90 Students Take Part In Tennis Tournament

June 11, 2015

On Friday June 5th, the BLTA hosted the annual School Tennis Tournament sponsored by ACE and supported in kind by Barritts.

“Registration for the tournament exceeded expectations, initially 64 student players registered, however almost 90 participated on the day,” a spokesperson said.

“The tournament was the culmination of the Tennis in the Schools year round programme, which has been supported by ACE for some 15 years, it took place at the W.E.R. Joell tennis stadium. Eight schools were represented in the primary age group.

The eight schools were:

  • Victor Scott
  • Prospect
  • Warwick Academy
  • Somersfield
  • St. George’s Prep
  • West End
  • Northlands
  • West Pembroke

“The format for the event was a round robin with players competing in three categories, advanced, intermediate and beginners. ACE’s Samantha Froud, Chief Administration Officer was on hand to support the event and present prizes to the winners who are highlighted below.

BLTA Schools tennis tournament June 5-2015

Advanced Group winners:

  • Gold: Antonio Warner – Warwick Academy
  • Silver: Tayla Horvan – Saltus
  • Bronze: Connie Betts – Warwick Academy

Intermediate Group winners:

  • Gold: Rupert Lunn -St. George’s Prep
  • Silver: Louis Hammond -Saltus
  • Bronze: Megan Johnston – Sommersfield

Beginners Group winners:

  • Gold: Michael Spence-Durrant – Victor Scott
  • Silver: Nazarie Daley – Victor Scott
  • Bronze: Enste Nico Davis – Northlands

Running and coordinating the tournament was Romar Douglas, who leads the Tennis in the Schools programme; also supporting the event were coaches Jacklyn Lambert, Brent Smith and Coleridge Place, together with the National Tennis Director Ricky Mallory. Parents and players enjoyed an action packed day.

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