thinks this is okay is so disheartening. What a cute little thing. OMG there is not hell enough for the person/persons who did this.

  11. Whathesaid says:

    Actually it is not illegal for anyone other than a veterinarian to dock tails. It is legal under 7 days for a breeder to do tail docking. Ear cropping is illegal unless done by a licensed veterinarian. The thing here is a tail cocking was most likely done well after 10 days, and was done unsterile probably causing issues. Then the puppy was discarded in the TRASH!!! Please remember you can call crime stoppers anonymously!

  12. J Flood says:

    shouldn’t be that difficult to find the owner, check out the breeder’s licence, or oops, is it another case of illegal breeding? it really is about time the courts took these types of cases seriously and imposed maximum fines – and ruled against the perp owning animals in the future.

  13. daddyluv says:

    Said story even if he had a good,tail he would have died

    • Redo says:

      No he would not have died. Read the article.

      • Wondering Why says:

        He may not have died, but he would have been subjected to a lifetime of misery. Im sure his horrible owner would not have treated him kindly at all.

  14. It's ok.. says:

    I’m not happy that someone would do something like this!!! This dog was like a child to some people. Please put the dog up for adoption. Someone will live him/her!!! Geesh!

  15. nuffin but the truth says:

    I’d like to dock their “tails”

  16. JB says:

    I wondered about the purpose of docking a dog, so used Google. It has no clear purpose except interestingly it “increases the animal’s speed, and prevents injuries when ratting, fighting, and baiting.”
    It also hinders it’s use for social cues to others dogs and so the animal grows up anti-social and therefore more aggressive.
    Sounds like the rat who did this was planning on using it for illegal purposes.
    In the UK those who do this and are caught are “liable for a fine of $20,000 or 51 weeks of imprisonment or both.”
    I wish we could get that kind of justice here .

  17. James Rego says:

    We have some very wicked people on this island.

    The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
    Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948).

  18. Pins says:

    Don’t the SPCA just kill the dog like all those pit Bulll puppies they kill every year who’s the real botches here? They mile hundreds of dogs every year, why cause there teeth are a little bigger. cause there stronger than other dogs? Whyyy cause theirs killers almost as bad as the guy who botched the tail, these people are only looking for someone to prosecute a and make money off. humans don’t turn on one particular race of people cause of their in differences !!!! But they KILLLLL ALLL those PIT BULL PUPPIES cause they’re pit bulls but yet they’re still just a dog! Getting tired of the system and its failing self reason y everyone is stuck paying the stupid inflation rates on houses that your for farther prob paid 20 or 30 thousand $$ for 50 years, ago lol keep putting power Into the system keep fuelling them and whatch when they turn o.n you….

    • Craig Clinton says:

      Dummy, spca doesn’t kill anyone. The government does.

      • James Rego says:

        Sorry Craig, you really don’t know, do you?

    • Really ?!? says:

      “humans don’t turn on one particular race of people cause of their in differences !!!! ” – I think you need to go and read some history books – and see what humans do to other humans based on their differences – you will not have to go to far back in history either.

  19. Ex Mea Sententia says:

    The human being (and I use the term loosely)who did this should have a bodily part removed in the same way this appalling act of cruelty was inflicted on this puppy. I would also hope that the people who act as Dog Wardens actually take some action in this regard rather than spending their time listening to the bleating of idiots who worry about the odd dog bark.

  20. SouthDevonshire says:

    This saddens me! Poor puppy! What is wrong with people now a days? Dumping a Puppy? This puppy is so cute.

  21. SouthDevonshire says:

    I think tail docking on dogs should be illegal in Bermuda! It is a cruel act! I always thought that the SPCA or vet had to do this to the dogs for upon the owners request. But after watching videos on youtube just now.. I guess I was wrong.. What type of puppy is he/she??

  22. Paula Burgess says:

    If you don’t like animals or cannot take care of them, give them to someone who can. I can’t stand it when animals are abused. Animals feel pain and neglect too!

  23. Disgusted says:

    Who leaves a puppy to die in a dumpster after purposefully mutilating it?! This sick psycho deserves to burn in hell! What goes around comes around….

  24. Mumbo Jumbo says:

    Poor little boo boo….we love you puppy….I’ll see you later in Heaven.Look for anyone with new born Rotties…then shrow de book at him….make sure it’s a big heavy one!

