39 Yr Old Man Arrested Following Bank Robbery

June 9, 2015

[Updated] The police have confirmed that a 39-year-old St George’s man has been arrested in connection with today’s bank robbery.

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Just past noon today [June 9] there was an armed robbery at the Butterfield Bank  in St. George’s, with the suspect — described as 5’10″ tall black male of slim build wearing a red hooded top, black pants and white gloves — entering the bank brandishing what appeared to be a gun and demanded money. He then fled on foot with what the police said was an “undisclosed amount of cash.”

Update June 10, 8.36pm: The 39 year old man has been released on police bail

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  1. hoping the footage and all the Leeds they had got them the right person, Job well done if in fact that we do have the right individual, to many times the public goes quiet because a arrest has been made, but that also has been known to be a police tactic, to take away the level of fear in the community, that is why I am saying it up front, don’t just take this for face value until they can confirm they have sufficient evidence that warrants a appearance in court within 72 hours, if not we can be barking up a wrong tree, with the real culprit still being out there.

    • Hurricane says:

      Wow, all one sentence

      • Barracuda says:

        Seriously , young people look at you , you are vociferous , passionate , and have a voice. A lot more people would pay attention if it all wasn’t in one sentence .

        • Barracuda says:

          I should learn to post in the right area ! DRINK BLACK RUM RESPONSIBLY .

      • James says:

        Isn’t Leeds a town in the UK?

  2. I'm just says:

    Well that didn’t even leave the runway.

  3. Ride says:

    Swift and fair justice.

  4. just saying says:

    I think things are going to get worse if there isn’t a turn around on this Island.

    Just saying

    • Not given says:

      And what do you propose needs to happen since you seem to be some sort Of authority? Crime and social deviancy or unrest makes potential investors and by definition job makers nervous – in case you need to be told this!

      • Mockingjay says:

        So there are no investors in crime ridden countries, what a jack @$$.

        • hmmm says:

          What do you do for a living?

          • Anbu says:

            Nothing he sits on mommy’s pc and runs up her bills. Fri@@in trolls

        • Sandgrownan says:

          Mockingjerk speaks! Awesome

        • hmmm says:

          He said “potential”. There was no absolute in his post.

  5. D says:

    39 dang he can leap

  6. MB says:

    @just saying – What do you mean “turn around on this island” exactly???

    • Barracuda says:

      Just one of a few wishing for riots and anarchy for a few days so they can get out and feel that they are part of something.

  7. D says:

    Omg they had his face on blast in the police car lol

  8. Jack straw says:

    I very much doubt they/he was involved.

  9. Ringmaster says:

    Best security? Behind every counter is a german shephard quietly at rest in a bed. The first time someone jumps the counter and that “officer” grabs him will be the last you see this type of foolishness. Cheap and simple.

    • justice for all says:

      That could work

    • Bermyman says:

      Dog gets shot

    • yess says:

      Training shepherds to be attack/police/riot control dogs is very expensive (to be done PROPERLY). Not to mention Vet bills, and importing dogs that fit the aggression tests, mental stability, etc.

      Though this is a good idea, I have 3 shepherds all my neighbors have been robbed. For some reason I never have a problem!

  10. Raymond Ray says:

    “Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread” In the event this is in actual fact, the correct individual who’d been arrested for the bank robbery in St. George’s and he is eventually convicted then maybe its time to sentence people that commit such crimes e.g. with the use of a firearm to the maximum amount of prison time permitted under our present Laws…No “ifs and or buts!”
    Just think for one second about that individual who had to be taken via ambulance to KEMH due to them being overcome / shocked etc.

    • Sara says:

      Can you tell me something please?

      ” then maybe its time to sentence people that commit such crimes e.g. with the use of a firearm to the maximum amount of prison time permitted under our present Laws…No “ifs and or buts!”

