Football: Guatemala vs Bermuda Game Ends 0-0

June 12, 2015

[Updated: Game ends 0-0]

The Guatemala vs Bermuda football match is set to get underway at 11:00pm Bermuda time this evening [June 12] and Bermuda’s starting line-up for the match has been confirmed as Freddy Hall, Tyrell Burgess, Jaylon Bather, Dante Leverock, Jalen Harvey, Tre Ming, Keishen Bean, Damon Ming, Reggie Lambe, Zeiko Lewis and Jonte Smith.

This is the first of two matches between the teams, with the second leg set to take place on home soil this coming Monday, with the game to take place at the National Sports Centre at 7.30pm.

We will attempt to update as able, and in the meantime you can view all our coverage of Bermuda’s participation in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia qualifying campaign here.

Update 11.04pm: Great news! The game is being streamed online, click here to go to the website.

Update 11.39pm: As of the 30 minute mark, the score remains 0-0

30 mins

Update 11.55pm: First half ends with a score of 0-0

Update 12.20am: Some 15 minutes into the second half the score remains 0-0. Bermuda’s keeper Freddy Hall made a great save to keep the score tied at the beginning of the second half.


Update 12.26am: Zeiko Lewis came off in the 61st minute, and was replaced by Donawa

Update 12.39am: Guatemala has had some chances on goal, however the score remains 0-0 approximately 33 minutes into the second half.

Update 12.50am: There is around 5 minutes left in the second half, however it looks like there is some form of blackout at the stadium.

Fullscreen capture 6132015 125045 AM

Update 12.54am: The stadium blacked out and then the video stream started showing what appears to be ‘behind the scenes’ at the stadium. FIFA’s website is now listing the game as “suspended”.

Update 1.08am: Looks like the lights are back on and the game is underway again – per the video stream and the FIFA website removing the “suspended” listing. FIFA lists the game as being in the 87th minute.

Update 1.13am: Looks like we are in injury time now….score remains 0-0. Rai Simons came on in the 77th minute, with Jonte Smith coming off. Four minutes later Burgess made way for Angelo Simmons.

Update 1.18am: Bermuda held off Guatemala, with the game ending just now in a 0-0 draw. Both teams will now head to Bermuda, where the second leg will be played at 7.30pm on Monday at the National Sports Centre. Tickets will be available for sale this weekend, please see here for ticket information.

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Comments (21)

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  1. I and I says:

    2 nuffin Bermuda! My hopes!Get em Bermee!!!!!!!

  2. Prud Bermudian says:

    GO Bermuda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know Bermuda is going to beat Guatemala

    • Mockingjay says:

      We are in a good position as far as being home favorites but remember we were in a better position a few years ago when we beat Trinidad away and when we came home we took licks, so don’t get too excited the game still needs to be played and won.
      Goals win games and try not to let them score because away goals count more.

  3. Squirt says:

    BDA lucky to survive! Guatemala scored 3 times.. I will like to see Dale Eve play next game. No offence to Fred but he doesnt command the penalty area, 6 yard box like he should. Same way Peuto Rico scored. Nevertheless good result…Go BDA

    • Pedro says:

      Playing in Guatemala …a draw by any means is an excellent result…get a grip …must be a biker ….

    • Lucky to survive? Give credit where credit is due! This was a tremendous result and the score sheet says 0-0 which is all that matters.Also consider that the match was played at high altitude which gave the Guatemalans’ a considerable advantage. And why in the world would we change keepers when Hall recorded a shut-out?

    • Clarity says:

      Are you serious? So you want the goalkeeper to save a goal after the linesman has already put up the flag to call offside? Did you not see the game? Excellent result Freddy and the entire team !!!!

  4. my view says:

    Good going Bermuda. You did us proud. We need to come out in large numbers when we get them here. Let fill the place.Our keeper was amazing as the rest of the team. Drew is world class.Final score Guatemala 0 Bermuda 0.

  5. innocent bystander says:

    So very proud to be Bermudian!! Epitome of TEAMWORK!! Thank You all so much for displaying not only character, but, strength, humilty and the true pride of Bermuda!!! Well Done!!!

  6. Red Futbol says:

    le falto poco esperemos el segundo partido

  7. Holy guacamole …

  8. Joe says:

    Hard to believe Guatemala was -1000 on a 3 way line to win the game. I had Bermuda +2 -109. Easy money.

  9. boss says:

    Stunning result!

  10. Malcolm says:

    Thank You… Bernews for the link.
    Well done Bermuda good result.

  11. Alex Madeiros JP says:

    Well Done Bermuda! I stayed up to watch the game. Goalkeeper was outstanding, defense was excellent. The only criticism that I would make is that the midfield needs to get rid of the ball quicker, other than than I felt a great deal of pride watching their performance. Congrats to Bascombe, he has this team looking great.

  12. WhistleBlower says:

    Congrats team Bda

  13. coecel says:

    even before the game start it we new (guatemalans) THE HAD BEEN a set up agaist guatemala, by using the wrong ranking (1).BY having Guatemala playing away(2). beeing rank higher than others was put to play with lowers rankins(3) and by the refeeree disaluded 3 legal goals. (4) etc etc.

  14. jose says:

    Thanks for providing a viewing link! I was rooting for Guatemala, but congratulations to the Bermuda side for playing a competitive game. Bermuda has a chance to advance in front of their home crowd; I hope the best team advances.

  15. Tom Cooke says:

    Go get em……