Douglas & Anderson On ‘Most Influential List’

February 8, 2024 | 13 Comments

The BTA’s Jamari Douglas and Kiwan Michael Anderson were named to Marcomms’ Most Influential list, which honours “top brand marketers and communicators for their leadership, innovation, and achievement in the field.”

A spokesperson said, “Senior executives with the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] were recently honored in New York City at an awards celebration hosted by The PR Net, a premier global network for marketing and communications professionals.

“Jamari Douglas, VP of Marketing, PR & Communications, and Kiwan Michael Anderson, Director of Global Communications, PR & Content Development, were named to Marcomms’ Most Influential list, accolading top brand marketers and communicators for their leadership, innovation, and achievement in the field.

Kiwan Anderson and Jamari Douglas:

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According to The PR Net, “The judges looked at areas of innovation shown in the candidates’ work, successful campaigns they’ve spearheaded, their thought leadership impact, and how their marketing initiatives have shaped culture – both internal and external – in positive ways.”

The BTA spokesperson said, “Jamari Douglas’ leadership is characterized by groundbreaking initiatives that have propelled Bermuda’s visitors and online traction to new heights. He spearheaded the BTA’s marketing strategy, including the “Lost Yet Found” and “Find the Time You Lost” campaigns. Marketing initiatives, including pink-branded security bins at airports and activations in transportation hubs, elevated brand awareness and increased online traffic to tourism’s digital channels, contributing to tangible business outcomes.

“Kiwan Michael Anderson played a pivotal role in reimagining the island’s tourism product. He led efforts with content creators, media partners, and tastemakers. One of his most notable projects was a campaign to reimagine “Summer Fridays” in the greater New York City area. He led international media and content creators through Bermuda as they chronicled their journey in real-time, reinforcing messages focused on proximity and year-round activities. Kiwan established a partnership with Grammy Award-winning musician Ashanti to attend Carnival in Bermuda. Additionally, he developed his relationship with Topicals, a successful skincare brand, and arranged the first brand trip to the island with beauty content creators. These initiatives generated national, international media, and social coverage.

“The team at Bermuda Tourism Authority is dedicated to the success of the island’s tourism industry, which has received recognition and awards from industry experts and visitors alike. In fact, Conde Nast Traveler readers voted Bermuda as the number 1 destination in the Atlantic/Caribbean region in their Reader’s Choice Awards in 2023.”

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  1. Comfortably numb says:

    “Top communicators” and yet I’ve never heard of either of them . How strange!

    • Hilarious! says:

      Same here, there used to be a list of every BTA employee with title and background, but that web page is gone or perhaps I just cannot find it on the redesigned (again) pages. A LinkedIn search comes up with a long list of past and current BTA employees. BTA outsources work to third parties and takes credit for every visitor without using any means to track people to advertising campaigns like a code. Remember the famous Cliff Jumping campaign? I guess none of our hotels advertise their existence. How much money has BTA spent on “influencers” and how many tourists came because of influencers? I love that word, it is right up there with “robust.” But I digress.

      To answer your quandary, click on the Marcomms’ Most Influential list link on the story’s first line. Then click on the photos of Jamari Douglas and Kiwan Michael Anderson. Read “Career Highlights” and you will see a common thread. Also note that out of 45 winners, only 13 (28.9%) are men. Interesting.

      On a side note, look over the list of names and find companies you have heard of. Click on the photos and read the write-ups. Have you ever seen any of the ads? How many of the companies have you never heard of like the MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM?

      In my humble opinion, Hazel Clark, BTA’s Director of Sports & Business Development, does not get enough media coverage, credit, and awards. What she does is demonstrable with clearly visible results. I have spoken with her several times at events and socials. She is awesome.

  2. Sandgrownan says:

    Members of worthless industry pat other members of worthless industry on the back.

    Christ, it’s like the Golden Globes on Valium.

  3. Sanchez says:

    How meaningful are these awards when our tourism numbers are still terrible and lag the terrible pre covid year of 2019? If our BTA is winning awards, what are the tourism authorities of other countries winning..the ones who are breaking records and having increasing air lift?

  4. Ringmaster says:

    Clearly the BTA thinks its main reason for existence is to collect awards. Just like the BGC, a total waste of money, yet nothing will be done to make them accountable.

  5. Hilarious! says:

    Interestingly, Cuba’s tourism numbers far exceed Bermuda’s, and no one there wins any ad awards. Pre covid, one million Canadians preferred Cuba over Bermuda. Why is that? Canadians are the #1 visitors to Cuba. Even Bermudians vacation in Cuba.

    “At the height of the 10 months of the year (2023), Canada led the list of sending countries with 748,976 visitors. The northern country experienced an increase of 208.6% compared to 2022.” – On Cuba News

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      I looked at a holiday in Cuba just before the COVID-19 pandemic. It was as expensive as the same amount of time in Italy.

      Millions may go to Cuba, but not because it is cheap.

      • Hilarious! says:

        Calling you out on your claim. Overall, from hotels to food to taxis, Italy is far more expensive than Cuba. From Bermuda, airfare is more expensive to Italy than to Cuba. Yes, millions of tourists go to Cuba to avoid expensive Bermuda just to irk you to make an irrelevant comparison.

  6. WillSee says:

    Who? And where are the results from the BTA.

  7. Bill says:

    Just looked on conde bad website
    Bermuda is not mentioned or listed in the top island in the Caribbean!

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