      When the island started seeing a high incidence of gun crime 7 years or so ago I looked up the law and this is exactly what it said. That individuals convicted of any type of gun crime where to get a certain amount of time. Fast forward to several murder trials and a man found guilty of attempted murder gets only 10 years in jail. Why isn’t the judicial system following their own laws? Is gun crime and murder discretionary in Bermuda’s judicial system? If so, that is just plain wrong. What is the point of even writing laws?

  11. M. T. Pockets says:

    Perhaps the Police might take note that no harm was done by releasing the bank’s video early in the game. I know the police didn’t release it but usually they release something like that several days after the event. You’re more likely to get a better response from the public when you release non sensitive information in a timely fashion, much like in the US.

  12. Seek says:

    Good job BPS , swift arrests after this incident and the taxi driver that was robbed

  13. Curry n Chips says:

    Both the St.George’s Banks were/are easy targets for attempted robbery.
    Security?…what security..2nd rate obsolete cameras,no Security Officers,yep,was a situation just waiting to happen!

  14. LBBean says:

    Yes, I understand that times may be really tough for quite a number of our fellow Bermudians right now because of the major slow down in our economy which has led to the lost of jobs and made it difficult to find gainful employment. BUT robbing and even worst, robbing with a dangerous weapon should never ever be considered acceptable behaviour, no matter what the circumstances! Members of the public should not have to be subjected to this type of terrorising behaviour. Plus we don’t want our island to be tagged for these type crimes as it could have a negative impact on the number of visitors who vacation here and/or on the the amount of investors who contemplate whether or not they should establish a business here. Anyone who is foolish enough to carry out such a heinous crime should have “the book thrown at them” ten times over because we need to send a really strong message that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated in such a small country as Bermuda.

    PS: I am very grateful to all those individuals who played an active role today in the capture of the person who is believed to have committed this robbery. You have helped to make our streets safe and to send the message that the people of Bermuda will not condone this type of behaviour. Big Kudos To You!!!

  15. just the beginning. says:

    The more people continue to lose jobs and if people can’t find work these types of things are going to continue. There are a lot of people suffering on this island at the moment.. bills need to get paid and people need to eat..I am not condoning this type of behaviour but it is the times we are leaving in…. some people have the attitude that desperate times call for desperate measures..

    • Regina says:

      Excuse me? No, desperate times in my household means we take on a 2nd or even 3rd job and YES, washing pots is one of them! Thankyouverymuch!!!!!

      • Raymond Ray says:

        @ Regina: I quote, “desperate times in my household means we take on a 2nd or even 3rd job and YES, washing pots is one of them! Thank you very much!”
        I couldn’t agree further “Regina” The word “if” being the middle word in life, were to be seriously viewed upon as, “a way up” and possibly out of their predicaments, e.g. if one were to only accept a low paying job/s that we see so many, ‘outsiders” doing then two things can/will happen: (1) the person from elsewhere wouldn’t be needed. (2) The person complaining about not having a job can and should now have a job, or even two jobs…
        People must stop blaming others for misfortunes and accept responsibilities themselves.

  16. Chardonnai says:

    This is an unfortunate situation but it will continue. You cannot expect people to be idle with no job when the bills are due or need food. Looks to me like a desperate act from a person tired of suffering.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      You mean suffering from drugs or too lazy to go out and find a job? Seek and you will find.

    • hmmm says:

      Go look at the jobs board. Lots of jobs on there.
      If you are not working then you should be getting an education to improve your scope in the workplace.

      • missy says:

        Something is really wrong with you if you think Bermudians are getting those jobs posted on that website. And for the education there is no funding.

    • Spectator says:

      You have no idea why this robber committed a “desperate act,” and you really shouldn’t speculate.

      • Anbu says:

        Doesnt matter what kind of hard up situation he was in. Why all u bleeding hearts tying to make excuses for him? He broke the law and pointed a gun in peoples faces. Fry him! Its time we regular law abiding citizens were allowed to carry as well. Theyd think twice about holding people up.

    • Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

      I hate to tell you, but the banks, yes both, were robbed back when things were great.

