Aon Staff Partner Locally For Community Service

June 9, 2015

On Friday, June 5, Aon Bermuda’s colleagues partnered with the Bermuda Zoological Society, the National Museum, the Eliza Doolittle Foundation, the Salvation Army, and Agape House, assisting with a number of unique endeavors in order to give back to their community “in the spirit of volunteerism and public service.”

National Museum at Dockyard:

Aon Giving Back to Bermuda (4)

A spokesperson said, “Annually, in 120 countries worldwide, Aon’s colleagues unite globally to give back to the communities that have fostered our firm’s growth and to put Aon’s values into action.

“In total, Aon colleagues contributed well over 27,000 hours of service globally to communities, as part of Global Service Day.”

Zoological Society:

Aon Giving Back to Bermuda (2)

At the National Museum at Dockyard, Aon staff were busy chopping bush and cleaning rubble through alley ways and secret tunnels, while the Zoological Society received service as staff manicured the grounds, pruned trees, and collected and burned trash.

At The Eliza Doolittle Society, they prepared hot meals for the homeless, while at the Salvation Army, the Aon team sorted through bundles of clothing.

Eliza Doolittle Society:

Aon Giving Back to Bermuda (1)

At Agape House, others helped prepare for the Rubber Duck Parade.

Following the service, a spokesperson from the Salvation Army said, “Be assured that your humanitarian service rings true with the Salvation Army’s motto of ‘Giving Hope Today.’

The Salvation Army:

Aon Giving Back to Bermuda (5)

“It is truly gratifying to know that you are conscious of our cause and had stepped forward to make a difference.”

Agape House:

Aon Giving Back to Bermuda (3)

A Bermuda Museum spokesperson said, “Their efforts really help the Museum care for Bermuda’s historic buildings and site.”

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  1. joank says:

    Thank you Aon staff! Fantastic job helping our community. A grateful Bermudian.

  2. Raymond Ray says:

    Thanks goes out to everyone that partake in these charitable acts of kindness…

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