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      Excellent point, if this is a rottie just look out for other pup rottie owners that have bought one and you will find the breeder and then the “once” owner of this one! The one selling them will have to fess up who he sold them to! If he doesn’t then press charges on them!!!

  25. ...SO sad says:

    ANd whomever this puppy belonged to should get the book thrown at them. How dare they do this. I feel so sorry for this puppy. The owners should be prosecuted and sent to jail ASAP. I hope someone knows of the owners of this cute precious thing

  26. Mumbo Jumbo says:

    I had my tail docked when I was a pup…but my parents tokk me vet!…..

  27. Mumbo Jumbo says:

    They are a lot less scary …and a lot less costly than KEMH…..pity aminals can’t have insurance according to how their taken care of…

  28. Open Minded says:

    If this puppy was from a registered litter it shouldnt be hard to find out who the owner is/was.

  29. Kathy says:

    Ashamed to be human!

  30. HeyBye says:

    To put this little puppy through such pain and suffering and to toss it in in the garbage reflects poorly on our society.

  31. Family pet says:

    This is sad and inhumane. I would never dream of doing that to my pet. Most of us agree that animal mutilsation is bad, but society seems to think that it’s ok to neuter them?!! Sounds like one and the same to me…. The response I got from a vet when asked about better ways is that it’s easier to remove the testicals completely rather than give a vasectomy. I can’t understand the logic but I had to do it to save my pet from being euthanized. It’s a shame that less invasive procedures can be done here

  32. Dee says:

    SICK BASTARDS! How very sad!!!

  33. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    And shockingly this story was reported in yesterday’s London Metro newspaper:

    “Solicitor jailed for letting her dog starve to death in locked kitchen”

    A trainee solicitor was jailed today for leaving her dog to starve to death, locked in a kitchen, while she went away.

    Katy Gammon failed to visit boxer Roxy while staying with her mother close by – trapping the animal without food and water.

    Her pet lay undiscovered for ten weeks until a neighbour saw swarming flies through the kitchen window and called police.

    When RSPCA officers were called to the Bristol address on November 3 last year, the dog’s body was so decomposed they needed a shovel to scrape it up.

    ‘On arriving at the address, officers said they felt physically sick,’ said Lindi Mayer, prosecuting for the animal charity.

    ‘She suffered the discomfort of a slow and painful death which could have been prevented.’

    More than 100,000 people had signed an online petition calling for Gammon to be jailed, Bristol magistrates’ court heard.

    The 27-year-old, whose legal career has been ended by the conviction, said she had been feeding the dog after moving to her mother’s but stopped after injuring her knee.

    She cried during the hearing and said she ‘hated herself’. Gammon was jailed for 18 weeks.


    Note: Sadly animal cruelty has no geographical boundaries, no educational barriers and no social, cultural and/or financial limits…

    London, England

  34. Sickened says:

    This is so disturbing beyond words, that it makes me literally ill. I would bet money that this deranged monster’s sociopathic ego would have led him to “show off” this darling puppy to at least one person. Whoever that person is, is just as guilty for not turning him in, as the perpetrator of this evil act. Assuming I am right, I hope whoever you might be, you will search your conscience and step up the plate and speak up. It can never be made right, but by doing the right thing now may prevent him from doing it again to another defenseless animal.

  35. D says:

    OMG!Pooe little puppy! My heart is aching just thinking about what that little puppy had to endure. I hope they catch the person and lock them up!!!!!! And if they don’t, then Karma will catch up with them for sure.

  36. D says:

    “poor” little puppy………

  37. Katie Stokes says:

    sadly cruelty to animals & Humans happens al around the world making short lives a painful nightmare the people who administer this cruelty have often been abused themselves this is certainly no excuse they should know better.

  38. A Smith says:

    That is truly shameful. Who ever responsible should be charged for abusing a helpless animal.

  39. I am a person that really doesn’t care fot any kind of dog; but too resd this horrific story while the b@st@rds are out there perhaps acting like nothing has happened, should be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. The veterinarian view point and the law of the land view point… They should be darn ashame of their terrorist act on such a young puppy. BPS, go find them n chsrge them as I know you guys will. Sickos.. Retards.. No batteries included numb skull…