      I don’t see this as a desperate act by someone who’s suffering. I see this as a dumb act by someone who thought they could make some ‘easy’ money. (See why I say ‘dumb’?)

      Desperate is stealing food so your kid has something to eat. Desperate is asking someone to buy you food. (Yes, I’ve had this happen. I obliged)
      Desperate is swallowing your pride to go on assistance.

      This was a criminal act. By someone who knew how to lay his hands on a gun, could afford to do so. (could afford a lot more if bullets were actually in the weapon) And by someone who didn’t care about the well being of the people in the bank. (At lunch hour, no less)

    • Sara says:

      Are there really NO jobs? Or is it that they just don’t want to take a lesser job with lesser pay and perhaps work harder for less? I see many restaurant jobs are available quite often.

    • Seascape says:

      Stealing is not going to resolve money issues that some people have. It will just add to the problems.

  17. joank says:

    No excuse

  18. Instigator says:

    Morning Bermuda, those working 2 or 3 jobs have you considered that each additional job you have denies another family/families to feed themselves???
    I just saying…..

    • RIDICULOUS says:

      There are jobs in the paper and on bermuda job board every day. They should apply for them! They should go to the job and show their face to the manager(s) and explain to them IN PERSON why they are the best candidate for the job! They should call to check on up on their application process! Be proactive! If they get the job they should show up on time! They should do the tasks the job requires even if they aren’t glamorous! That’s how I got all 3 of my jobs and I sure as hell don’t feel bad for it.. A job isn’t just going to fall from the sky. You have to put in some sort of effort to be hired! And have you ever thought that the people that work 2-3 jobs do so in order to feed their families?!

  19. wondering says:

    People use the term suffering too loosely in this country. We live in paradise and need to make things work like our forefathers did. Only this time we need to use our brains more than ever before. We live in a western society that is essentially unfair economically and socially with a poor moral compass.
    It boggles my mind that we as a society do t realize this. We have an elevated sense of entitlement and for those of us who are not as economically strong have an obvious disadvantage.
    The reality is that those in that boat cannot miraculously sail their way to economic utopia.

    I say that to say this – to all the people who use the “struggle” as an excuse for poor choices, please consider that life is full of choices and you are the only one who can make those choices.

    At the end of the day, YOU and YOU alone make the choice to do good or evil. Whilst you may be INFLUENCED BY OTHERS or by SOMETHING, it is you who consciously make that decision to (in this instance) rob a bank.

    The same way that people lobbied the government to get rid of furlough days is the same way that people can lobby the government to put a moratorium on pot washers, landscapers, cleaners and other low skilled jobs.

    Most of the individuals entering G the country to perform these tasks are less educated than us Bermudian but surprisingly more motivated than us Bermudian to do what they need to do. The inherent motivation is two fold:

    1. The work permit process is a daunting and unspoken threat. In other words if you mess up you go home. SOLUTION: don’t mess up. This makes the work permit holder more susceptible to exploitation by unscrupulous employers who WILL get their value for money on a foreign worker versus the Bermudian who can only get fired at the end of the day. The foreigner gets a few options before getting fired. During the delivery of those options the employer gets his work done and pays less for it.

    2. A consequential effect of the process above is that Bermudians don’t wish to get exploited in the same manner (less motivated to be abused) and thereby don’t even apply for the job categories listed above.

    This isn’t a blog entry to incite sympathy but a rallying cry for Bermudian employees and employers to invest in ourselves in order to make this country prosper.

    The only way that this economy will rebound is if the monies made in this country are recycled internally and not sent home to some foreign shore.

    No this is not a xenophobic rant but a message to anyone who names the economy as the catalyst for crime.

    Make the choice to make more effort (sorry but there’s no Biblical miracle that will make money fall from the sky) to get that pot washer job and make it work.

    I know first hand that even those of us who have “good jobs” even have to get a second job. Heck, look at half of market place cashiers who work good jobs days and market place nights to maintain their lifestyles for their families (some of us call it making ends meet).

