Voices In Education: Journal of Bermuda College

June 11, 2015

Bermuda College today [June 11] announced the release of Voices in Education: Journal of Bermuda College, a peer-reviewed academic journal representing a first for the College and for Bermuda.

“The premier edition of the Journal introduces ‘Student Success: A National Focus” as an underlying theme,’ said Lynette Woods, Chair of the BC Journal Committee. “The Committee thought it a worthwhile and timeless topic to be maintained as a national focus throughout its editions.”

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“The excitement and anticipation of an academic publication for Bermuda College and Bermuda was instantaneous once the idea was broached. This publication is historical and commemorative. I believe I can speak for all who were intricately involved… the extensive planning, writing, editing, editing again, and finally printing was worth every moment that we spent creating the Journal. It was much more than a labour of love.”

College President, Dr. Duranda Greene added that the Journal had “… earned its wings, containing original works, thoroughly researched and penned by impassioned educators and professionals.

“The subject matter is wide-ranging and all-encompassing: from the contributing environment of neighbourhoods and classrooms, to the realities of youth unemployment for post-secondary students… even the role that libraries can contribute to this elusive ideal [of student success].”

She also noted that the Journal “sought and will continue to be as inclusive as possible – claiming success for all Bermuda’s students, and speaking on the behalf of all voices in education.”

Voices in Education: Journal of Bermuda College will be formally presented in a ceremony tonight at 6pm in the Chairman’s Suites of the ACE Group building.

Education Minister Wayne Scott, Junior Minister of Education, Leah Scott, Acting Commissioner of Education Dr. Freddie Evans, the College Board of Governors, and the President of the Bermuda Union of Teachers will be among the distinguished guests presented with copies of the first edition.

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  1. Chelle says:

    FANTASTIC! I look forward to reading the articles!

  2. Resa says:

    Lets hope that they will listen to the young people and see if they can help change things for the better.