BTA Video: “The Bermuda Spirit Of Resilience”

November 19, 2014

The Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] has released a video showcasing Bermuda’s recovery after Hurricane Gonzalo, saying it was a “testament to Bermuda’s resilience and fortitude.”

The BTA said, “In the days after Hurricane Gonzalo hit an undeniable sense of unity, cooperation and generosity emerged as the island started to literally pick up the pieces after the storm. Simultaneously the community was mobilised to get Bermuda back on her feet immediately and open for business quickly. Mission accomplished!

“The Regiment, BELCO, telecom providers, Fire & Rescue, Police, Parks, the British Navy, US Coast Guard and local citizens went back to work in a coordinated effort to put the country back together again – make repairs and provide assistance to those hardest hit. The energy throughout the island was palpable and the comeback was swift — a testament to Bermuda’s resilience and fortitude.

“The BTA was not only grateful to see the tourism economy reopened so fast, but also inspired by the Bermuda spirit of resilience. This is a video to honour the people that made it happen.”

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  1. Davie Kerr says:

    Good report, with one glaring error: HMS Argyll is with the Royal Navy, NOT the US Navy!

    • Bermudian Thinker says:

      I know right and it was a regimental officer that said it also!

  2. Jo Blo says:

    That was nice. Good stuff BTA!

  3. #bermylivin says:

    Classy response to San Diego’s promotional video.

  4. M Smith says:

    Very nice

  5. bluebird says:

    well done BTA,you are doing a good job,forget all the negative people as they are just jelous.