    Poor economy does not equal excuse to rob a bank. At the end if the day you don’t solve your problems by committing such an act of violence. You rather satisfy your frustration for a fleeting moment and only cause more issues for yourself and family. Heck if you do even get away with the crime you only solve your financial problem temporarily.

    Go figure.

    In these times of need we need to help each other.

    • wondering says:

      And to my above comment, the fact that we need external investment still and always will exist. Don’t wish to seem like we can go it alone.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        I’ve often suggested the exact same things you’ve mentioned above. Up to this moment I continue appealing to Bda. Immigration to look into many of the jobs held by foreigner that can be and should be held down by Bermudians…
        I totally agree, “The same way that people lobbied the government to get rid of furlough days is the same way that people can lobby the government to put a moratorium on pot washers, landscapers, cleaners and other low skilled jobs.”

  20. John says:

    So can someone explain how armed robbery will now help this man find work? If this is going to happen until people “find ” jobs (not given) then how will this criminal record help him in the future??

  21. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Downturn is no reason to relax security measures…………..spoken as an ex security Officer…..ex security systems installer……..ex Police Sergeant….etc…but then again …..who am I to say……ho hum.!I am enjoying my pension….and senior citizens benefits….ho hum…..we put money ahead of safety and security….and grumble because crime increases….ho hum…..we will never learn….ho hum…..think I will take a ferry ride then a bus ride on my free seniors citizen card….ho hum….why am I even wasting my time writing this …….?Looks like another good day……..see ya later …….ferry ride….!

  22. Kiskadee says:

    Looks to me like someone needs to buy drugs !

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      judge-mental are we..? he probably wanted to pay his mortgage, car note, private school fees and we all know about the rising cost of the health care for his ageing parents…hey being that he only cleaned out one drawer…does anyone have an idea how much is kept in a drawer on an average???

  23. ron,b says:

    what has gone wrong with a whole generation of black boys? they seem to be getting caught up in so much violence or doing bad in school, you don’t see them in good job positions but you see the black girls with good jobs and being given much more opportunities it seems the system has turned its back on the black boys\men you see it all over the world,is this a well planed out war on the black boys/men?? the cops in the states kill them at will.

  24. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    i wonder…what if someone did exactly the same move today as they did yesterday, would it be the same results..??

    ps. militarily trained armed security is a must inside our banks, but i think security is just for identification purposes only…but couldn’t we just get the next of kin to identify the perpetrator..??

  25. Neutral says:

    This just shows you that Bermuda is in tough times, and people will go to great lengths to obtain finances… Bermuda is too small for this craziness. I hope the police service can catch the perpetrator and the firearm involved as well.

  26. Ed Case says:

    Whatever the reason or motivation for the young person who robbed the bank, it was a very poor decision and one which he will pay for for a long time. He was caught the very same day!

    Others should remember this before copying this man. Go and get a hustle somewhere and make a bit of money. You don’t need to ruin your life.

  27. Oh,I see now says:

    IKeepin’ it Real!…4Real! says:
    June 10, 2015
    judge-mental are we..? he probably wanted to pay his mortgage, car note, private school fees and we all know about the rising cost of the health care for his ageing parents…hey being that he only cleaned out one drawer…does anyone have an idea how much is kept in a drawer on an average???

    I can tell you now that particular individual wasn’t paying any mortgage that’s for darn sure heh heh.

  28. Hardtalk says:

    This reminds me of an armed robbery that took place a number of years ago when Bank of Butterfield had a branch at the Southampton Princess Hotel. Someone jumped over the counter and threatened the staff with a firearm. A very traumatic experience I’m sure for the staff involved. I don’t remember all the details but I think the armed robber was caught and served some sort of sentence for the crime. Back then unemployment was unheard of so it’s hard to blame these type of crimes on economic conditions. Some people are just prone to criminal behavior and will have disregard for the laws that protect all of us and our families. Sad but true!
    Let’s hope the courts make an example of this robber so we can feel safe in our homes and communities. God bless Bermuda.