Globe: Bermuda’s Best Overall Asset: Its People

March 20, 2015

In an article encouraging its readers to consider a trip to Bermuda, the Boston Globe took the time to praise the island, which is “a surprisingly short hop from Boston,” proclaiming the people as the island’s “best overall asset.”

The Boston Globe article said, “In a story of bests, it’s only fair that we begin with Bermuda’s best overall asset – its people. They will always greet you with a ‘good day’ and go out of their way to help you, especially if you show a genuine interest in their culture. If you ask someone where to dine, don’t be surprised if he or she offers to meet you for drinks beforehand; if you’re looking for directions, you’re likely to get a ride instead.”

Slideshow showing some of the island’s beauty from our Photo of the Day series:


The article, written by Elizabeth Gehrman, begins by saying, “Europe surrounded by pink sand beaches and sparkling turquoise waters: That’s how many visitors describe two-trips-in-one Bermuda, a tiny, subtropical British territory just a two-hour flight from Boston.

“It has no high-rise hotels or condos crowding the beaches, none of the grinding poverty seen on some Caribbean islands, and little crime [though I can say from experience, you should always lock your rental scooter]. What it does have is serenity, sophistication, natural beauty, and a fascinating history.”

The article also notes, “Bermuda may be the only country in the world that has declared two national holidays because so many people were skipping work to watch a sporting contest. Cup Match, in which arch rivals Somerset and St. George’s face off for two days of cricket, is a national obsession.”

It goes onto to describe some of best of Bermuda, including St. George’s as the Best Historic Site, Spittal Pond as the Best Nature Reserve, and Art Mels as the Best Fish Sandwich, with Tom Moore’s Tavern, Waterlot Inn, Ascot’s and Bolero getting the nod for Best Fine Dining.

To read the full article on the Boston Globe’s website, click here.

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  1. Lois Frederick says:

    BTA should use those photos in the story above. They really show Bermuda better than a lot of material used over the years. Some are spectacular!

    • Mockingjay says:

      Bermuda’s Best Overall Asset: It’s People !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Well at least somebody acknowledges it, but I guess the Boston Globe should station someone here for a little while to get a genuine review, and then see if that statement will still stand.
      Nice review though.

      • Mockingjay says:

        AHHHH, people didn’t skip work to watch a sporting event, they took the days off to commemorate the Abolition of Slavery being that the powers that be didn’t GRANT it to them.
        Get your facts straight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Starting Point says:

    “Europe surrounded by pink sand beaches and sparkling turquoise waters”

    This to me is the selling point for Bermuda, we should be pushing this feel with tea time across the island, Even work it into the government schedule to have the afternoon union break as tea time etc. Sounds silly but in my mind the european feel is the vibe we want. The governor is ceremonial, so lets have it. Have the governor around town (and St. George’s) three days a week in formal garb etc. bring back the bobby in the bird cage, even if it is a rotation for the training officers or reserves etc.

    Get rid of the combat section of the regiment and go full band, full marching, get them across the island everywhere. Then mix in the steel drum players at local sites, hang the union jack on every other pole with the Bermi flag on the others.

    Make a big deal about every royal event etc.

    Colonialism is often thrown out a the worst thing ever, and its legacy around slavery is clear, instead of tossing the crown out, steal the dam crown, and soak it for everything its worth. Get these celebrity chefs to design a Bermuda tea time, rum cakes, fish cake sandwiches etc….

    rant over.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      “Get rid of the combat section of the regiment and go full band.”
      With the exception of that particular sentence I would agree 100%…We do need to keep,(even if it’s voluntary) a combat section.

    • PBanks says:

      I’ve never thought of Bermuda as being a version of Europe with beaches, interesting perspective.

      But if that’s an attribute that entices visitors to come, then it makes sense to consider ways to promote those aspects.

    • Me says:

      I have to say, that while I love Bermuda, anyone comparing it to Europe must have never been to Europe. Bermuda is a wonderful place, and nothing like any country in Europe I’ve been to.
      Maybe we should try to push how unique Bermuda is, instead of giving an inaccurate view?

  3. Truth says:

    Interesting….because the last thing this Government values…is its people!!

    • LiarLiar says:

      One would think that a Government attempting to stave off a complete financial collapse is one that is valuing and looking out for its people.

    • Joonya says:

      Truth tell, and how do you rate the previous government’s value of its people (all of us naw) and how they left us in the position we are today. Please offer that side of your argument.

  4. stunned... says:

    Bermuda – what a beautiful place. i am blessed to live here.

  5. ann says:

    what a pleasant read! No Negativity for once.

  6. St. D says:

    These stories keep coming out because we now have the BTA pushing away at getting Bermuda’s story out to the globe.
    Keep up the good work!
    (And of course Bermuda’s biggest asset is its people :) )

  7. That Guy O says:

    @ Starting Point

    Thank you for your educated and thought provoking comment. As a young Bermudian i have never herd of someone pushing on how to take advantage of our Colonialism. So many Comments are filled with political / racial venom, that only seem to divide. So again thank you, as i can truly see your vision and how it can work for OUR beautiful Island.

    Truly thought provoking…

  8. stunned... says:

    …been thinking and saying this for years – obviously to the wrong people. however during the Brown era, anything associated with our Colonial past was distanced, denigrated, neglected and allowed to go into ruins – just look at the former Malabar buildings and other structures in Dockyard. one just has to remember how disdainful the then Premier behaved during the Queen’s visit to the Island in 2009. that wonderful photo of the Premier donning a bib as if he were eating out at say, Red Lobster. it will be a difficult sell now to get people to endorse our Britishness even if just for tourism without provoking a rallying call for Independence. sad but true.

  9. Bermuda123 says:

    Well done BTA in getting the word out to the right audience and with the right tone.

    As an aside I was in London last week on business meetings and had an unsolicited comment from someone on how Bermuda “was really promoting itself strongly in the vacation sense, which is something I have not seen for 20 years”.

    Now Bermuda, BTA is doing its job by getting the word out and the people here. We all need to do ours in helping them to have a great experience.